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Origin of Caban

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Origin of Caban, Meaning of Caban

Origin: The Cabaniss Surname's Arrival in America The following is taken from Allen Cabaniss' excellent work, Cabaniss Through Four Generations: Some Descendants of Matthew and George, ?1969, 1970, 1971, Allen Cabaniss: HENRI CABANIS, French Protestant immigrant to Va. and a progenitor of the family in America, appears first on the ship list of the Mary and Ann of London as 'Henri Cabanis, sa femme et un enfant,' among 205 refugees led by Olivier, Marquis de la Muce, and Charles de Sailly, sailing from Gravesend harbor. Capt. George Hawes acknowledged receipt of payment for transportation of those 207 persons on 19 Apr. 1700 (Brock, Huguenot Emigrations, pp.254f.). Also on that list were 'Isaac Chabanas, son fils, et Catherine Bomard' (ibid., p.253), and it is presumed that Isaac and Henri were related (Anderson, Henry Cavinis, pp.403-430). After thirteen weeks at sea the ship arrived at the mouth of James River on 23 July 1700. The royal governor, Col. Francis Nicholson, reported on 12 Aug. (in a letter received in London on 21 Oct.) that the refugees had been located at a place 'about twenty miles above the Falls of James River, commonly called Manikin Town,' a deserted village of the Monacan Indians (ibid., p.252; it is his report that inJoe Cabaniss
Surnames: Cabaniss, Cabiness, Caviness, Cavinis
Submitted by: Joe Cabaniss

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