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Report: Report Henry CABANISS who arrived in Virginia in July 1700 aboard the good ship Mary and Ann. Lanier (Linear, Lenear) STEWART born 1792 in NC. David William ROBERTSON born 1871 in NC. Phillip PENINGER or PENNINGER born ca. 1850's. Col. Burwell BASSETT born 1721, married Anna Maria (Nancy) DANDRIDGE, Martha DANDRIDGE WASHINGTON's sister, 1757. David Floyd KNOWLES born May 1854 in GA. Callie BURKE born Nov. 1861 in Mississippi, daughter of William Madison BURKE born in Alabama. Pascia SURRATT born in South Carolina ca. 1850's. Thomas C. TOPP born September 1863 in Mississippi married to Willie H. Caperton born June 1867 in Mississippi. Jerome Frederick BEARDSLEY born April 3 1914, father was Eugene Darwin BEARDSLEY. Tarkjel Tallakson FROYSNES born 1802 in Froysnes, Norway. William LAURENSON born Aug. 14, 1918 in Nesting Shetland, Scotland.
The Family of Jean Cabanski of Chicago
Eugenia (Jean) BANACH married Frank CABANSKI in Chicago sometime in 1944. They had five children: Maryann, Monica, Frank, Tom and Robert. In 1959, Jean married Emeterio (Tello) GARDUNO of Cuernavaca, Mexico. They had one child: Maura. 1. Henry Stanley BANACH, originally from Warsaw Poland and his wife, Marie LULA Banach, originally from Budapest Hungary - both settled in Chicago around the first part of the century. 2. Joseph LULA from Budapest Hungary - father of Marie Lula Banach, Joseph came to America between 1901 and 1906 the year Marie arrived here with her stepmother, Ludwika Skawa Lula. 3. Francis Charles CABANSKI of Chicago IL. His parents were John Cabanski and Maryanna POLESKI. It is unknown when or where they arrived in the USA possibly around 1900.
My dad's name was William Alvarez Caban from Puerto Rico, and my mom's name was Ana Fonseca Garcia from El Paso, TX.
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