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Origin of Breazeale

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Origin of Breazeale, Meaning of Breazeale

Origin: The Irish surname Brazil and it's variants are anglicized forms of the Gaelic 'O'Breasail'. The name is of patronymic orgin, derived from the first name of the father of the initial bearer. In this instance, the name indicates 'son of Breasail', an ancient Gaelic personal name derived from the Gaelic 'bres' meaning 'stife or brave and strong in conflict'. This was a popular name in early Ireland and is especially common as the name of early kings. The most famous of these is Brassal Belach, and early king of Leinster. It was also popularized through the devotion to saint Bressal whose feast day was in May. Today this surname is predominately found in Co. Waterford and Offaly, but a century ago it was also numerous in the Counties Tipperary, Kelkenny, Limmerick and Kerry. The surname O'Breasil is recorded in Co. Waterford as early as 1308 and it is found as O'Bressyl in Co. Cork in 1285. In 1537 one Brassell occurs among the commoners of Kilkenny and in 1551 Mahowne Brassill, a kern (Irish soldier, lightly armed) was convicted at Clommel of having stolen cattle. In the 'census' of 1659 the name Brassel was recorded as the principal Irish surname in the Co. Waterford barony of upperthird. In 1608 Denis Brazil of Ballyduff was detained
Surnames: Brassel, Brazil, Breasal, Breassell, Breazeale, Bressal
Submitted by: Phil Brazil

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