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Origin of Bour

Origin of Bour

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Origin of Bour

Total Records: 7 
Origin of Bour, Meaning of Bour

Origin: Sherburne derives from the Viking colonisation of the Danelaw. It is literally translated as 'Bright Stream' but has also been anglicised to 'Brightwater'.
Surnames: Sherbourne, Sherburn, Sherburne
Submitted by: Richard Sherburn
Origin of Bour, Meaning of Bour

Origin: In his book, 'Welborn-Wilburn History-Genealogy', Hiram Coleman Wilburn gives the following as the source of the American family surname: 'A bulletin of the Media Research Corporation, Washington, D.C., states that the family name Wellborn-Welborn-Wilbourn-Wilburn, Etc., was undoubtedly derived from the English name, which had its origin in 'dweller at the well', or 'dweller at the springbrook.'
Surnames: Welborn, Welbourn, Welburn, Wilborn, Wilburn
Submitted by: Ronda Wilburn Houston
Origin of Bour, Meaning of Bour

Origin: I descend from the Ebenezer Bourne family of London England from 1800 + . Looking for others connected to this branch, some of whom emigrated to Australia and Canada.
Surnames: BOURNE
Submitted by: Gerry Tordiff
Origin of Bour, Meaning of Bour

Origin: One of the more common Irish Surnames, particularly the Hiberno-Norman names. Originates from De Burgo, particularly William Fitzadelm de Burgo who was a part of the Norman Invasion of Ireland in 1171.
Surnames: Burke, Bourke, De Burca
Submitted by:
Origin of Bour, Meaning of Bour

Origin: Meant to add - Surname means Of or From the Castle.
Surnames: Burke, Bourke, De Burca
Submitted by: Fergal De B?rca
Origin of Bour, Meaning of Bour

Origin: This surname is probably from around the 16th century around the border of England and Scotland. In Carlisle, a town near the Lake District, there are all the names of the cattle reivers (theifs), and there are about three Bourne's listed.
Surnames: Bourne
Submitted by: Mollie
Origin of Bour, Meaning of Bour

Origin: Most Richbourgs/Richburgs in America trace their heritage to the Reverend Claude Philippe de Richebourg (1650-1719) and his wife Anne, who came first to Virginia in 1700 and then migrated to Jamestown, just northeast of Charleston, SC.
Surnames: Richbourg, Richburg
Submitted by: William C. Simpson, Jr.

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