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Origin of Bibby

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Origin of Bibby, Meaning of Bibby

Origin: One such explanation is that the name BIBBY is matronymic in origin, derived from the first name of a mother. In this case, BIBBY is associatedwith the first name Isabel. Just as Aggy/Aggie (Agnes) became the surname Taggy, IBBY (ISABEL/I'BEL) became the surname BIBBY. Early use of the surname in England includes a man named Dobbe, son of Bibby, who is recorded in the Assize Rolls for Lancashire in 1240. A Robert Bybby is mentioned in the Court rolls of the Manor of Wakefield in 1284. Today the surname is quite rare and is most likely found in Lancashire, Yorkshire and the area of Liverpool. The Blazon of Arms is Azure with three eagles displayed or. The Crest: in front of cubit arm erect, holding a sword in bend sinister proper, a mullet (star) of six points between two escallops (shells) fesseways argent. The scallop meant the knight had been on crusade to the Holy Land.
Surnames: Bibbee, Bibbey, Bibby, Biby, Bybby
Submitted by: Cece Bibby
Origin of Bibby, Meaning of Bibby

Origin: The Bibby family originating in Over Wyresdale, Lancashire, England from about 1630
Surnames: Bibby
Submitted by: John Bibby

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