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Origin of Bias

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Origin of Bias, Meaning of Bias

Origin: Tobin Name Meaning

1. English: dim. of the given name Tobias.
2. Irish: Anglicized form of Gael. T?ib?n, which is an aphetic Gaelicized version of a Norman habitation name from Saint-Aubin in Brittany (so called from the dedication of its church to St Albin).
Last Name:
English, French, German, and Jewish: from a Gk form of the Hebr. male given name Tovya ?Jehovah is good?, which, together with various deriv. forms, have been popular among Jews for generations. Other derivs. were occasionally used by Christians in the Middle Ages.
English, French, and German (Austrian): from the given name Albin, (L Albinus, a deriv. of albus white; cf. Alban). This was the name of several minor early Christian saints, including St Aubin, bishop of Angers (d. c.554). The popularity of the given name was also influenced, esp. in Austria, by the Gmc given name Albuin, composed of the elements alb elf + win friend. This was the name of the Lombard leader (d. 572) who made himself king of N Italy, and also of a bishop of Brixen (Bressanone) in S Tyrol who has been confused with St Aubin, mentioned above.
New Testament name, borne by one of Christ's twelve apostles, referred to as ?Thomas, called Didymus? (John 11: 16; 20: 24). Didymos is the Greek word for ?twin?, and the name is the Greek form of an Aramaic byname meaning ?twin?. The given name has always been popular throughout Christendom, perhaps because St Thomas's doubts and reassurance have made him seem a very human character. Derivatives: Irish Gaelic: Tom?s. Scottish Gaelic: T?mas; T?mhas (a dialectal variant, from which comes the surname Mac Th?mhais, Anglicized as MacTavish). Welsh: Tomos. Italian: Tommaso. Polish: Tomasz. Czech: Tom??. Russian: Foma. Finnish: Tuomo.Short forms: English: Tom. Scottish: Tam. Italian: Maso. Dutch: Maas.Pet forms: English: Tommy. Scottish Gaelic: T?machan, T?mag.Feminine forms: English: Thomasina, Thomasine, Tamsin.
English: contracted form of Thomasina (see Thomas), relatively common throughout Britain in the Middle Ages, but confined to Cornwall immediately before its recent revival.
Surnames: Tobin, Tobias, Toibin
Submitted by: Tobin

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