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Genealogical Findings of Miller & Whitelaw
This is a database produced by GED2WWW of relations within our family tree. Locations vary from North to South, East to West, USA to other countries. Some relationships are assumptions; some proven; and some end in brick walls. Besides the major surnames lHendry, Hunter, Miller, Waite, Whitelaw
Angie's Genealogy
My name is Angie Blantern, granddaughter of Genevieve McCarthy and Louis Gorczyca on my mom's side, and George Robert Blantern and Angeline Gulino on my dad's side. I have created this website to share all of my research and findings regarding my ancestry.
Descendants of John Hall of Yarmouth, MA
Descendants of John Hall Generation No. 1 1. JOHN1 HALL was born 1609 in Coventry, Warwick, England, and died July 23, 1696 in Yarmouth, MA. He married (1) BETHIA FARMER 1634, daughter of JOHN FARMER. He married (2) ELIZABETH LARNED 1641. Children of JOHN HALL and BETHIA FARMER are: i. SAMUEL2 HALL, d. January 20, 1693/94, Barnstable, MA1; m. ELIZABETH FOLLAND. Notes for SAMUEL HALL: Samuel and Elizabeth probably had no children, as Samuel's will lists only his wife Elizabeth and his seven brothers. Also listed is his brother-in-lawThomas Follin. 2. ii. JOHN HALL, b. 1637, Charlestown, MA; d. October 14, 1710, Dennis, MA. iii. SHEBAR HALL, b. 1639; d. died young. Children of JOHN HALL and ELIZABETH LARNED are: iv. JOSEPH2 HALL, b. July 03, 1642; m. MARY. 3. v. BENJAMIN HALL, b. July 14, 1644; d. August 07, 1737. vi. NATHANIEL HALL, b. February 08, 1645/46; m. ANNA THORTON. 4. vii. GERSHOM HALL, b. March 05, 1647/48. 5. viii. WILLIAM HALL, b. June 08, 1651; d. June 11, 1727, Yarmouth, MA. 6. ix. ELISHA HALL, b. 1655, Yarmouth, MA. Generation No. 2 2. JOHN2 HALL (JOHN1) was born 1637 in Charlestown, MA, and died October 14, 1710 in Dennis, MA. He married PRISCILLA BEARSE. Notes for JOHN HALL: Buried in the old graveyard in Yarmouth, where he has a monument erected to his memory. He was a deacon of the Yarmouth church. Children of JOHN HALL and PRISCILLA BEARSE are: i. JOHN3 HALL, d. died young. 7. ii. JOSEPH HALL, b. September 29, 1663. 8. iii. JOHN HALL, b. 1665, Yarmouth, MA; d. March 21, 1734/35, Yarmouth, MA. iv. PRISCILLA HALL, b. November 1668; d. died young. v. PRISCILA HALL, b. February 1670/71. vi. ESTHER HALL, b. April 1672. vii. MARY HALL, b. March 01, 1672/73. viii. MARTHA HALL, b. May 24, 1676. ix. NATHANIEL HALL, b. September 15, 1678. 3. BENJAMIN2 HALL (JOHN1) was born July 14, 1644, and died August 07, 1737. He married MEHITABLE MATTHEWS February 07, 1677/78 in Yarmouth, MA, daughter of JAMES MATTHEWS. Children of BENJAMIN HALL and MEHITABLE MATTHEWS are: 9. i. BARNABUS3 HALL. 10. ii. SHEBAR HALL. iii. HANNAH HALL. 4. GERSHOM2 HALL (JOHN1) was born March 05, 1647/48. He married BETHIA BANGS. Children of GERSHOM HALL and BETHIA BANGS are: 11. i. SAMUEL3 HALL, b. 1669. 12. ii. EDWARD HALL, b. 1671. iii. BETHIA HALL, b. 1672. iv. MERCY HALL. 13. v. JONATHAN HALL. 5. WILLIAM2 HALL (JOHN1) was born June 08, 1651, and died June 11, 1727 in Yarmouth, MA. He married ESTHER. Notes for WILLIAM HALL: Buried in Mansfield, CT, both William & Esther. He held the office of captain. He was taxed in Yarmouth in 1676, removed to Norwich then to Mansfield. Children of WILLIAM HALL and ESTHER are: 14. i. ISAAC3 HALL. 15. ii. WILLIAM HALL. 16. iii. JAMES HALL. 17. iv. THEOPHILUS HALL. 6. ELISHA2 HALL (JOHN1) was born 1655 in Yarmouth, MA. He married LYDIA. Children of ELISHA HALL and LYDIA are: 18. i. EBENEZAR3 HALL, b. November 20, 1680, Yarmouth, MA. 19. ii. ELISHA HALL, b. June 14, 1682, Yarmouth, MA. 20. iii. TABITHA HALL, b. December 18, 1683. 21. iv. JUDAH HALL, b. January 18, 1685/86, Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. v. BATHSHEBA HALL, b. 1687; m. JOSEPH CROWELL. 22. vi. PHEBE HALL, b. March 23, 1688/89, Yarmouth, MA; d. July 15, 1728, Kingston, MA. vii. JOB HALL, b. September 10, 1691. viii. SYLVANUS HALL, b. May 17, 1693. Generation No. 3 7. JOSEPH3 HALL (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 29, 1663. He married (1) HANNAH MILLER. He married (2) MARY FAUNCE. Children of JOSEPH HALL and HANNAH MILLER are: i. HANNAH4 HALL2, b. 1691. ii. PRISCILLA HALL2, b. March 08, 1692/93. iii. MARGERY HALL2, b. February 24, 1694/95. 23. iv. JOSEPH HALL, b. August 06, 1697, Yarmouth, MA. v. DANIEL HALL2, b. July 18, 1699, Yarmouth, MA; d. October 04, 1768, Yarmouth, MA; m. LYDIA GRAY, May 18, 1721, Harwich, MA3. vi. JOSIAH HALL4, b. August 12, 1701. vii. DAVID HALL4, b. August 06, 1
Gerald Douglas Bangs of California
Gerald D Bangs - InterneTree
Rosemary Vanderveer Baldwin Home Page
My father's family descends from early settlers in Plymouth, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Netherlands, New York, and New Jersey. My mother's parents were from Carricknagavna, County Armagh, Ireland.
Home Page for the Bally, Hebard, and Woloski Families
Steven Hopkins from the Mayflower and William Dorrell who served in Burgoyne's Army during the Revolutionary War and started a free love commune back in the 1780's. Home Page for the Bally, Hebard, and Woloski Families: Surname List
Janet L Bailey Acorn Research Home Page
Janet L. Bailey surname list
The Clifford Stanley Atwood Family Home Page
Clifford Stanley Atwood - InterneTree
Relatives of Herbj?rn Andresen, Norway
InterneTree: Herbjrn Andresen Oslo All my direct ancestors come from the eastern part of Norway, except for one of my g-g-grandfathers who moved in from Sweden, just across the border. However, some of my ancestors and their close relatives emigrated to the USA in the late 1800s. Relatives of Herbj?rn Andresen, Norway: Surname List
The Allen Family Vashon Island, Washington
InterneTree: Elizabeth Abbott
Kendrick Genealogy of Cape Cod
This page deals with Colonial Cape Cod. Links to a lot of early Cape Cod families and how they relate to Edward Kendrick. With a Ged2Html database

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