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The Bay Family Home Page
My father's lineage comes from the Bay's of Denmark and the Ballou's of France. My mother's lineage is Whitmarsh, King and Gibson. My maternal great-grandfather, John W. Whitmarsh, was in Andersonville prison during the Civil War. My maternal great-grandmother's maiden name was Angeline Bogue. They lived in Iowa and Nebraska as adult's. John Whitmarsh was from Saratoga County, NY. Angeline Bogue was a Worthy Matron of the State of Nebraska, Order of the Eastern Star.
Phil Ballou's Home Page
Ballou (Have them back to Maturin) Bates (Have them back to Clement and to England) Haley (Back to Nicholas b. est. 1700) Smith (Back to Robert b. 1810) Colton(Stuck at William Henry b. 1810 New York)m. Lucretia Felt
The Howard E. Ballou Family
Ballou family from Rhode Island. Maturin Ballou who was born in Devonshire, England about 1615. He was married to Hannah Pike.
The Arnett & Routh Family Home Page
David Arnett (b? 1755 (35) was in Russell Co, VA in 1799 and then moved to Knox Co, Ky by 1801 and died in KY. His sons, Reuben and Stephen moved to Floyd Co (later Magoffin Co, KY) in 1811 where their descendants have continued to thrive. A Levi Jones and his family settled in Somerset, Pulaski Co, KY about 1840. the Arnetts came from France out of the Arnulf line and after the 1066 Channel crossing settled in England where Arnulf eventually changed to Arnott especially amoung those who settled in lands of northern England and southern Scotland around County Fife. Some of the Arnetts or Arnotts participated in the plantation of Northern Ireland and are found in Donegal for example in 1603. There may have been a group of Arnetts which remained in France around the Alsace area or migrated there from England. Arnett line traced from 1640's. Current theory is that this family came from Scotland and established a plantation, and in about 1730 a David Arnett emigrated to Virginia as the progenitor of the Louisa Co line. New Jersey: James and Isaac Arnett of Elizabeth Maryland: William and Andrew Arnett of Talbott & Dorchester Cos. Virginia: David Arnett of Louisa James Arnett & Susanah McGehee; Alexander, Thomas, Samuel Arnott(Arnett) family of Loudoun Co--Thomas later settled in Clark Co, KY; my David Arnett of Russell Co. in 1799 possibly from NC. James Arnett prob son of Eastern Shore Sea Capt. Thomas Arnett who settled later in West Virginia. West Virginia: James Arnett from Loudoun--not related to the James Arnett of Elizabeth, NJ North Carolina: Andrew, Joseph, James Arnett from MD; Silas Arnett from the Elizabeth NJ Arnett family; David Arnott from Savanah; Anson Co Arnett family likely from South Carolina; Valentine Arnett from Ireland. South Carolina: David Arnett of Kingstree in Williamsburg Co; many other Arnett families. Kentucky: several distinct Arnett lines--Louisa Co group; David & Barnett Arnett line; Clay Co; Clark Co; Henderson Co; Green & Larue Cos; et al. Texas: several Arnett families with origins in VA and NC, GA Colorado: Anthony Arnett from Alsace, France in early 1800's Arizona: Descendants of Thomas Arnett from Clark Co, KY California: Many Arnett lines ended up here including Valentine and George Arnett families
Allen, Brainerd, Rossiter & Witzig Families
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Sara Milissa Allen All-in-One Tree of Sara Milissa Allen (PDF Format)
The Green and Nannie Privett Dale Family of KY and WV
Nannie Privett Dale the oldest child of Alfred and Callie Hounshell Privett. Her family consisted of Robert, Daniel, Ernest, Lucian, Alfred Jr., Nola, Ida, Ethel, Mary. This family were all born and most married in Breahtitt County, Kentucky. \r\n\r\nGreen was the son of Henry Powell and Alice Cannon Dale. His family consisted of Clyde(son of Alice), William, John, Chlara (known as Chloe), and Carolyn (known as Carrie). This family is complete I believe for the 2nd marriage of Henry. Although I am not sure on the 1st marriage the 3rd marriage to Dora Fletcher possibly produced Columbia, Sofa, and Issac. I do believe that Henry's son Columbus (known as Lum) was from his first marriage.\r\n\r\nInterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Robert Levi Privett\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Robert Levi Privett\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Henry Powell Dale
The Alison Jones Ballou Agins Genealogy Page
I\ve been working on my genealogy for 10 years and have a lot of information.
Many 17th and 18th century lines from New England (especially Berkshire County, MA), upstate New York, and Berks County, PA. Listings of the descendents of John Padget of Oxford, NY and of Samuel Rosseter of Great Barrington, MA.
Woodby and Sons Research Center
Genealogy and family history of the Woodby/Widby family surname. Genealogical research assistance for Woodby and related surnames
My Colonial Ancestry
Families of my colonial New England ancestors -- primarily in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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