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Anne Marie Black Ryan Genealogy Page
Lots of searchable Mills and Pottawattamie County Iowa information.
Balevre Genealogy Research
Patrick McGill, born about 1735. He was in the Morris County, NJ regiment during the Revolutionary War. Mehitable Kimball, born about 1735. Married Patrick McGill. Patrick and Mehitable had a daughter, Sarah. Sarah was born about 1775 in Brooklyn Pond (Lake Hopatcong), NJ. She married Timothy Wear, who was also born about 1775. Sarah and Timothy had 12 children.
Bailey/Christ - DeFelice/Elgrim Online Family Tree Site
InterneTree: Dave Bailey
Ronald Paul Babbitt Home Page
Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Ronald Paul Babbitt Ronald P Babbitt - InterneTree
Millenium Genealogy The Babbitt History & Story Page.
Edward Bobet-1630-1675 Mass.Elkanah-1665-1735 Mass.Benjamin-1706-1752 Mass.Able-1740-1824-Mass. Vt.Able-1766-1850-Vt.Isaac Wellman-1850-Vt. N.Y.Francis Crocker-1841-1926-Vt. Ohio Wisc.Benjamin Lucius-1875-1955-Wisc.Kenneth Carl-1913-1994 Wisc.Ronald Kenneth-1934- Wisc. Minn.
The Babbit-Bobbitt Geneology Page
The Bobbitt Name Was Changed To Babbitt in WWI. InterneTree: Richard Babbitt IL The Babbit-Bobbitt Geneology Page: Surname List
The Donald Lee Babbitt Family Page
Donald L Babbitt - InterneTree The McCampbell ( MacCathmhaoill is Gaelic for McCampbell) Family migrated from Scotland in late in the late 18th Century. Alfred Olson migrated from Sweden at age 13 around 1892 to an uncles farm in Nebraska.
The John Webber Family Home Page
InterneTree: Jean Adams The John Webber Family Home Page: Surname List
The Kennedy Family of Northern New Jersey
Michael Kennedy, my great grandfather, immigrated from Ireland in 1869. He settled in Pt. Oram, New Jersey where he met and married Anna Maloney. The Maloneys are also from Ireland. Joseph Grimm and Anna Hannaka from Germany. They settled in Dover, New Jersey. Barbara A Babbitt - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Vicky L Anderson
Ferguson/Branham and Lamb/McCoy Families Home Page
Ferguson/Branham and Lamb/McCoy Families Home Page: Surname List
The Walter L. Alexander, Jr. Family Home Page
Edward D. Alexander family from Baltimore, Maryland. He was born about 1862, died in 1925, and is burried in St. Mary's Cemetery. He married Margaret Brightsel (or Brightful). Chester F. Cooper, Lloyd Kidd, and Jacob Wilhelm families of Baltimore City and Baltimore County, Maryland.\r\n\r\nInterneTree: Hourglass Tree of Walter Lee Alexander, Jr.\r\n\r\nAncestor Tree of Walter Lee Alexander, Jr. \r\n\r\nHourglass Tree of Walter Lee Alexander, Jr. \r\n
Pilioglos Family History
Kim Pilioglas(Pilioglos) Family Tree
Abbott and Glazier Genealogy
Hi I am especially interested in my Abbott and Glazier lines. I would love to share information and ideas about these lines, as well as related families. I enjoy meeting new 'cousins' so please write. \r\n
Resa Rivers\ Home Page
Contains 6 years of research on my families and my husbands families.
Ronald P. Babbitt's Genealogy Home Page
Family Profiles of descendents of Edward Bobet
Resa's Genealogy
These are my direct linages. I have not included brother,sister,etc. I have located over 3000 relatives in my 5 years of studing genealogy. Editor's note: The Surnameweb is in no way affiliated with, nor do we endorse any of the genealogical services beiAlig, Babbitt, Furbeck, Mauzy, Parry, Vedder
Anne Marie Black Ryan Genealogy Page
Descendant Trees of these surnames along with link to FTM page

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