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Ba Surname Resource Center

Ba Surname Resource Center

Ba Genealogy research can be facilitated by use of this page. It links to the majority of the Ba surname data on the web, as well as to individual Ba family trees, Ba origin and Ba meaning if known, and many other Ba genealogy resources.

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    Albaugh Researched Information Home Page
    Description: The Albaugh SRC focuses on online records, including census, wills, deeds, deaths, obituaries, as well as having information on various Albaugh families and other published data. Name variants include: Ahlbach, Albaugh, Allabaugh, and Allebaugh.

    Surnames: Allebaugh, Allabaugh, Albaugh, Ahlbach


    Ashbaugh Family Home Pages
    Description: This Site Dedicated to Anything Ashbaugh, Eschbach, Eshbach or related! The Ashbaugh name is the Americanization of the German name Eschbach, sometimes spelled Eshbach. Site features: Busines Links; Chat Room; Genealogy Pages; Home Pages; Mail List; Guest Book; Other; Reunions; Shared Family Information; Webmaster - Suggestions & link submissions; Bulletin Board.

    Surnames: Ashbaugh, Eschbach


    Baalham Family History
    Description: The aim of this website is to connect the \Baalham's\ around the world! Site features: Mission/Help; Baalham Name Origin/Meaning; Coat Of Arms; Queries/Messageboard; Forum; Descendant Lists; Baalham Researcher Lists; Download Files; Archives; Genealogy And Homepage Links; Photo Album; Other Variations Of The Name; My Family Tree; Submitting Data; Webrings; Chatroom; Guestbook; and Communications.

    Surnames: Baylam, Balham, Balam, Bailham, Baalham, Baalam


    Barbee's Crossroads
    Description: Barbee's Crossroads, the old Barbee homestead in Faquier County, Virginia, seems an appropriate name for this web page--an intersection connecting Barbee researchers with Barbee information. All major Barbee lines in the U.S. are covered, with information dating from the 1600s. We are constantly adding information about new Barbee lines and would like to include information from other countries as well. You can post your queries, search an on-line GEDCOM, and find links to other great Barbee web pages. Please help the site grow by submitting your information!

    Surnames: Barbee


    Barger Family History Society
    Description: Our mission is to encourage the research efforts of all Barger family historians, and to accumulate and preserve the records of the heritage of our mutual ancestors and others who shared our surname(s). The Barger Family History Society is affiliated with Bargar

    Surnames: Berrier, Berger, Barrigar, Bargo, Barger, Bargar, Fronabarger, Shufflebarger, Wolfenbarger


    Barnhouse Branches, A Surname Resource Center
    Description: There are family records, photos, bible records, original records abstracts, queries, a guestbook, and user submission tools. A comprehensive Barnhouse information center.

    Surnames: Barnhouse


    Barnum, Barnam and Barnham Family Resource Center
    Description: This site was developed as a listing of the known Barnum lines of descent, from the immigrant ancestor Thomas BARNAM (1625-1695) and his English forebears, down through the present. It's intended to serve as a reference site for anyone who is researching the genealogy of the Barnum, Barnam and Barnham families worldwide, although the majority of our family's lines of descent developed in either England or North America. The Origin and Meaning of Our Surname; Post Your Research Queries; Listing of BARNUM Researchers; The Online BARNUM Database; Download the BARNUM Gedcom; Archives: Family Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links.

    Surnames: Barnum, Barnham, Barnam


    Bartold Surname Resource Center
    Description: This site is intended as a gathering place for all information on the Bartold Surname in all it's forms anywhere in the world. Site features: General Notes; Statement of Purpose; Origin; Meaning and History; Current Distribution; Bartold's in America; Personal Connection; Towns; Noble Bartolds; Famous Bartolds; Surname Researchers; Online Databases; Guestbook; Chat Room; Genealogy Links; General Links; How to help; etc. Variants include: Barthold, Bartholdi, Bartold, Bartoldi, Berthold, Bertold, Bertoldi, and Bertoldo.

    Surnames: Bertoldo, Bertoldi, Bertold, Berthold, Bartoldi, Bartold, Bartholdi, Barthold


    Batten Surname Resource Center
    Description: Collecting all information relating to the surname BATTEN to facilitate your research. Site contains: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries; Surname Researchers; Archives - Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links; etc.

    Surnames: Batten


    Bayard Genealogy
    Description: Free online genealogy book based on: A history and genealogy of the families of Bayard, Houstoun of Georgia, and the descent of the Bolton family, by Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch. Published by J. H. Dony, Washington D.C., 1919

    In presenting the history and genealogy as contained in the following pages the author does not for one moment claim to have included the issue of each line or of each marriage, nor of all those descended from each family, but rather to carry out the descent of the direct line of the family to the first American ancestor, from whence those descended can arrive to that position where they can conveniently trace their lineage from the first ancestor arriving in America.

    In the forthcoming pages many who have no record or who have not become members of any patriotic bodies or who have failed to avail themselves at a critical period of the requisite information, will find much aid in being enabled to trace to some ancestor their lineage as contained herein.

    It may be very difficult in time to trace the lineage of those who, living in a country filled with an admixture of various races, to prove their pure blood from American ancestors who settled in this country, unless we keep a true record.

    Although there are many references to the distinguished Bayard family, there appears to be no connected line of descent from the three brothers, Balthazer, Petrus and Colonel Nicholas Bayard, the sons of Samuel Bayard and Ann Stuyvesant, which can be found together in one book. The author does not pretend to give all the lines and issues of the different branches, nor of all the children of each marriage, nor is any claim made that perfection of the genealogy of this family has been attained. Those descended from Nicholas Bayard and Catherine Livingston will find by consultation of the House of Alexander that they have a Royal lineage.

    Surnames: Bayard


    Beatty Project 2000
    Description: A Page dedicated to be a gathering place for Beatty's from anywhere, anytime.

    Surnames: Beaty, Beatty, Beattie, Beatie, Baty, Batty, Batey


    Birkholz Family History Search
    Description: If you would like to join BFHS, all you have to do is send the information you have on your Birkholz ancestors.

    Surnames: Burkholz, Burkholtz, Birkholz, Birkholtz, Birkholt, Berkholz, Berkholtz, Barkholz, Barkholtz


    Bower Family Homestead
    Description: If you descend from the Bower[s] / Bauer[s] surnames, or one of the many spelling variations, we probably have something inside for you. To you we say, welcome home! . . .We\ve been waiting for you to find us! Inside here, you\ll come to the individual rooms that made up the house, each one with something different to offer: Bower surname spelling variants; Surname Definitions; Surname History; family traditions; place names throughout the world; Sources of Bower data; Immigrations around the world; Vital records; Probate records; Obituaries; Census records; Military records; Biographies and personals; Queries, Mailing Lists, and Bulletin Boards; Links to other sites researching the Bower surname.

    Surnames: Byers, Byars, Bure, Buher, Buer, Brower, Brouwer, Brouer, Brauwer, Brauer, Boyer, Boyen, Bowyer, Bowun, Bowrs, Bowor, Bowon, Bown, Bowker, Bowing, Bowin, Bowier, Bowher, Bowes, Bowersy, Bowersox, Bowersmith, Bowerse, Bowers, Bowerman, Bowering, Bower, Bowars, Bowan, Bouyer, Bouwers, Bouwerr, Bouwer, Bouweer, Bourne, Boures, Boure, Boura, Bour, Bouher, Boughers, Bougher, Bouer, Bors, Borr, Bore, Borah, Bor, Boorer, Boore, Boor, Booher, Boing, Boin, Bohrer, Boher, Bohan, Boere, Boer, Boem, Boar, Bawier, Bawer, Bauren, Baure, Baur, Bauhers, Bauher, Baughers, Baugher, Bauers, Bauer, Dower, Pur, Powers, Power, Van Buuren, Vanburen


    Cumberbatch Geneaogy & Family History
    Description: Cumberbatch Surname One-Name Study

    Surnames: Cumberbatch, Comberbach, Cumberlege, Cumberledge, Cumberlidge


    Hackbarth Surname Resource Center
    Description: Researchers and their lines, Message board, Unidentified Hackbarths, Hackbarth reunions, How to contribute to the center, Hackbarth family histories, Home pages of Hackbarth researchers, Hackbarth Obits.

    Surnames: Hackbart, Hackbarth, Hackbeck, Hackbird, Hackburt, Hockburt


    Hoback Surname Resource Page
    Description: Hoback Surname Resource Page

    Surnames: Hoeback, Hobock, Hoback


    Hornbeck Hunter Surname Resource Center
    Description: Hornbeck Surname Genealogy Page for all Hornbeck/Hornback/Hornbeak researchers to share their research and find their common link to Warnaar Hornbeck born c1645, probably Holland, emigrant to New York and the first of the American Hornbeck line.

    Surnames: Hornbeck, Hornbeak, Hornback, Hoornbeeck, Hernbeck, Van Hoornbeeck


    Kimball Genealogy Online
    Description: Kimball Genealogy Online

    Surnames: Kimbriel, Kimbrell, Kimble, Kimbell, Kimball, Kemble


    Rohrbough Surname Center
    Description: This pages pertains to the genealogy of the surname Rohrbough in its many variations.

    Surnames: Rohrbough, Rohrbaugh, Rohrbach, Rohrabaugh, Rohrabacher


    Shellenberger Researcher's Homepage
    Description: This page provides information about Shellenbergers, Schallenbergers prior to 1900. There is information about the origin of the surname, links to other sites, online records, and queries (more coming soon).

    Surnames: Schallenberger, Schellenberg, Schellenberge, Schollenbarger, Schulenberg, Schulenburg, Schullenberg, Shallenbarger, Shelenberger, Shellabarger, Shellenbarger, Shellenberger, Shollenbarger, Shollenberger, Shulenberger, Solenberger, Sollenberger


    The Babcock Genealogy
    Description: One stop research center for the Babcock/Badcock Surname

    Surnames: Babcock, Badcock


    The Balliet Surname Resource Center
    Description: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries; Surname Researchers; Online Database; Download the Database (Gedcom Archives - Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links.

    Surnames: Balliet


    The Bates Connection
    Description: Where all the Bates cousins come to meet, learn & share. Site features: Resource Center; Origins & Meanings; Purpose; Archives; Biographies; Marriages; Cemetery; Military; Census; Queries; Search; Memberships; Bates Families; Photos; Library; Guestbook; Just Fun; Awards; and Calendar. This is the SRC for the Bate and Bates surnames.

    Surnames: Bates, Bate


    The Mabry Family
    Description: Welcome to the Mabry page;

    Surnames: Mybury, Mowbray, Mowbery, Moubray, Meaprey, Meabry, Meabrey, Meaberry, Maysberry, Maybury, Mayburry, Mayburey, Maybry, Maybrey, Maybre, Maybray, Maybowrie, Maybory, Mayborey, Mayberye, Maybery, Mayberry, Mayberrey, Maybary, Maybarry, Mawbury, Marbury, Marburry, Marburie, Marbray, Marberry, Maibry, Maiberry, Mabury, Maburry, Maburey, Maburery, Maburay, Mabry, Mabroy, Mabrie, Mabrey, Mabrery, Mabree, Mabre, Mabray, Mabra, Mabory, Mabore, Mabiroy, Mabire, Mabiray, Mabery, Maberry, Maberey, Maberay, Mabera, Mabbery, Mabberry, Mabary, Mabarry


    The Orbans
    Description: Etymology, history and origins of my surname; the Orbans in the world.

    Surnames: Orban


    The Thibault Family Center
    Description: Have you been searching for years on your Thibault Ancestery? I hope this Web Site will help you out. This is for ALL Thibault's and any other variations throughout the World. Purpose; Queries; Obituaries; Biographies; Wills; Deeds; Pensions; Bible Records; Thibault's in Cemeteries; Other Thibault Links; Submit Your Information; Meaning and Origins; Researchers; Thibault Genealogies; Marriage Records; Immigrants; Photos; Census Records; Genealogy Related Links; Thibault Mailing List.

    Surnames: Thibault


    The Trumble-Trumbull Family
    Description: The Trumble-Trumbull Family

    Surnames: Trumbull, Trumbul, Trumble, Trumbell, Trumball


    Trembath Surname Resource Centre
    Description: A place for all Trembath relatives to access information on the surname and have their own area to display information. Highlights: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries; Surname Researchers; Online Database; Dowload the Database (Gedcom Archives - Records held by Researchers; Trembath Resource Page at Rootsweb; Submit your Research Interests; How to help; Send comments; Sign Up for Trembath Webmail; Site Search; What's New; Site Map; Genealogy Links; etc.

    Surnames: Trembath


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