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Aw Genealogy research can be facilitated by use of this page. It links to the majority of the Aw surname data on the web, as well as to individual Aw family trees, Aw origin and Aw meaning if known, and many other Aw genealogy resources.

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    Bower Family Homestead
    Description: If you descend from the Bower[s] / Bauer[s] surnames, or one of the many spelling variations, we probably have something inside for you. To you we say, welcome home! . . .We\ve been waiting for you to find us! Inside here, you\ll come to the individual rooms that made up the house, each one with something different to offer: Bower surname spelling variants; Surname Definitions; Surname History; family traditions; place names throughout the world; Sources of Bower data; Immigrations around the world; Vital records; Probate records; Obituaries; Census records; Military records; Biographies and personals; Queries, Mailing Lists, and Bulletin Boards; Links to other sites researching the Bower surname.

    Surnames: Byers, Byars, Bure, Buher, Buer, Brower, Brouwer, Brouer, Brauwer, Brauer, Boyer, Boyen, Bowyer, Bowun, Bowrs, Bowor, Bowon, Bown, Bowker, Bowing, Bowin, Bowier, Bowher, Bowes, Bowersy, Bowersox, Bowersmith, Bowerse, Bowers, Bowerman, Bowering, Bower, Bowars, Bowan, Bouyer, Bouwers, Bouwerr, Bouwer, Bouweer, Bourne, Boures, Boure, Boura, Bour, Bouher, Boughers, Bougher, Bouer, Bors, Borr, Bore, Borah, Bor, Boorer, Boore, Boor, Booher, Boing, Boin, Bohrer, Boher, Bohan, Boere, Boer, Boem, Boar, Bawier, Bawer, Bauren, Baure, Baur, Bauhers, Bauher, Baughers, Baugher, Bauers, Bauer, Dower, Pur, Powers, Power, Van Buuren, Vanburen


    Dawson Family History Project
    Description: This site will become the definitive source for all genealogical and historical information that chronicles the Dawson Family Line from the days of William the Conqueror to the present.

    Surnames: Dawson


    Gingras Genealogy
    Description: This Gingras website was started in Dec. 2000, and receives periodic updates. There are plans (dreams?) to include all Gingras family members in North America, and all known relatives. Includes research notes, bibliography, and a map indicating European Origins of Gingras family ancestors. Also includes notes on the meanings of family names and links to other Gingras sites.

    Surnames: Gangra, Gangras, Gangraw, Geangreau, Gengra, Gengras, Gengrass, Gengres, Gengron,\r\nGinchereau, Gingas, Gingera, Gingereau, Gingra, Gingrande, Gingras, Gingras-Capitien,\r\nGingras-Daly, Gingras-Falardeau, Gingrass, Gingrasso, Gingraw, Gingray, Gingreau,\r\nGingreaux, Gingreh, Gingres, Gingris, Gingro, Gingros, Gingrow, Gringras, Janggrow,\r\nJangra, Jangrah, Jangras, Jangrau, Jangraw, Jangrew, Jangro, Jangrow, Jangrus, Janjras,\r\nJeangras, Jeangraw, Jengran, Jengras, Jhangrah, Jhangras, Jhangraw, Jinchereau,\r\nJincherou, Jingas, Jingra, Jingram, Jingramm, Jingrass, Jingras, Jingraw, Jingrims,\r\nJingrow, Johngrow, Jongrow, Shangrah, Shangras, Shangraw, Shangreau, Shangreaux,\r\nShangrow, Zangrau, Zangraw, Zangreau, Zangro, Zangrow, Zhangrau, Zingreau


    Hathaway Surname Project
    Description: Site features: Purpose of the Hathaway Surname Project; Online Database; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Download the Database (Gedcom Queries; Archives - Research, Records & Deeds; Surname Researchers; Photos; Home Page Links; How to help; General Genealogy Resources; Submit your information; Genealogy Calendar

    Surnames: Hathaway


    Latta Genealogy Newsletter
    Description: Although the title denotes a genealogy newsletter. This site has much more to offer than just a link about a newsletter for the Latta researcher.

    Surnames: Lotta, Lawtie, Latty, Latto, Lattie, Lattea, Latta, Lata


    Lawson One Name Study Home Page
    Description: One Name Study of the Lawson surname worldwide

    Surnames: Lawson


    McCraw/McGraw Genealogy
    Description: McCraw/McGraw Genealogy

    Surnames: McGraw, McCraw, MacRae


    McWh*rter Genealogy
    Description: The McWh*rter Genealogy Website is designed to assist and support world-wide research on the McWh*rter surname in all its variant spellings. Portions of the the site are dedicated to research being done in Scotland, Ireland and elsewhere as well as throughMawhorter

    Surnames: Mewwhorter, Mewhirter, McWorter, McWhorter, McWhirter, McWherter, McQuirter, McQuarter, Mawhorter


    Strawn & Allied Families
    Description: Featuring over 25,000 individuals in the Strawn and Allied Families databases. Currently compiling the 12 volume history of this family lineage. Website offers: Research notes, family pictures, maps, descendants charts, write-ups, family group sheets, queries by fellow researchers, military ancestors, maps, publications and much more!

    Surnames: Strachn, Straffen, Strahan, Strahm, Straugham, Straughan, Straughen, Strachan, Straughn, Strawhan, Strawhen, Strawhun, Strawn, Strohm


    Terwilliger Surname Research Center
    Description: A resource center for the Terwilliger surname containing archives, databases, resources and information for any Terwilliger researcher. As far as now is known, there was but one Terwilliger family in the United States. Thus, if you bear the Terwilliger name or descend from a Terwilliger, you are related to all others similarly named or descended, all having a common ancestor. Site Features: Purpose; Meanings & Origins of the Name; Terwilliger Homestead; Personal Genealogy; Virtual Cemetery; Research; Terwilliger Family Association; Mailing Lists; Forums; Message Board; Web links; Records & Archives; etc! Variants include: Teawilliger, Terrwilliger, Terweilliger, Terwelleger, Terwilegar, Terwilge, Terwiliger, Terwillaghier, Terwillegar, Terwilleger, Terwillger, Terwilligar, Terwillige, Terwilligen, Terwilliger, Terwillinger, Tewilliager, Tterwilliger, Twilegar, Twillinger, Van Der Willigen, and Willigen.

    Surnames: Teawilliger, Terrwilliger, Terweilliger, Terwelleger, Terwilegar, Terwilge, Terwiliger, Terwillaghier, Terwillegar, Terwilleger, Terwillger, Terwilligar, Terwillige, Terwilligen, Terwilliger, Terwillinger, Tewilliager, Tterwilliger, Twilegar, Twillinger, Van Der Willigen, Willigen


    The Crawford Family Resource Center
    Description: The Crawford Family Resource Center

    Surnames: Crawford


    The GREENLAW Genealogy Home Page
    Description: The GREENLAW Genealogy Home Page

    Surnames: Greenlaw


    The Hatcliffe Family
    Description: One Name Study of the Hatcliffe surname. Free Information Exchange for Hatcliff(e)s Around the World - Or What's left of them. Site features: Our Aims; About Us!; Part Pedigree; History Outline from 1171; Family Curse; College of Arms Report; Arms Graphics; African Mystery; Names connected by marriage; Portrait Gallery; Proposed Family Reunion; Exciting News; Stories; Links; Books; Search Engines.

    Surnames: Attlyf, Atcliff, DeHatclyf, DeHaddeclive, Hawclyff, Hatteclyf, Hatlyff, Hatliffe, Hatlif, Hatley, Hatlefe, Hatclyffe, Hatcliffe, Hatcliff, Hatchcliffe


    The Haworth Family Connections Page
    Description: The purpose of this web-site is to help people who are tracing their Haworth ancestry. We will be adding ged-coms as fast as people send them. Maybe we can help you find your missing links!

    Surnames: Howarth, Hayworth, Haworth


    The Hinshaw Family Association
    Description: The Hinshaw Family Association

    Surnames: Hinshaw, Henshaw, Henshall


    The Mabry Family
    Description: Welcome to the Mabry page;

    Surnames: Mybury, Mowbray, Mowbery, Moubray, Meaprey, Meabry, Meabrey, Meaberry, Maysberry, Maybury, Mayburry, Mayburey, Maybry, Maybrey, Maybre, Maybray, Maybowrie, Maybory, Mayborey, Mayberye, Maybery, Mayberry, Mayberrey, Maybary, Maybarry, Mawbury, Marbury, Marburry, Marburie, Marbray, Marberry, Maibry, Maiberry, Mabury, Maburry, Maburey, Maburery, Maburay, Mabry, Mabroy, Mabrie, Mabrey, Mabrery, Mabree, Mabre, Mabray, Mabra, Mabory, Mabore, Mabiroy, Mabire, Mabiray, Mabery, Maberry, Maberey, Maberay, Mabera, Mabbery, Mabberry, Mabary, Mabarry


    The Van Norman Family Association
    Description: Founded in January 1996 for the compilation of Van Norman/Van Orman (and variant surnames) information. Objective of the site is to trace and link as many Van Norman and variant families as possible. Database; Queries; Publications; Membership; Web Links.

    Surnames: Vinneman, Verniman, Vennernum, Venneman, Veniman, Veneman, Van Ornum, Van Orman, Van Normon, Vannorman, Van Nimmen, Vannerman, Van Nemon, Van Namen, Van Immon, Van Emmen, Van Awman, Van Arnhem


    Yaun Surname Resource Center
    Description: Surname resource center containing: Surname Database, Origin of the Name, Submit Your Information, Mailing Lists Archives, Surname Researchers, Yaun Photos, Home Page Links, How to Help, General Genealogy Links, and Scanned Documents.

    Surnames: Yaun, Yawn, Yohn, Yon


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