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Origin of Auch

Origin of Auch

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Origin of Auch

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Origin of Auch, Meaning of Auch

Origin: Look up 'A History of Peebleshire- Dawyck,' in the Tweedy Genealogy Archive. It tells of the Vache family around 1200, in the county of Peebles, Scotland. The name has many variants. Vach, Vaich, Vaitch, Vatch, Veatche, Vetch, Wache, Waitche, Watche, Wauche, Waugh, Veach, Veatch, Veech, Veitch.
Surnames: Vach, Vache, Vaich, Vaitch, Vatch, Veach, Veatch, Veatche, Veech, Veitch, Vetch, Wache, Waitche, Watche, Wauche, Waugh
Submitted by: Edward T. Veitch, Jr.
Origin of Auch, Meaning of Auch

Origin: 1610 , Des Champ, Had a son Son changed his name to Beauchamp, Beauchamp was changed to Boshaw by some of the Beauchamps migrating to the United states from Canada.
Surnames: Beauchamp, Boshaw
Submitted by: Lloyd Boshaw
Origin of Auch, Meaning of Auch

Origin: Descendant of Daniel Braucht, direct line: Daniel Braucht Adam Braucht George W. Braucht Theodore C. Braucht Amandus Braucht Theodore Braucht
Surnames: BRAUCHT
Submitted by: DeAnne Martin
Origin of Auch, Meaning of Auch

Origin: Anyone out there know of a Richard Willard Rauch born to Leonard and Betty (Emery)Rauch Dec. 29 1937 to 1940?
Surnames: RAUCH
Submitted by: John L. Rauch
Origin of Auch, Meaning of Auch

Origin: Christian Rauch married with Christine Marguart.Date of birth n.a.!first child Johann Leopold Rauch 12/19/1876 born in Piwnitz area Priesen,today it?s poland.second child Gustav Adolph Rauch born 08/17/1879,also it exist two sisters Anna and Paula Rauch lifes exist more children,but there are no informations about.Important are informations about Christian Rauch.So Thanks !!!Gaby
Surnames: Rauch
Submitted by: Gaby?s Genology
Origin of Auch, Meaning of Auch

Origin: Herkunft: Mittelhochdeutschland

Bedeutung 1:"b?ch" => "Schlegel,Keule"
Bedeutung 2:"b?ch" => "Bauch" f?r einen dicken Menschen
Surnames: Bauch
Submitted by:
Origin of Auch, Meaning of Auch

Origin: A parish in Ayrshire, Scotland. The etymology of the name may be found in the Gaelic Ach, an elevation, a mound, or round hill, generally level at the top; and leac, a flat stone, a tombstone. In several parts of Ayrshire may be traced the remains of cairns, encampments, and Druidical circles. Auchinleck appears to have been one of those places where the ancient Celts and Druids held conventions, celebrated their festivals, and performed acts of worship.
Surnames: Auchinleck
Submitted by:
Origin of Auch, Meaning of Auch

Origin: The field or mount of law; an eminence in which law-courts were held, moot-hills, as they were called; from Ach, an elevation, a mound, and mod, a court, an assembly, a meeting.
Surnames: Auchmuty
Submitted by:
Origin of Auch, Meaning of Auch

Origin: Beauchamp is of French origin. So it means "nice field"
Surnames: Beauchamp
Submitted by: Anormous
Origin of Auch, Meaning of Auch

Origin: Beau means pretty or goodlooking... champ means fields.. therefore it means pretty fields.
Surnames: Beauchamp
Submitted by: Kristy
Origin of Auch, Meaning of Auch

Origin: French and German Derivative. The meaning typically is taken as "beautiful field of fowers."
Surnames: Baucham
Submitted by: Esilita Baucham

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