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Mike Greatorex
Description: Looking for descendents of Daniel Greatorex from the late 18th Cent in the area of Blyth/Worksop, North Nottinghamshire. My branch of his family moved to Sheffield, South Yorkshire by the mid 19th Cent. In particular William Greatorex who ran a Public House on Chester St, Sheffield. Eldest son George Greatorex and wife Mary Ellen Greatorex emigrated to the USA, settling in Highland Falls, Orange Co, NY. Would particulary like to contact their descendents.


Eileen L. Poulin
Description: Gostanian Family from Armenia to Massachuetts and New Hampshire

Surnames: Gostanian, Kachadorian, Bandoian, Minasian, Matorian, Yegegalian

Dawn Kiefer
Description: Researching family history for my children. Looking for any and all information on these families in the outagamie, winnebago, waupaca, ozakee, and dodge co areas.

Surnames: Babino/ Babineau, Kiefer, Foley, Nottleson, Charles, Nelsen/ Neilsen, Montgomery, Kuba, Koss/Kofs, VanRyzin, Steinmetz, Ator, Penterman, Pennings, McHugh, Hoffman

Theresa V.
Description: Genealogy is a hobby for me.

Surnames: Babin, Cambre, Hebert, Lortio (Lator), Morales, Pintado, Rodrigue, Simoneaux, Vaughn, Vining, Roffino

Description: I am looking for information on Thomas Ambrose Dobbs b. abt 1832 in Pa. He married Malzenia Prater in Jefferson County, Ohio 24 June 1866. Prior to that he served in the Civil War via California. I am trying to locate any and all information on him. Also, I do not know anything of Malzenia Prater..she seems to be lost in time .

Surnames: Dobbs, Fowler, Prator, Prather, Prater

chris ator
Description: looking for relatives that are in the california area anyone with thelast name ator PLEASE e-mail me

Surnames: ATOR

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