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Eschbach Eshbach Family Tree
Eschbach Eshbach Family Tree by Ed Eshbach. The Eschbach Eshbach Eshbaugh Aeschbacher Book.
Bates Family of Eastlake, Ohio
William BATES b. 1783 Burslem, Staffordshire, England, son of William and Sarah (BROOKES); m. Hannah BOWYER 20-Oct-1805 Norton in the Moors, Staffordshire, England. James GIFFORD b. 09-Feb-1892 Staffordshire?,England, son of James, d. 25-Jun-1902 Denbigh, Wales; m. Ann HAMMERSLEY 23-Oct-1854 England. Daughter Elizabeth Matilda b. 21-Jul-1869 Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England. Joachim Friederich Hennig MOELLER / M?LLER b. 1819 Lubow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, son of Johann Joachim Friederich M?LLER and Anna Sophia Elisabeth (LOHMANN) d. abt. 1880 in Emmit Twp., Saint Clair Co., Michigan; m1. Anna Maria HINZ / HINTZ 1841 Lubow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin; m2. Sophia GOODERMAN aft. 1856 in Ontario. Katherine Eleanor MURRAY b. 30-Jan-1875 Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, daughter of Albert and Mary (WALSH), d. 21-Jun-1910 Cleveland; m. Fredrick John MILLER, the son of Rebecca (CASHBAUGH) and Joachim MILLER. Rebecca CASHBAUGH b. abt. 1842 Wayne Twp., Muskingum Co., Ohio to Ann Stanley (WANGLING) and John GERSPACH, d. 18-Sep-1910 Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. She married Joachim MILLER/M?LLER abt. Jun-1866 in Ohio. InterneTree: Frank J Bates Genealogy Report: Descendants of Johann Joachim Friederich M?ller Genealogy Report: Descendants of ? Behe Genealogy Report: Descendants of Conrad Bolen Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Bates
The William Russell Ashbaugh Family Home Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Robert Ashbaugh Robert Ashbaugh d:1924 from Leechburg, PA. Emma Jane Kennedy married Robert and died in Akron, OH about 1939. Walter or George Weister d:1922 from the same area. married Hazel Ashbaugh d:1917 daughter of Robert and Emma. Robert is said to have died on the railroad tracks around Leechburg in 1924 also had a brother who died after falling off of a railroad bridge. Hazel had William Russell Weister b:1915 d:1993 who, after hie fathers death, was adopted by his grandmother Emma and his name was changed to Ashbaugh at that time. Shortly after Robert died they moved to the Akron, OH area.
The Descendants of Francis Dishon of Lincoln County, Kentuck
Francis Dishon, born about 1804 - 1811 NC or VA. Had brothers Lewis and Luke Dishon. Francis married Clary Adams in Lincoln County, KY in 1832 and had nine children; Andrew, William Lewis/Louis, Elizabeth, Almira, Mary Susan, James Henry, Margaret, Samuel, and Robert Grant Dishon. Polly D Ashbaugh - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Loretta A Ashbaugh MI
Ronald T Anderson II Family Tree
Ronald T Anderson II Family Tree: Surname List
Home Page of Cynthia Grace Feay Allington
Ashbough / Ashbaugh in Pa, maybe Fayette Co.\r\nBidwell in NY, Pa, Ia and Oh\r\nBoarts / Bortz in Pa; Johnson Co, Ia\r\nCrippen / Grippen / Crippin in New England\r\nFeay / Fay / Fee in Maryland, Pa, Va/WV\r\nGarlinghouse in Hart Co, Ky, Victor Co, Ia\r\nGeorge in Cumberland Co, Pa\r\nHess in Pa, maybe Lancaster Co.\r\nHull in Hartford Co, Conn; England\r\nHunt in Van Buren, Ia, and New York\r\nKing in Washington Co, NY\r\nMcCoy in Washington Co, Maryland\r\nParker in Middlesex Co, Massachusetts\r\nSergent / Sargent / Sargeant in Fayette Co, Pa, Monongalia, WV\r\nSimpson in Washington Co,NY, Rockingham,NH\r\nVarner in Johnson Co, Ia, Pennsylvania\r\nWildman in Johnson Co, Ia, Green Co, Pa\r\n
Donovan Waller Ackley II Home Page
I am searching the following surnames for primarily the southeastportion of Ohio---mainly Morgan, Noble and Washington Counties:\r\nACKLEY CARREL GESSEL GORE HUGHES McGARRY OGLE PRICE REED SMITH TAYLOR WALLER\r\nWEBBER\r\n\r\nI am searching the following surnames for primarily the northeast portion of Ohio (mainly Columbiana, Stark, Summit and Tuscarawas\r\ncounties) and Pennsylvania:\r\nDeWALT FASHBAUGH GONGWER KAUTH LEATHERMAN LEESER MEESE RANSWEILER WORKINGER\r\n\r\n
The Family Tree of Tim & Karen Dowling
Original Dowling - Ashbaugh Family Tree: This is an approximation of the original Lamoine Dowling - Birdie Ashbaugh Family Tree that was created by Robert Dowling in about 1980. Dowling Family Tree: This tree includes about 400 relatives and goes back to Jacob Sellen 1640, Alcase Eschbach 1675, John Montgomerie 1765, and even includes President McKinley. Royalty: This tree includes about 500 ancestors of Emaline Archer, the wife of Henry Clay Ashbaugh and my great great grandmother. Another Dowling Family: This is for a Dowling friend.
Apel And Marconi Family Tree Home Page
Ancestors of Edwin (Trey) Victor APEL III
Apel And Marconi Family Tree
Ancestors of Edwin (Trey) Victor APEL III
Welcome to Sue's Branches & Twigs
I have several more generations that have not been added to the web page.
Debi's Little Tree Page
I have a large amount of documentation I would like to swap with other family members. Ashbaugh, Carnes, Collins, Cochran in Ohio Earl, Rice in MI, Cox, Ducker & Jones in IN, ID, WA, UT, & CA.? Shortz IN & MI
The Ashbaugh Family
The Descendants of Johann Heinrich Eschbach aka Henry Ashbaugh

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