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Art Surname Resource Center

Art Surname Resource Center

Art Genealogy research can be facilitated by use of this page. It links to the majority of the Art surname data on the web, as well as to individual Art family trees, Art origin and Art meaning if known, and many other Art genealogy resources.

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    A book of Earthy Family History
    Description: Coat Of Arms; Photographs & History; Census Records In England; My Family Tree; Links in the USA; Links in Canada; Wills and Deeds.

    Surnames: Earthy


    Bartold Surname Resource Center
    Description: This site is intended as a gathering place for all information on the Bartold Surname in all it's forms anywhere in the world. Site features: General Notes; Statement of Purpose; Origin; Meaning and History; Current Distribution; Bartold's in America; Personal Connection; Towns; Noble Bartolds; Famous Bartolds; Surname Researchers; Online Databases; Guestbook; Chat Room; Genealogy Links; General Links; How to help; etc. Variants include: Barthold, Bartholdi, Bartold, Bartoldi, Berthold, Bertold, Bertoldi, and Bertoldo.

    Surnames: Bertoldo, Bertoldi, Bertold, Berthold, Bartoldi, Bartold, Bartholdi, Barthold


    DeHart Family Genealogy Page
    Description: DeHart Researchers Page; Mark DeHart's GEDCOM FILE; DeHart History; Post your DeHart Query to the DEHART GenForum; DeHart Baptisms; DeHart Cemetery Page; DeHart Marriages; DeHart Obituaries; DeHart Deaths; The DeHart House Ghost Story; DeHart Cherokee ConnD\Hart

    Surnames: D'Hart, Dehart, Dehardt


    Hackbarth Surname Resource Center
    Description: Researchers and their lines, Message board, Unidentified Hackbarths, Hackbarth reunions, How to contribute to the center, Hackbarth family histories, Home pages of Hackbarth researchers, Hackbarth Obits.

    Surnames: Hackbart, Hackbarth, Hackbeck, Hackbird, Hackburt, Hockburt


    McWh*rter Genealogy
    Description: The McWh*rter Genealogy Website is designed to assist and support world-wide research on the McWh*rter surname in all its variant spellings. Portions of the the site are dedicated to research being done in Scotland, Ireland and elsewhere as well as throughMawhorter

    Surnames: Mewwhorter, Mewhirter, McWorter, McWhorter, McWhirter, McWherter, McQuirter, McQuarter, Mawhorter


    Smart Surname Site
    Description: This will be a place for posting your information about the Smart Surname. If you have information you would like to contribute, please let me know. All information submitted will give credit to the contributor. Site features ares for: Births; Marriages; Deaths; Census; Family Genealogy Sites; Group Sheets; Letters, Stories & Tales; Photos; Researchers; Reunions; Misc. Records

    Surnames: Smart


    Description: For everyone researching the surname SMITHART,including the various spellings and/or derivatives. Birth, Marriage, Death, Military , and Census Records; Obituary, Land, and Court Records; Cemetery Inscriptions, Message Board, Researchers and Links.

    Surnames: Smithart


    Taggart Surname Resource Center
    Description: Taggart family research and registration site. The purpose of this site is twofold. First, it is a single surname research and registration database for all Taggart family members (by birth) world wide both living and dead. Secondly, to provide links to Taggart web pages or other sites of general genealogical interest.

    Surnames: Taggart


    The Hartley Family Surname Resource Centre
    Description: Anything to do with the surname HARTLEY! Site features: Origins; History of The HARTLEY Surname; Photo Gallery; Guest book; Hall of Fame; Surname & Family Links; HARTLEY Surname News; Forum; MAILING LIST; Census Records; Online Database - Download Database(Gedcom Archives - Records & Deeds; Coat of Arms; and more. \r\n\r\n

    Surnames: HARTLEY


    The Haworth Family Connections Page
    Description: The purpose of this web-site is to help people who are tracing their Haworth ancestry. We will be adding ged-coms as fast as people send them. Maybe we can help you find your missing links!

    Surnames: Howarth, Hayworth, Haworth


    The Lannert Family Society
    Description: History and Genealogy of the Lannert name and families worldwide. We encourage all visitors who may have a connection to participate and submit your family history. We want to share the heritage that has made these families great. Site Highlights: Connections; Historical Nuggets; Immigrant List; Lannert Links on the Internet; Other Lannert Family Trees in need of help; Photo Gallery; Lannert Heritages, etc. Name variations include: Lahnart, Lahnert, Lanert, Lanhart, Lannerd, Lannert, Launart, Lehnart, Lehnert, Lenhart, Lennart, and Lennert.

    Surnames: Lahnart, Lahnert, Lanert, Lanhart, Lannerd, Lannert, Launart, Lehnart, Lehnert, Lenhart, Lennart, Lennert


    Description: Researchers On the Web; Family Introductions; Probate Records; Descendants Listings; Research Files; Deeds, Marriage Records; PARTEEs On The Web; Phone/Address Directory; etc.

    Surnames: Partee


    The Partridge Nest
    Description: The Partridge Nest. The original Surname Resource Center. Trace your Partridge ancestors here! You will find: Origin; Ancestral Lines - Database & Notes; Gedcoms; Queries; Message Boards - Bible Records, Bios, Deeds, Obits, Pensions, Wills, Researcher's; Surname variants include: Paltridge, Pardridge, Partidge, Partrich, Partridge, Partrigg, Patridge, Patrige, and Pattridge.

    Surnames: Pattridge, Patrige, Patridge, Partrigg, Partridge, Partrich, Partidge, Pardridge, Paltridge


    The Tegart Treeclimbers
    Description: Do you have a burning desire to know more about the Tegarts? . . . . Well, here it is ! . . . The most complete listing of TEGARTS in the WORLD! . . Site features: Index of Surnames; Biographies and Photos; Bulletin Board, Chat, Queries; Newsletter; Who's New in the Family; Memoirs; Tegarts on the web; Directory of email addresses and URL's.

    Surnames: Tegart


    Westgarth Across the World Wide Web
    Description: The Westgarth Family website, dedicated to the history of the Westgarth name and the research of our respective histories. Through this site we hope to learn more of the fortunes of our respective families and to follow the roads that some have travelled over the centuries. Site Features: Site Diary; Query Board; Marriage Index; Surnames; Out of the Pennines; Trees; Heraldry; War Memorial; History of our Name; Legend; Researchers; Contact; Weardale Photos; Pedigree; Database; Guestbook

    Surnames: Westgarth


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