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Branching Out - Stary and Related Families
My personal family history including surnames, family group sheets and descendancy charts plus a listing of Ohio cemeteries, a remembrance page, Family Treasures (letters from my ancestors), The Sepulcher (a page of cemetery related links) and more
Humboldt Honey's Home Page
Humboldt Honey's Home Page: Surname List
Bank Family
InterneTree: Michael D Bank DE Bank Family: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Matthew Lawrence Baldwin
The Bartus Rosenbargo Family Home Page
Bartus Rosenbargo b 1841 - d 1917- PerthCounty Ontario, Leeds County Ontario - Olds Alberta - His father william rosenberger ( rosenberg ) Leeds & or Dundas County Ontario Canada - Most of the family prior generations seem to have settled in Leeds or Dundas Counties - I believe that they were United Empire Loyalists - originally from Pennsylvania of German heritage - Bartus Rosenbargo married Mary Jane Oddy b - 1847 d oct 30 1941 Olds Alberta in September of 1866 in Huron or Perth Counties - They had nine children.
The Bagby's of Randolph,CO.MO.
descendants of the 1793 John Bagby & Mildred Ward from VA/Ky to MO. The line starts in Jamestown Va. in about 1628 with #1John & his son 2James, 3John, 4John, 5George, 6Robert, 7Robert, 8William. THEN 1793 #9John & his 1813 brother William.10-Owen Henry Bagby. My line continues with 11Walter Horsley Bagby 12 Maurice Rhoades Bagby. (New is the Walter Rhoades & Kube FTM Report) #8 Wm is the 1810 Bourbon CO Census Bagbey/Bagby & Mary Fearn. Mary (Fern)Bagbey is the sister who is listed in the 1799 John Fearn 111(3rd's) Will.They have 8 children Then #8Wm Bagby marries another Mary Fearn in 1824.& has 3 more. #9 the 1793 John Bagby & Mildred Ward & family came to Howard/Randolph,CO. MO. in 1827/28. 1813 William Bagby, brother of John. Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Bagby Genealogy Report: Descendants of Walter G. Rhoades Genealogy Report: Descendants of Wiliam Bagbey Genealogy Report: Descendants of John M. Milnes Genealogy Report: Descendants of Owen Henry Bagby The Bagby's of Randolph,CO.MO.: Surname List
Home Page of the Hays and Baca Families
InterneTree: Crystal J Bacahays Family Home Page of David C. Hays and Crystal J. Baca: Surname List
Mack Avery's Family
Late in the year of 1872, Charles McClaud Mack AVERY, his wife, Mary Jane Tabitha MOORE and the Jeptha MOORE family arrived in the Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. They settled southwest of Skullyville and tried to survive the winter in tents. Mack survived, but Mary, her mother and brother died of pneumonia. Ten years earlier, Mack had survived the winter of 1862-63 in the yankee's infamous Camp Douglas, Illinois. Mack was not a quitter and he remained in the Indian Territory. Mary Jane Polk HICKMAN became Mack's second wife, the mother of their six children and my great-grandmother. Their 46 years together produced a legacy which continues in the lives and memories of their many descendants. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Alexander Avery (b. 1726)
Ashour and Manning and Related Families of TX & AR
InterneTree: Ancestors of John Benedict Ashour Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Marcus Bauer Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Cornelius Manning, Sr. Ashour and Manning and Related Families of TX & AR: Surname List
The Artler/Vargo/Farrow/Jurgensen Families of OH & WV
Lori A Artlervargo - InterneTree Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Adolf Jurgensen Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Samuel Butcher, Sr. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Roman Krasowski Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Carl John Artler
The Relations of Joe Arrowood
The Relations of Joe Arrowood: Surname List
The Arnold Family of Humphreys County Tennessee
InterneTree: Nancy Nannie Abercrombie The Arnold Family of Humphreys County Tennessee: Surname List
McCasland/McCaslin Home Page
Patsy Argo surname list
Genealogy of Mary Joy Argo of Baltimore, Maryland
Mary joy Argo - InterneTree
Argo and Knott
my father's side of the family and my mothers side of the family from Tennessee, primarily Gibson County and Weakley County. InterneTree: Jeffrey W Argo
The Jeffrery Scott Argo Roots
Two stoweaways ages 14 & 9 jump a ship in England and landed in Charleston South Carolina. Here begins the story of the Southern Argo Family. John Argo at age 14 the son of Jason Argo of England started a line that expanded the South East and beyond. From the Revolution to modern day we have grown to a multitude of believers with many of the Argo being Ministers.
My Surnames Include About 1300 Names From All Over The USA
Barbara A Argo surname list
Charles And Michelle Antal Of Vancouver, Washington
Antal Family Tree
Andrade Family
Marcelo Andrade Family Tree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Marcelo Andrade Plymouth
The Andrews/Saladin Home Page
1. ANDREWS: in the Bennington, VT area. I am a descendent of Calvin H. Andrews, unknown birth date, died 5/6/1908. 2. PERCEY: Also in Vermont. The farthest back I have is John B. Percey, born 3/28/1853, died 2/27/1913 3. HARMON: Vermont. Abi B. Harmon, Female, born 9/8/1853, died 5/2/1908 4. SARGOOD: Vermont. George W. Sargood. No dates available. His mother was Emily Harriet Bacon. His father may have been born in England. 5. SHARKEY: Vermont. Nettie May Sharkey, born 3/5/1880 in Shaftsbury, VT, died 10/9/1956. 6. DANFORTH: Vermont. Charles Danforth, who married Jennie Rogers. 7. FARRELL: Vermont/New York. Ed Farrell born in Troy, NY, who married Maggie. 8. SALADIN: My great-grandfather, John Saladin, was born 7/5/1865 in Sandusky, Ohio and died 8/4/1944 in Whitehall, NY. His father's name was Mathias Saladin. His mother was Caroline Gassman, born 2/15/1833 in Germany and died 10/14/1933. 9. VAN GUILDER: My great-grandmother, Josephine Van Guilder, was born 5/5/1880 and died 2/28/1925, both in Granville, NY. Her father's name was John. 10. WATROUS: My great-grandfather was Clifton Watrous, born in 1895 in Pawlet, VT and died 1/17/1957 in Schenectady, NY. His father was Archie Watrous, born 2/21/?? and died 2/24/1935. Clifton's Mother wKimberly J. Andrews
The Spargo Family Home Page
InterneTree: Keith R Anderson Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of James Spargo
Ancestors of Cheryl Spargo, Massachusetts
families in Massachusetts, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, England
The Ammons Family Tree, by Lee Roy Ammons of Durant, Okla .
Most of ancesters came from Mississippi, Tennessee and the Carolinas. Book: Ammons Family.FBC
My Genealogy Home Page
Randy L Alverson surname list
Wargo By Marion
Varga,Agnes Varga Born in Hungary in 1885 Came to the U.S. about 1902,with her mother Borbala Meszaros and her siblings William,Paul, Peter,Vilma, Kate, Anna and Rose.After Ellis Island they went to Pennsylvania.Agnes then married a Stanley Volk upstate New York(Tonowanda).He was a Chef.They had three daughter Anna, Olga and Vilma.\r\n\r\nMarion V Alioto - InterneTree\r\n\r\n\r\n
The Brian Akins Family of Ontario
InterneTree: Ancestors of Brian Edwin Akins\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Edwin Walker\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Ggrand Mckenzie\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Patrick Akins\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Henry Charles Wilkinson
The Trina K. Migra-Adams Family Tree Mansfield, Oh
\r\nMy Grandmother, Katherine(Vargas) Vargo-Fowler may have been born in Budapest Hungary.She was born June 10, 1928. I have found many people who migrated to the United States from Hungary in the late 1800's and early 1900's. She grew up I beleive in Manhattan. Brother John Vargo. Her family name I am told was Vargas but shortend to Vargo when they arrived in the United States. \r\n
Argosino and Abad Families Home Page
This Home Page is dedicated to the Abad and Argosino Families. The Abads originally came from Gapan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. The Argosino Family originally came from Lopez, Quezon, Philippines. Both families crossed each others\ paths upon the marriage of Elvira Salumbides Argosino to Macario Del Rosario Abad. The family tree project for both families is being conducted by their son, Antonio.\r\n\r\nPlease pay particular attention to the Antonio A. Abad InterneTree below. It needs patience but if you are really looking for an in-depth information about our family, this is the place. It outlines the family in graphic format - not as user friendly but very informative. Remember to email me for corrections or additions to this family tree. \r\n\r\n \r\n
Sullivan Burgess Family Tree
This page holds my family tree, which will be updated frequently. If you see someone you know, let me know. If you have information on someone, please share it with me. I have a lot of information on the Laughlin, Davy , Glendenning and Thomson lines, but the Sullivan, Burgess, Farrer, Harman, Trivett and Purchase lines need much more work. Please note that the Davy, Thomson and Glendenning pages are very large and takes time to load.

I am most interested in finding information on James Sullivan who immigrated to Canada in 1912 and left behind their families. I know it is too much to find my grandfather side of the family. (do you know how many James Sullivan's there are?) If you have any information on a James Sullivan born in England on Sept 25 in the 1870's, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! I am offering a $100.00 US reward for the first person that can find him. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the back up I have on James as to date. Sullivan, James Attestation Sullivan, James Attestation 2 Sullivan, Harman, Marriage Record Statement of Death

Enjoy your travel into my past, and maybe you will find some of yours. I am starting to think we are all related :} Please Sign My Guest Book and let me know if you found something or have more to add. I keep all updates and contacts on file and one day someone your looking for may just email me.
Barger Family History Society
A 'one-name' organization for the BARGER surname, and resource for Barger family historians. Contains huge first name index and family group sheet archives
GrowinTree's Genealogy Page
Are we researching the same names? Please visit my site. You never know when or where that elusive family member can be found. Thanks and Happy Hunting to ALL!
Jewish Web Index Genealogy
A comendium of thousands of links and bits and pieces of information -- all relating to Jewish genealogy - alphabetically sorted by Country and by Subject. Free
Levin Family Mailing List/Newsletter
Decendants of Morris and Channah Levin arrived Philadelphia 1907, Vitebst Goubernia, Russia.
Kathy's Korner
I am hoping this website will help me meet more family members who enjoy researching as much as I do.
GrowinTree's Genealogy
GrowinTree's Genealogy is my family history. Please visit my site to see if we connect. Thanks!
Can You Name Your Sixteen Great-Great-Grandparents?
Links with more surnames and online data, view and submit your queries, and a complete list of surnames
Leeper/Hallowell Genealogical Web Site
I have Register reports on the different families and have included pictures of early ancestors

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