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Origin of Arce

Total Records: 8 
Origin of Arce, Meaning of Arce

Origin: Montbelliard, France years 1400's. Lunemburg Nova Scotia 1750's.
Surnames: Lagarce, Legarce
Submitted by: lagarce
Origin of Arce, Meaning of Arce

Origin: My gggrandmother was Marguerite Parcell. She married Victor Pace and had at least one child, Mary Antionette Pace. When Mary was born, in 1904, the family was living in Bridgeport, Fairfield CT, but I do not have any more information on her parent's origins yet.
Surnames: Parcell
Submitted by: Nicole Richter
Origin of Arce, Meaning of Arce

Origin: VALCARCEL is a Spainish surname, ultimately of Galician origin, being of local derivation, that is, taken from the name of the place where its original bearer dwelt or where he once held land. Valcarcel being situated in the province of Oviedo.The surname is found throughout Spain and those areas which have undergone a strong Spainish influence.
Surnames: Valcarcel
Submitted by: Peter Valcarcel
Origin of Arce, Meaning of Arce

Origin: Have information on the Marceau line descended from Francois Marceau
Surnames: Marceau
Submitted by: laurie
Origin of Arce, Meaning of Arce

Origin: Marciana

Latin French origin from Marcella means God of war, little hammer
Surnames: Marcy, Marcie, Marcelle, Marceline, Marclyn, Marcelin
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Arce, Meaning of Arce

Origin: arce
Surnames: arce
Submitted by: robert de arce
Origin of Arce, Meaning of Arce

Origin: arce family name comes from the ancient kingdom of navarra (the old basque kingdom). The historical territory of navarra is divided nowadays between Spain (alta Navarra) and France (baja Navarra-Pyrinees Atantiques), as a result of the attemps of both neighbouring kindoms to overtake the control of the territory.
For that rerason the name Arce is found at both sides of present day border the divides Spain and France. Arce family name comes from the valley that has t5he same name and the historic cradle of this old basque family, that gave many knights to both kingdom.Also for that reason it can be found as "D'arce" or De Arce" meaning from Arce's (valley) .This valley is located in the Spanish province of Navarra near the French border and the historic passageway of rocesvalles.
From here a branch of the family migrated during the Medieval ages int the nearby region of catabria (province of Santander,kingdom of castilla) and after the Spanish coquests of America and the Philippines it spread all over these areas.
Surnames: arce
Submitted by: robert de arce
Origin of Arce, Meaning of Arce

Origin: Old French for the Son of Piers

-a refrigerator magnet thingy bought from a giftshop place
Surnames: Pearce
Submitted by:

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