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Staal and Worldwide Connected Families - Website
ITS purpose is to display, gather information and extend the family tree for the benefit of people with the Staal family name and their connected families.
THE Staal & Worldwide Connected Families ? Website, is a unique site with not only lists of names & dates, but origins, priceless family stories, histories, detailed historical facts about our ancestors, lifestyles, the Holocaust, family trees, genealogical reports, kinships, links & family photos all exclusive and not found elsewhere.
THE family trees cover eleven generations of the Staal & their closely connected families.
Lancione from Scanno & Coca from Muro Lucano
Concetta Fusco Lancione ancestors
The Apon Family Home Page
My great-grandfather, Herbert Apon, Sr. and my grandfather, Herbert Apon, Jr. immigrated to the United States of America from the Netherlands.
The Aponte Cabrera Family Tree
My grandma Ignacia was born in 1867 She had her first child at age 16 in 1893. She then went on to have seven more children, the last one being born in December 10, 1905. One month later, on January 9, 1906 she passed away, leaving my grandfather Manuel Aponte with eight children ranging in age from a 13 year old boy to a one month old baby. The 1910 census shows that my grandfather was living with a sister and brother in law in which his daughter Engracia, at age 12, was listed as a servant. The other kids are listed as living with different relatives. However, by 1920, according to the census, he had been able to gather his family and they are listed as living all together under the same roof. my brother Benjamin migrated to Indiana in 1948 and started working in a steel mill. In fact, he worked for the same company for 39 years until he retired in 1987. He was eventually followed by our father Cayetano and brothers Francisco, Jorge, Antonio and Felix.. Francisco, Antonio and Felix returned to Puerto Rico where they raised their families. Our father Cayetano returned to Puerto Rico after retiring from his job in Indiana and passed away on June 28, 1987, just two months away from his 90th birthday. Antonio, after retiring from hIng. Nieves Aponte
The Damian A. Apones Of Atlanta, Ga.
InterneTree: Damian A Apone
The Apellaniz - Diaz Family
Apellaniz family from Carolina, Puerto Rico. Pedro Apellaniz together with Juana Roena had two daugthers: Juana Roena and Francisca Apellaniz. Quiterio Cruz Santos family from Santurce, Puerto Rico. He together with Juana Zenon had six sons: Jose, Rafael, Juan, Ramon, Enriquez, Ernesto and four daughters: Vidita, Lila, Carmen, Maria. O'ben family from Arroyo, Puerto Rico. Marcelo O'ben, who was a land surveyor in the Arroyo region by way of Corsica or Spain. His son, Manuel Sr. together with Herminia Vasquez had five daughters: Ana, Francisca, Engracia, Julia, Angela and one son: Manuel Jr. Diaz family from Patillas, Puerto Rico. Rosa and Juana Fuertes had three daughters: Eusebia, Magdalena, Agripina and three sons: Matia, Juaquin, Pablo. The Apellaniz - Diaz Family: Surname List
Cristina Miranda's Family Tree
The Miranda family from Puerto Rico. Places include Morovis, Barranquitas and Bayamon.
Aleandri's In America
InterneTree: Descendant Fan Tree of Vincenzo Aleandri\r\n\r\nAll-in-One Tree of Fabio Aleandri (PDF Format)\r\n\r\nDescendant Fan Tree of Vincenzo Aleandri (PDF Format)\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Ancestors of Vincenzo Aleandri (View PDF)\r\n
McLean/Gallant Maritime Family Home Page
InterneTree: Descendants of Louis Toussaint Longepee\r\n
Apel And Marconi Family Tree Home Page
Ancestors of Edwin (Trey) Victor APEL III
Apel And Marconi Family Tree
Ancestors of Edwin (Trey) Victor APEL III
Mattera ANCESTORS Saponaro
Starting with my Italian genealogical family records, my site branches off to ship passenger lists, historical overviews, census and naturalization documents, maps, photos of Italy and ancestral communities, which are ISCHIA, AGNONE, CASALDUNI AND ARMENTO
de Villeneuve Connections
This is a site of compiled descendant charts submitted by visitors who descend from a de Villeneuve ancestor.
Guy Filippelli's webpage!
Check this out, it's my own page with alot about me and my family.
Marie ANCESTORS Mattera
Towns included are: Ischia, Agnone, Casalduni, Pontelandolfo, Armento and Milazzo
Normoyle/Normile Family Australia History
History of Normoyles and Normiles who migrated from Ireland to Australia in 1800s.

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