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Origin of Anquetil

Origin of Anquetil

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Origin of Anquetil

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Origin of Anquetil, Meaning of Anquetil

Origin: The name was exported to England by the invading Saxons in 449 CE where it developed many new phonetic variations and was imported by the Norwegian Vikings to Norway when they raided England around 700 CE. These Norwegian Vikings later settled in the Contentin (western) region of Normandy, France around 933 CE where the name evolved from Asketill (10th century CE) to Anschetillus (11th century CE) to Anquetil (12th century CE) to Anctil (18th century CE). In 1734 CE, Jean Louis Anctil emigrated from Avranches, Normandy, France to Nouvelle France (Quebec, Canada) and established a family line, where the surname today is predominate. The Anctil family name can be found throughout the United Kingdom (former colonies included) and even most of the world today.
Surnames: Anctil, Anquetil, St-Jean, St-John, Ancell, Antill, McCaskill, MacAskill, Antle, Axtell, Kettle
Submitted by: Eric Anctil

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