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Origin of Anno

Origin of Anno

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Origin of Anno

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Origin of Anno, Meaning of Anno

Origin: According to a keychain that I purchased in Ireland last February, it is: This is the anglicised version of the Gaelic Mag Fhiomnan meaning 'son of Fionnan'. This personal name derives from a diminutive form of 'fionn' meaning 'white or fair'. The name is most numerous in Co. Mayo as well as being borne by several early Irish saints. The motto for Gannon is 'With sword and valor'. Our branch of the family has been traced to Mohill, and there are still Gannons living there.
Surnames: Gannon
Submitted by: Patricia Gannon-Hildbold
Origin of Anno, Meaning of Anno

Origin: Cannon, George W., Yoncalla, Ore. M Mary Ann or Jane, 3+children; triplets:Minnie, May, and Myrtle. Researching ancestors. Yoncolla, Ore l884 and back.
Surnames: Cannon
Submitted by: Robert W. Mix
Origin of Anno, Meaning of Anno

Origin: Cora Cannon, married John Hickey. Had at least one child. Niles Hickey born Indiannia Feb, 28 1889
Surnames: Cannon
Submitted by: Tutsuway
Origin of Anno, Meaning of Anno

Origin: Tannous comes from the Greek Christian Orthodox saint Thannous, or Athanasious. The Tannous family originated as Greeks living in Turkey, or what was considered Anatolia or Asia Minor. It was not until the late 1800's that the Greeks in Asia Minor left to Arab countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Palestine.
Surnames: Tannous
Submitted by: Nicholas Tannous
Origin of Anno, Meaning of Anno

Origin: Waynhope and Wainhope. Locations in Upper Tynedale, Northumberland.
Surnames: WANNOP
Submitted by:
Origin of Anno, Meaning of Anno

Origin: 'Concannon' Gaelic in origin, deriving from the words 'Con' meaning 'Head' and 'Cannon' meaning 'Hunter'. So the best guess is that the original Concannon was the leader of a group of hunters
Surnames: Concannon
Submitted by: John Concannon

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