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Distribution of Cannon Surname in Ireland
The site has maps showing the distribution of the surname Cannon in Ireland in the mid-1800s as listed in the Griffith Valuation.
Hunter/Hackney gneealogy
Searching my roots, data from england, Scotland and Ireland with some migrating to USA, Australia and New Zealand
House of Boyd Society\ Official Web Site
Looking for the Boyd Family Pages at our former SWGroup site? We moved to Rootsweb in early 1999. This is the Official Web Site for the House of Boyd Society, the International Scottish Clan Organization for the Boyd Clan
Hannon Genealogy Research
Hannon, Butterfield, Beekman, Corn, Frank, Herbert, Hinshaw, Kilander, McLaughlin, McQuoid, Pieper, Raasch, and Tobin Research
SHANNON Research
early letters of Mrs. Dedman regarding many SHANNON family branches
Database of Jimmy Kerr
Genealogy Page
FELT family Search for Hungarian Roots
Countries of origin: Hungary/Slovakia
Descendents of Barton Guest and Elizabeth Porter
Barton Guest and Elizabeth Porter came to Texas about 1858, first to Palo Pinto County, then to Bexar County. Their children: 1. John J. Guest, born about 1849 in MS 2. Josephine A. Guest, born about 1850 in MS, married 11 Mar 1869 to Thomas Langley in Bexar County, TX. Died after 1880. 3. Rachall Guest, born about 1853 in MS, married Joe Fuller, died after May 1924. 4. William C. Guest, born 20 Apr 1854 in MS, married Annie Montgomery 24 Feb 1882 in Bexar County, TX. Died 10 May 1924 in San Antonio, Bexar, TX. Buried in Anchor Masonic Cemetery. 5. James Frank Guest, born 1858 in MS, married Frances Ann Marshall 12 Feb 1880 in Travis County, TX. Died 1889 in Bexar County, TX. Everett Beard Family Tree Loretta Guest Family Tree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Linda Sue Beals
Beaver Family
Most of these names came to NC prior to the Revolution from Virginia or through Virginia. Earliest Beaver was William in Amelia Co., VA with son Jeremiah born 1757 in Amelia. They moved to Granville County, NC in the 1770's and to Caswell County, NC in 1784.
Julia Ann ELDERS Sulley Beasley of Claxton, Evans Co., GA
Julia E Beasley surname list
Don Bean's Family Tree
InterneTree: Standard Pedigree Tree of Donald William Bean Don Bean's Family Tree: Surname List
Looper-Compton Families of Tennessee
Ancestors of Thurston Lee Looper Ancestors of Willa Mae Compton
Armond Beaty's Family Research Home Page
JESSIE G. BEATY, b.1820, m: SUSAN NELMS, b. abt. 1818,m: 12/27/1841 in Logan County, KY., children: JOHN S. BEATY (Jessie G. Beaty), b. 1842; THOMAS WILLIAM BEATY (Jessie G. Beaty), b. 2/4/44, in Logan County, KY., m: ANNIE GUSTA HILL 1843-1922 in Logan Co. ILL., 11/20/1865, children: MAGNOLIA (Maggie) BEATY(Thomas W. Beaty), b. 1867, m. NORIS HOUCHINS 1868-1930, 11/22/1891 in Ector, TX., children: NORRIS HOUCHINS JR.;JESSIE HOUCHINS; SAMMIE HOUCHINS, m: EARL SMITH; ERMINE HOUCHINS, M: UNKNOWN CANNON; HAROLD HOUCHINS, m: LAURA PRATT. ANNALAURA BEATY (Thomas W. Beaty), 1869-1871; ARMOND VERCHOYLE BEATY (Thomas W. Beaty), 1871-1896; JESSEY LEE BEATY (Thomas W. Beaty)1873-1910, m: SAMUEL PRESTON MYERS 1865-1914 in Ellis County, TX. on 12/12/1893, children: ROSCOE CLINTON MYERS 1899-1983, m: MATTIE IRENE JONES 1902-1977 on 1/22/1921 in Altus, OK; SYBAL VANE MYERS 1894-1918, m: R. F. FINNEY, b. 1891; WILLIE JONES MYERS, b. 1896, m: R. F. TERRY, b. 1892 on 8/1/1914; SAMUEL CLEO MYERS 1897-1907; MACKIE CLEMMA MYERS, b. 1902, m: CLEVE TERRY at Marlow, OK. in 1958; HOMER LEE MYERS 1904-1993, m: ARTIE MAE HUMPHRY, b. 1898; TRUMAN CARROLL MYERS 1908-1980, m: EVELYN INNA; BABY DOLL MYERS 1906-1907. JOHN WILLIAM BEATY (Thomas W. Beaty) 1880-1930, m: UNKNOWN, children: MARSHALL BEATY; JOHN WILLIAM BEATY, 2d wife ADDIE FINNEY, m: 10/26/1898, children: EDITH BEATY, m: BEN BRAKEEN in CA; and HERMAN BEATY (John W. Beaty); GEORGE CLINTON BEATY(Thomas W. Beaty)1883-1980, m: MATTIE DELLA BYRD, b. 1886,m: in ECTOR, TX., 9/18/1904, children: LESSIE LARANE BEATY(George Clinton Beaty), b. 1905, m: ORIS SMITH 1903-1982 at Memphis, TX., 10/16/1922; CLYDE KIMBLE BEATY (George C. Beaty) 1906-1985, m: GOLDIE BYRD at Roswell, NM; 2d wife, KATY UNKNOWN; CLIFTON AUGUSTA BEATY (George C. Beaty) 1911-1994, m: MARY EMMA BRIAN 1913-1990 in 1931, NM; 2d wife, ANN STEVENS in 1942 in CA; 3d wife, BELLE STOUT, in 1948 in TX; AMSEL IRENE BEATY (George C. Beaty), b. 1914, m: LINCOLN SCHREINER 1904-1978; WILLARD CLINTON BEATY (George C. Beaty), b. 1917, m: ALPHA UNKNOWN; 2d wife, HELEN UNKNOWN; LOYD EDGAR BEATY (George C. Beaty), b. 1918, m: THELMA MAE WATKINS on 10/1/1942; 2d wife, ANDREW LOMA GIBBS,b. 1918, m: at Brownfield, TX., 5/10/1945; and LILA MAE BEATY(George C. Beaty),b. 1922 m: PIERCE MURREL in CA; 2d husband, KENNETH CADMAN, in CA; FINNA BEATY (Jessie G. Beaty), b. 1846. 2d wife of JESSIE G. BEATY, EVELINE SIMMONS, m: 3/16/1847 in Logan County, KY.,their children:FRANCIS BEATY(Jessie G. Beaty),b. abt. 1848,in Logan County, KY., HENRY BEATY(Jessie G. Beaty)b. abt.1850,in Logan County, KY., JESSE BEATY(Jessie G. Beaty) b. abt.1854 in Logan County, KY.,RICHARD BEATY(Jessie G. Beaty)b. abt. 1855,in Logan County, KY., and GEORGE BEATY(Jessie G. Beaty)b. abt. 1859 in Logan County, KY., LEWALLYN BURR BEATY 1862-1907,in Logan County, KY, m: TENNEY CRAWFORD 1873-1907 on 5/10/1893 in Fannin Co. TX., children: WILLARD HARVEY BEATY 1904-1951; THADDUS BEATY; EVA BEATY, m:UNKNOWN LEWIS, ROBERT LEE BEATY, b. 1894; WILLIAM THADDUS BEATY, m: VERDA UNKNOWN; LEWALLYN BURR BEATY JR. 1906-1974, m: TENNIE BEATY; ANNIE BEATY, m: BILL JOHNSON.
Angela M Beaner of Billings, MT
InterneTree: Descendant Tree of George Pautler Family Group Sheet Report: Report Angela M Beaner of Billings, MT: Surname List
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Shannon Michelle Beasley Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Gannon
My Forest of Family Trees
Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Wencelas Baxa Book: Sheppard Family Tree My Forest of Family Trees : Surname List
The Descendants of Washing Haines from Sandersville, GA
The Descendants of Washing Haines from Sandersville, GA: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: James Baxley
Cunningham, Wilson, Richards & Beall of W.Va.
Cunningham, Wilson, Richards & Beall of W.Va.: Surname List
The Joseph Baxleys of Mckeesport Home Page
The Joseph Baxleys of Mckeesport Home Page: Surname List
Baumans in Stark County, Ohio
Marian Hungerman Bauman surname list
The Thomas Bates Family of Westford, NY
Thomas M Bates - InterneTree ancestors and descendents of Thomas Bates who may have been born in Providence RI in 1789. He died in Madison, Ohio in 1877. He married Rachel Palmer in 1812 in Amenia, NY. The license is recorded in Poughkeepsie, NY. Rachel died in Hudson NY in 1835.They had eleven children; nine daughters and two sons. One son, John D. Bates was my great grandfather.
My Genealogy Home Page
We are descendants of Robert Bates 1750-1850, John Clifton Nichols born 1811, and John Pruitt died 1920. Book: Tuesdai Ashlidawn Bates Wilson
My Branch of the Seaton Family Tree
Pearl Barker born 1897 died 1971 in Aspen Co. Married Nelson Smith in Carthridge Mo in 1915. Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Seaton My Branch of the Seaton Family Tree: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Mamichka Lou N Bath surname list
The Batemans of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
InterneTree: John Agar Bradley The Batemans of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada: Surname List
The Batemans of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
InterneTree: John Bradley Agar The Batemans of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Book: Receveur(s) InterneTree: Eva Bachs Ernest L Batliner surname list
Bateman/Allott Family Tree
Bateman (Clewer, Windsor, UK origins), Jamieson (Scotland), Crist (German/Austrian), Scott (Motherwell, Scotland), Pettigrew (Scotland), Cannons (Idstone, Berkshire, England), Abbott (MA, USA), Allott (Somerset, England), Dowdle (Devon, England), Manning (Suffolk, England), and Hutson (Litcham, Norfolk, England). InterneTree: David S Bateman
BASS BOULEVARDS - Descendants of Thomas Bass of Alabama
BASS BOULEVARDS - Descendants of Thomas Bass of Alabama: Surname List BASS - USA - 1784 onwards COLLENDER - UK - 1820 onwards, through India and Southern Africa. DELPORT(De La Porte - Delporte) - 1600 onwwards, Huguenots from France, migrated to Southern Africa. HAMILTON - Scotland [Ayr] - 1786 onwards - Southern Africa. HEYWORTH (Hardman - Haworth - Heyworth) - UK - 1600 onwards - Southern Africa. KRYNAUW - Germany - 1600 onwards - Southern Africa McNEW - 1640 onwards - UK - USA PRATLEY - Oxfordshire, UK - 1700 onwards - Southern Africa RUDMAN - UK - 1600 onwards - Southern Africa STOCKTON - USA - 1800 onwards.
Basford, Bashford , --Bath ,Menifee, Montgomery Co, Ky.
Ancestors of John W. Basford, b, 1790, Va. Married Elizabeth Norris, 1809 in Mason,Co, Ky. b, 1792 in Va. Daughter of John Norris and Hannah McCarty. Children-- Issac, James, John Jr.,Elizabeth,Hannah, Mary Ann, Martha, All lived in Bath Co, Ky. Genealogy Report: Descendants of John W .Basford,Sr. Basford, Bashford , --Bath ,Menifee, Montgomery,Co. Ky.: Surname List
The Baselice and McWilliams Families of PA
InterneTree: Ancestors of Margaret Ann Baselice Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Donato Baselice Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Lucia Onorato Genealogy Report: Ancestors of John Harold McWilliams Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Margaret Agnes Fagan The Baselice and McWilliams Families of PA: Surname List
James A. Bass & Family
James Alden Bass surname list
The Baskett's of Shelby & Henry County Kentucky
InterneTree: J loran Baskett Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Baskett The Baskett's of Shelby & Henry County Kentucky: Surname List
The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois
William B Barnes surname list The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois: Surname List
Barnett Family
Tom Barnett - InterneTree the Barnett family emigrated from England and settled in Mexico. My father John Barnett lived in Salinas, San Luis Potosi as a youth and then went to school in Canada. He returned and married Beatrice Stockdale, had four children; Thomas, Nancy, Ian, and Philip.
My Daughters Gene Pool 1/1/2004
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Markus Sterk Report: Report
Paddy Bannon Dunmanway Co. Cork, Ireland
Bannons of Coolcaw, Co. Longford; O'Sullivans of Shambo, Co. Kilkenny; Cathcarts of Dublin and Coolings of Dublin/Newtownmount Kennedy, Co. Wicklow

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