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Ann Genealogy research can be facilitated by use of this page. It links to the majority of the Ann surname data on the web, as well as to individual Ann family trees, Ann origin and Ann meaning if known, and many other Ann genealogy resources.

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    Brannen/Brannan/Brannon Resource Center
    Description: This site is a place for the researchers of the Brannan, Brannen, and Brannon surnames to gather and share information. Site features: Purpose; Wueries; Online Researcher Database; Deeds; Obits; Origin of the surname; Websites; Biographies; Bible & Pension Records; Wills; General Genealogy Links; Lessons Learned; Photos; Surname Boards; etc.

    Surnames: Brannon, Brannen, Brannan


    Description: Our family is certified in the select group known as American Pioneers. We are in the process of proving that all of us around today are related. Canup Web pages and emails; Canups in the Civil War; 40,000+ names genealogy database; CanupLink.

    Surnames: Cunnup, Cunnop, Canups, Canupps, Canupp, Canup, Canop, Cannups, Cannupp, Cannop, Caneup, Knupp, Knup, Kanups, Kanupp, Kanup, Kannup, Kaneiup


    Clan Braniff Family History
    Description: The purpose of this site is to bring together researchers of Braniff genealogy as well as focus on available genealogy records. The records from the archives are now arranged by country. Site features: Name Origins; Archives; Site Search; GEDCOM database; Mailing List; Contribute to Library; Forms & Findings Aids; How to Start; Bulletin Boards; Name Origins; Family sites; Chat; Links.

    Surnames: Branif, Braniff, Branniff, Breniff, Brounnoff, Brownaff, Brunoff, Brynoff


    Dannelly Surname Resource Center
    Description: Purpose; Surname Database; Meaning and Origin of the Name; Lineages; Mailing Lists; Archives - Research and Records; Surname Researchers; Photos (Our family pics Home Page Links; How to Help; General Genealogy Links; Submit Your Information

    Surnames: Danieley, Danielly, Danily, Danley, Dannelley, Dannelly


    Eiselman Home Page & Resource Center
    Description: This site is open to any variant spellings of the EISELMAN surname. This is set up as a single surname page in the hope of finding and making available information for others researching this surname. Site Features: EISELMAN Database -Index of Names; Family Links; Message Board; Researching Listing; Genealogy Reports; Census Records. Variations include: Eisele, Eiselman, Eiseman, Eisenman, and Eisenmann.

    Surnames: Eisenmann, Eisenman, Eiseman, Eiselman, Eisele


    Goughnour Family Center
    Description: A resource center for the Goughnour surname containing archives, databases, resources and information for any Goughnour or variant researcher.

    Surnames: Coughenour, Coughenor, Coughanour, Cokenhower, Cochenour, Cocghnower, Cocanower, Cocanour, Cocanougher, Cocannour, Cocannouer, Goughnour, Gouchnour, Gochnour, Gochnauer, Gochenour, Gochenouer, Gochenauwer, Gochenauer, Gochanauwer, Gachenower, Gaachenauwer, Kokanour


    Description: Haberman/Habermann/Haverman SRC, with online records, online database, listing of researchers, and a message board as well as the Haberman Mailing List.

    Surnames: Haverman, Habermann, Haberman


    Hanna / Hannah / Hannay Surname Research Center
    Description: Hanna / Hannah / Hannay Surname Research Center

    Surnames: Hannay, Hannah, Hanna


    Jernigan Genealogy Resource Center
    Description: This site is for researchers of all spellings of the Jernigan name. Information Exchange; Inquiries; Jernigan Updates & Reunions; Genealogy Links; Notes From the Editor's Desk; Archives; Bookshelf; Photos; Researcher Homepage Index; Wars; Newsletter; etc. Variations include: Jarnagan, Jarnegan, Jannikin, Janagen, Jernagan, Jonikan, Johnikin, Jonikin, Journagan, Jernegan, Jermegan, Jonerkin, Jernican, Jurnigan, Gernigan, Jerningham, Jarningham, etc.

    Surnames: Jurnigan, Journagan, Jonikin, Jonikan, Jonerkin, Johnikin, Jerningham, Jernigan, Jernican, Jernegan, Jernagan, Jermegan, Jarningham, Jarnegan, Jarnagan, Jannikin, Janagen


    Lennon Surname Resource Center
    Description: Information regarding the surname LENNON and its known variations - Site includes: Origins; Lennon Links; Archives; Gallery; Database; Researchers; Unattached Branches; Queries; and Lennon List. Some known variants are: Lannan, Lannon, Lennan, Lennon, Linnane, and ?\Leann?in.

    Surnames: Linnane, Lennon, Lennan, Lannon, Lannan, ?\Leann?in


    Mann Genealogy Surname Nest
    Description: Mann Genealogy Surname Nest

    Surnames: Mann


    Pancake Pages
    Description: This Website is dedicated to the exchange of genealogical information on individuals bearing the surnames PANCAKE, PANKAKE, PANNEKUCHEN, and PFANNEKUCHEN and other variations; and, to serve as an archive for that information. Site includes: On-line Search; What's New; Table Of Contents (Records grouped by State and County Census Records; Queries; Directory Of Pancake Family Researchers; Database; etc.

    Surnames: Pfannekuchen, Pannekuchen, Pankake, Pancake


    Shannon Genealogy and History
    Description: Email; Guest Book; Shannon ICQ List; Message Board; Shannon History Center; Shannon Archives; King-Shannon; Genealogy Surname Links; Genealogy by State; Genealogy Lost & Found; Rings

    Surnames: Shannon, Shanahan


    Tannahill ~ Tannehill Surname Resource Center
    Description: This Resource Center is an effort towards uniting researchers who are researching the surname Tannahill or Tannehill or other known variants. Site includes: Archives; Researchers; Scotland; Queries; Submit; Ancestors!; Genealogy Links; Unattached Branches; Database; Origins; Photo Gallery; My Tannahill Line; Tannahill Links. Some known variants: Tannahill, Tannehill, and Taneyhill.

    Surnames: Tannehill, Tannahill, Taneyhill


    The Altman Family Center
    Description: Covering Altman, Altmann, and Aultman: Purpose; Meaning of Surname; Queries and Comments; Database of Altman Researchers; Altman Web Links

    Surnames: Aultman, Altmann, Altman


    The Eddleman Genealogy Library
    Description: The Largest International Online Collection of Authentic Edelmann - Eddleman Genealogy Data

    Surnames: Adelman, Addelman, Edelmann, Edelman, Eddlemon, Eddleman


    The Janney Family Resource Center
    Description: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; RootsWeb Janney Resources - Queries, Bible Records, Bios, Deeds, Obits, Pensions, Wills; AccessGenealogy Links for Janney - Website links, Origin Links, Researcher Interest Links; How to help; Janney Family Links; Records and Documents.

    Surnames: Janney


    The KennedySociety Genealogy Group
    Description: Mailing List; Meaning of the Name; Kennedy Resources - Query Boards, Pictures, Web Links, Census Records.

    Surnames: Cinneidigh, Ceannaideach, Cannady, Canady, Kennedy, O'Kennedy


    The Lannert Family Society
    Description: History and Genealogy of the Lannert name and families worldwide. We encourage all visitors who may have a connection to participate and submit your family history. We want to share the heritage that has made these families great. Site Highlights: Connections; Historical Nuggets; Immigrant List; Lannert Links on the Internet; Other Lannert Family Trees in need of help; Photo Gallery; Lannert Heritages, etc. Name variations include: Lahnart, Lahnert, Lanert, Lanhart, Lannerd, Lannert, Launart, Lehnart, Lehnert, Lenhart, Lennart, and Lennert.

    Surnames: Lahnart, Lahnert, Lanert, Lanhart, Lannerd, Lannert, Launart, Lehnart, Lehnert, Lenhart, Lennart, Lennert


    The Pohlman Surname Resource Center
    Description: Site features: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries; Surname Researchers; Online Database & Search; Download the Database (Gedcom Archives - Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links; Submit your information; Pohlman Links; How to help

    Surnames: Pohlman, Pholmann


    The SPANN Family Home Page
    Description: This site is for sharing information regarding the SPANN surname in any place and at any time.

    Surnames: Spann


    The Van Norman Family Association
    Description: Founded in January 1996 for the compilation of Van Norman/Van Orman (and variant surnames) information. Objective of the site is to trace and link as many Van Norman and variant families as possible. Database; Queries; Publications; Membership; Web Links.

    Surnames: Vinneman, Verniman, Vennernum, Venneman, Veniman, Veneman, Van Ornum, Van Orman, Van Normon, Vannorman, Van Nimmen, Vannerman, Van Nemon, Van Namen, Van Immon, Van Emmen, Van Awman, Van Arnhem


    The Yancey Family Surname Resource Center
    Description: If you\re researching a Yancey or variant you need to stop by here, as they probably have it listed. Site Features: Genealogical Database & Collection; Bible records; Biographical Directory; Records: Cemetery - Census - Deed - Immigration - Naturalization - Passenger List - Military - Will - Probate - Vital (Birth, Death, Marriage Miscellaneous Documents; Coat of Arms; Early Yancey's; Erroneous Published Yancey Data; Family Writings/Stories; Web Links to other Web Sites; Name Variations; Origin; Photograph Database; Places & Historic Sites; Published Sources; Queries - Surnames - Researcher Profiles; Religion; Trivia; Mailing List. Variations include: Nanney, Nanny, Yance, Yancey, Yancie, Yancy, Yaney, Yanney, Yonce, and Yoncy.

    Surnames: Nanny, Nanney, Yoncy, Yonce, Yanney, Yaney, Yancy, Yancie, Yancey, Yance


    ~ ~
    Description: If you are a Bingeman or a Bingemann then this is the site for you. The aim of is to provide a central database of the Bingeman, Bingemann, and Bingaman Family Trees. Information is obtained from other Websites or from researchers of which keeps a record of which sites information was found. Site Features: Links to Bingeman(n) Sites; Links to other sites of interest; Bingeman(n) Email Directory; Early Bingman's; Humour; Photo Gallery; Family Trees; Forum; GuestBook; Site Directory; etc.

    Surnames: Bingemann, Bingeman, Bingaman


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