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Origin of Anderson

Origin of Anderson

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Origin of Anderson

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Origin of Anderson, Meaning of Anderson

Origin: Martin Anderson b 1866 d 1905. Possibly m. Augusta Hallen/Hallan/Haller. Children prob. Harry Martin Anderson and Grace Elizabeth Anderson. Wife of Harry Martin Anderson might have been Gertrude Florence Sagrata/Sargato. Have Anderson Family Bible --Swedish.
Surnames: ANDERSON
Submitted by: Vi Parker
Origin of Anderson, Meaning of Anderson

Origin: Marion Anderson was b. 3/23/1852. He married Ellen Rabon born 6/19/1854 in Bibb County, Georgia . They are buried at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church near Blue Springs, Barbour County, Alabama. They had seven children Donie, John, Sarah, Lina, Ida, Raley, Daisy.
Surnames: Anderson
Submitted by: Martha
Origin of Anderson, Meaning of Anderson

Origin: Seeking Daniel C. Anderson, married to Sophia Johnson, Adams, IL 1865 and their sons, James, H.W. and daughter (name unknown)
Surnames: Anderson
Submitted by: Sandy Anderson
Origin of Anderson, Meaning of Anderson

Origin: ANDERSON, a surname meaning literally the son of Andrew, but as held by families of Lowland origin, denoting more properly a son of St. Andrew, that is, a native Scotsman, as indicated by the Cross of St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, in their shield. The Mid Lothian Andersons, to one branch of which belongs the family of the author of this work, have for crest a crosslet above the crescent; motto, "Gradatiml" The crest evidently has reference to the crusades.

The Gaelic sept of Anderson are said to be on offshoot of the old potent stem of Clan Anrias, from which spring the Mac Andrews, the Mac Gilanders, and the Gillanderses (Skene, vol. ii. p.228). The chief of the sept is Anderson of Candacraig, Aberdeenshire.
Surnames: Anderson
Submitted by: DP
Origin of Anderson, Meaning of Anderson

Origin: Sweden
Surnames: Anderson and Anderdotter
Submitted by:

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