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Origin of Anda

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Origin of Anda, Meaning of Anda

Origin: The surname came from the Norman conquerors of England. The descendents of Eudo 'Comes Brittanie' came through England. One of the descendants married Helewisa de Glanville, the daughter of Ranulf de Glanville. One of the sons was named Ranulf for his grandfather, and he named his son Ranulf. In the custom of the day, that son was Ranulf FitzRanulf. The family name develped from Ranulf FitzRanulf. Most branches dropped the Fitz later, my line in the late 1800's.
Surnames: Fitzrandall, Fitzrandolph, Randal, Randall, Randolph
Submitted by: Richard Randolph
Origin of Anda, Meaning of Anda

Origin: All Arundales' from Mottram in Longdendale, Cheshire, England. All years. Would love to hear from any one.
Surnames: Arrandale
Submitted by: Donna Arundale
Origin of Anda, Meaning of Anda

Origin: Randall: "shielded wolf" or "wolf protector"
Surnames: Randall
Submitted by: Kirsten Randall
Origin of Anda, Meaning of Anda

Origin: The oak-hill; from an, the; dar, an oak, and ton, a hill.
Surnames: Andarton
Submitted by:
Origin of Anda, Meaning of Anda

Origin: bandarra
Surnames: Bandarra
Submitted by:
Origin of Anda, Meaning of Anda

Origin: The family originated in the area of West Lancashire in a small geographic area comprising a strip between Wigan in the South, and Preston in the North. The name is possibly taken from the village of Baxenden near Accrington.

The meaning of the name is "Bakestone Valley" from the Old English "Baecstan" + "denu" (Valley). Later the Middle English "dale" substituted for the OE "den".
Submitted by: David Baxendell
Origin of Anda, Meaning of Anda

Origin: Nanda. Roots traced to Moyal Kingdom.
Nanda are also a part of Bhanushali community whose origin are in Kutch (Gujrat - India)
Surnames: Nanda
Submitted by: SUMIT NANDA

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