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Hemlock Hill
Mostly Southern families in the USA
Randall Family
Data base for early immigrant ancestors to the Randall families in New England.
Standaert Family Genealogy Page
Descendants of Balduinus Standaert; Descendants of John McPhail; Descendants of James Fell; Descendants of Moses Smith - Revolutionary Soldier; Descendants of Nathaniel Shirley
Brule, Maranda, Poirier, McFadden, Stephens, Michelsen, French, Brooks, Brown, Stuppiello, Goudie, G
Hudson Bay Company, employees, pioneer settlers, Vancouver Island, Genealogy, Pioneers Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Database, GED2WWW, Brule, Maranda, Poirier, McFadden, Stephens, Michelsen, French, Brooks, Brown, Stuppiello, Goudie, Grieg
Dahling, Oven, and Simanski Genealogy Site
Showcase of my ongoing research including families from New England, Kentucky, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Germany, Sweden, Poland, and England.
Dunham Genealogy & Related Links
Researching HANSELMAN and related lines.
Randalls and Angells of New England
Researching Randalls and Angells, most of whom lived in Rhode Island and Massachussetts
Knower family in America
Genealogy of descendants of the Knower family of Malden, Massachusetts, especially descendants of Benjamin KNOWER, of Roxbury and his daughter Ann (KNOWER) RANDALL; includes many photographs.
Allegany, Cattaraugus County New York Biographical Sketches
Biographical Sketches From: 'Historical Gazetteer And Biographical Memorial Of Cattaraugus County, NY', Ed By William Adams, Published 1893 - History of the Town of Allegany ? Chapter XVIII (18) Page 430
DAVIS and allied families
Researching Welsh, Swedish, and German descent in Wisconsin, New York, Rhode Island, and Illinois.
Hadlund and Related Families
My Rief line origionated in Erfde, Schleswig-Holstein which is now part of Germany. The tree is a combination of some of my work, as well as contributions of other relatives.
Staal and Worldwide Connected Families - Website
ITS purpose is to display, gather information and extend the family tree for the benefit of people with the Staal family name and their connected families.
THE Staal & Worldwide Connected Families ? Website, is a unique site with not only lists of names & dates, but origins, priceless family stories, histories, detailed historical facts about our ancestors, lifestyles, the Holocaust, family trees, genealogical reports, kinships, links & family photos all exclusive and not found elsewhere.
THE family trees cover eleven generations of the Staal & their closely connected families.
The Lochabay's and Beasley's of Texas
My search starts with the marriage of Wyatt Parker Lochabay from Georgia and Delilah Caroline Davidson of Alabama, in Perry, county Alabama on September 19, 1847 and Robert Elijah Beasley born on April 14,1863, and Mary Elizabeth O'Rear born April 9,1866, she died before 1917,also Emerson Cooper Austin, born August 19,1853, in Kentucky and Lucinda Marillo Thompson, November 1, 1856 in Flatonia,Texas.They were married there on May 27,1875, also Eddie A. Williams and Willie Ethyl Walker, married in about 1890 in Ellis,Navarro Or maybe Tarrant county Texas. The Lochabay's and Beasley's of Texas: Surname List
The Rankin & Goodson Families of Oklahoma, Texas & Alabama
Rankin and Goodson families of Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama.I am the grandaughter of Homer Frank Rankin. He was married to Eva Nail and then to Sadie Mae Goodson. He grew up in Oklahoma and later lived in Texas.Homer had two twin sisters named Lenora and Levora. InterneTree: Linda R Beasley TX Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Steven Rankin Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Frances Brown Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Homer Frank Rankin Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of William Leonard Goodson The Rankin & Goodson Families of Oklahoma, Texas & Alabama: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Kathleen Beam surname list
The John Michael Beamers of Adams County, PA
Book: John Michael Beamer The John Michael Beamers of Adams County, PA: Surname List
Beam Family History Page
Beam Family History Page: Surname List
Ball-Beauchamp-Egeberg-Fraser-Randall Geneology Homepage
Erik Randall Beauchamp surname list
Duane Beam of Indiana
InterneTree: Carol Jean Beam Genealogy Report: Descendants of Samantha Rena Wolfe Duane Beam of Indiana: Surname List
The Kletka's of Indiana and the Bazzell's of Kentucky
Kirina S Bazzell surname list
The Coombs, Spurriers and Chappells of Dorset, England
Report: Alphabetic List The Coombs, Spurriers and Chappells of Dorset, England: Surname List
My Forest of Family Trees
Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Wencelas Baxa Book: Sheppard Family Tree My Forest of Family Trees : Surname List
Baxter From Chicago
InterneTree: Standard Pedigree Tree of Joseph A Baxter Standard Pedigree Tree of Joseph A Baxter (PDF Format) Baxter From Chicago: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Michelle Davota Baughman surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Deborah K Baughman
Ancestors & Relatives of Tim Bateson
Ancestors & Relatives of Tim Bateson: Surname List Gangwer/Gangewehr/Gangewere/Gongaware: Originating in Germany my Gangewehr ancestors settled in the Lehigh Co, Pa. area then a few including I believe a Samuel M. Gangwer moved to Seneca Co, Ohio. It seems the last name may have been changed on or about the same time as the move to Ohio. Bateson: Origination in England. Sturdevant: Originating in the Scandinavian countries, the Sturdevant/Sturdivant/Sturdavant surname is huge. Settling mostly in the south. John Sturdevant born in Connecticut about 1773. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Samuel M Gangwer Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Sturdevant Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Bateson
InterneTree: David Lyle Wells THE LYLE, WELLS, NISBET FAMILY: Surname List
The Lisardo Batan's of Indianapolis
my grand father, Lisardo Batan Varela, who came from Orence, Spain and went to Habanna, Cuba for two years, and then arrived to New Orleans,Lo on October 29, 1919 on the SS Chalmette. He married Georgina Vega Nevares in 1934 through La Iglecia La Milagrosa located in New York which then merged with Holy Agony in 1974, and again on February 18, 1952 in Edgewater, New Jersey in order to complete his naturalization. From this union they had a son, Lisardo Batan Jr. born in New York. My grandfather died October 6, 1971. The Lisardo Batan's of Indianapolis: Surname List
The Never Ending Tree
Book: Colleen's Family The Never Ending Tree: Surname List
The Rochlitz and Ulrich Home Page
Frederick ROCHLITZ (1816-1890) was from Pomerania, Germany and died in Pulaski, Iowa. He was married to Caroline Wilhelmine KAEDING (1820-1897). They lived in the Bloomfield, Iowa area. They had 7 children: Wilhelmine, Augusta, Frederick, Ernestine,Mary, William and August. Charles Gotlieb ULRICH (1839-1913) was born in Hammermuchle,Germany and died in Dewitt, Nebraska. He was married to Johannah GRAFF (1844-1879/81). They lived in Illinois where Johannah is buried. They had 6 children: Anna, Wilhemina, Albert, Mary, Charles, and Edward. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Frederick Rochlitz Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Charles Gotlieb Ulrich The Rochlitz and Ulrich Home Page: Surname List
The Christina Batzle Family Home Page
Thomas Brownell family of Derbyshire, England, who was born in 1608. The Christina Batzle Family Home Page: Surname List
Bastians -Tuttles - Tolles - Petersons
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Virginia Lee Bastian All-in-One Tree of Johan Georg Stenfelt (PDF Format) All-in-One Tree of Virginia Lee Bastian (PDF Format) Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Virginia Lee Bastian (View PDF) Almond Butler, Alvin, Albin, A. B., and Colonel Metcalf. He lived at Fort Dodge, KS in the late 1800s and the early 1900's He died 1933 in Dodge City, KS. Bastians -Tuttles - Tolles - Petersons: Surname List
The Vincel Fisher Family Home Page
Adam Sr. Fisher, born in Germany Abraham Fisher born: 1753 in Virginia Caleb Fisher born: 1775 in North Carolina Henry Fisher born: 1803 in North Carolina Trustram Fisher born: 1831 in ? Henry Fisher born: 1854 In ? Joseph Talbert Fisher born: 1885 Fortunia, Missouri Vincel Cramer Fisher born: April 13, 1918 in Fortunia, Missouri. Vincel Cramer Fisher Tree
Dusan Bastasic Porodicno stablo/My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Bosiljka Aleksic Dusan Bastasic Porodicno stablo/My Genealogy Home Page: Surname List Bastasic family from former Yugoslavia, mainly from West Slavonia, Grubisno Polje and Veliki Zdenci. The oldest one in my tree is Djuro Bastasic and his wife Ana Vukelja. His son Mile was born in 1870.He was my great great father.The first information about my roots I have found in the year 1536 in Zumberak,Croatia.
Fellman, Spiegelman, , Spector, Isenberg
InterneTree: Descendants of Chaim Mordechai Spiegelman Fellman, Spiegelman, , Spector, Isenberg: Surname List
Barnett Family Lines of William A. Barnett of Napa, CA
Noble Blair, Sr, came to Floyd (now Johnson) co, KY in 1815, probably from Lee (now Scott) co, VA. Jonathan Gilbert came before 1645, and was an early settler of Hartford, CT, was much involved in settling Indian uprisings. John Crandall was the 1st Elder of the Baptist church in America. He came in 1634, to Newport, RI. He worked with Roger Williams. Elias Barnett of Floyd Co, KY. He travelled to CA from MO in the 1st wagon party to CA, the Bidwell-Bartleson party of 1841. William Tuttle came to America in 1635 and was one of the first settlers of New Haven, CT. Harris, Capt Israel, 1747-1836, of CT, NY and MA. Israel Harris was actively involved in the Revolution, was with Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys at Ticonderoga and Bennington. Harlakenden, Mabel,abt1614-1655, her ancestors. Mabel Harlakenden was the wife of Col. Gov. John Haynes, the 1st Gov. of CT. She had extensive royal ancestors, including over 52 kings and queens. She is my direct ancestor, but because her lines go back to the 7th century, this pedigree starts with her. Richardson, Amos,(1623-1683),MA & CT, Descendants. Amos Richardson was a very early resident of Boston, and later lived in Stonington, CT. Welles, Hugh, abt 1598-1660, of Hartford, CT. Hugh Welles or Wells, came to America before 1650. A founder of Hartford, CT, son of Thomas Welles of London, a wealthy merchant. Brother of Gov Thomas Welles of CT. Barnett, William A.,b1932,of Napa, CA, Ancestors. All known direct ancestors of William Arthur Barnett, of Napa, CA, including over 50 kings, queens and counts, extending back to the 7th century. Wilbore, William, abt 1630-1710, RI, Descendants. William Wilbore or Wilbur, came to America between 1650-54, resided in Portsmouth, RI, a weaver of cloth. Cooke, Francis, CA 1583-1663, Of Mayflower, Desc. Francis Cooke came on the Mayflower with his son, John, after living in Leyden, Holland. Holmes, Jacob,Sr(1769-1834),of NY, Descendants. Jacob Holmes, Sr was the father of Judge Jacob Holmes of Troy, NY. He was probably born in Dutchess Co, NY. He is buried in Granville, Washington Co, NY. Wyllys, Gov George, 1590-1645, of CT, Descendants. George Wyllys, Gov of CT in 1642, came to America before 1638. Was very wealthy, perhaps the wealthiest man in the Colonies at the time. Was an original proprietor of Hartford, CT. Haynes, Gov John, 1594-1654, CT, Descendants. John Haynes came to America in 1633, was Gov of MA Bay Colony in 1635, and then was 1st Gov. of CT Colony, and Gov. every other year until he died. Rhodes, James, (1809-1899) of NY & CA, Descendants. James Rhodes was born in the Paris or New Hartford, Oneida Co, NY area, where several of his children are buried. He died and was buried in San Jose, Santa Clara Co, CA, with his wife, the former Margaret Mitchell of NY. Crandall, Elder John,1612-bef1676, RI, Ancestors. John Crandall came to America in 1634, and was the first Elder of American Baptists, worked with Roger Williams. Lord, Thomas, 1585-1667, Some of his Descendants. Thomas Lord came to America in 1635, was an original proprietor of Hartford, CT, with a home lot in 1639. He married Dorothy Bird. Barker, Samuel,(1809-bef 1860), of NH, Descendants. Samuel Barker was probably born in Grafton Co, NH, and probably died in the Manchester, NH area. Hughes, Ellis, of Wales, Some of his descendants. Ellis Hughes was born in Wales, in abt.1750, and moved with his family to Ireland, possibly Co. Tyrone. His sons James, John, William and Ellis, Jr, were probably born there, and then left for America in the late 1700's. Clark, Lt William, abt 1619-1690, MA, Descendants. William Clark came to America in 1633, settled in Dorchester, married Sarah Cooper, lived in Northampton, MA. Bigelow, John,1617-1703, of Watertown, MA. John Bigelow, or Biglo, was in Watertown, MA in 1640, some of his descendants. I am not a direct descendant of John, but as John Edwin Bigelow of Nova Scotia and Berkeley, CA was the only father my mother ever knew. Rust, Henry, abt 1614-1685, of Hingham and Boston. Henry Rust came to America before 1635 from Hingham, England, and helped form Hingham, MA. Married Mary Wardwell, resided in Boston in 1651. Deming, John,Sr, abt 1620-1694, of CT,Descendants. John Deming, Sr, came from England, and settled in Weathersfield, CT. He mar. Honor Treat. His family name was also spelled Demon. Bishop, Rev. John, 1610-1694, of England & CT. Rev. John Bishop came to MA in abt 1640, and settled in Stamford, CT in 1643, where he remained the rest of his life. Taber, Philip,1604-1669, of MA and RI, Descendants. Philip Taber came to America in 1630, settled in Watertown, lived in Plymouth, Yarmouth, Martha's Vineyard, MA and in Newport, Providence and Tiverton, RI. Edwards, William, abt 1618-1672, of Hartford, CT. William Edwards came to America in 1639, and was a founder of Hartford, CT, Had only one son, Richard Edwards, the grandfather of Jonathan Edwards, one of the most brilliant men in America. Taylor, Rev Edward, 1642-1729, Some descendants. Rev Edward Taylor came to America 1668, after attending Cambridge Univ. in England, then to Harvard College. Settled in Westfield, MA and was there during the King Philip's War.
Descendants of Nathaniel Harriman (Herriman) Ontario, Canada
Nathaniel Harriman was either born in Hadley, MA or Norwich, CT in 1758. He married Bethania Snow in Hardwick, MA in 1781 and they had 9 children. We believe him to be the son of Nathaniel Harriman b. Oct 9, 1723,the brother of Jonathan b. 1753, the grandson of Matthew Harriman born August 16, 1652 and the great grandson of Leonard Harriman. Nathaniel received a land grant of 200 acres near the town of Cobourg, Hamilton Township, Northumberland County, Ontario (then called Hamilton in Upper Canada) on September 1, 1797. He may have been referred to as a Simcoe Loyalist. We have recently added information on his brother, Jonathan who moved from Vermont to Sandy Creek, NY. Diadamia was the youngest daughter of Nathaniel and Bethania. She was reported to be stolen from the lake shore near Cobourg, Ontario by Mississauga Indians on June 7, 1797 just 4 weeks after the family arrived from Rupert, Vermont. A poem written by Bethania entitled The Lost Child was meant to tell her parents, Jesse and Mary Snow,(nee Eaton)in Hardwick, MA, about the loss of Diadamia. Nathaniel, his second son, is the direct line ascendant to the author. He was a well respected person and served in the Provincial Dragoons during the war of 1812 -1815. His younger brother, Luther, was also in the Canadian Militia during that war. Luther then became a physician and was married twice; the first to Sarah White (5 children) (Sarah may have died as a result of childbirth complications) and the second to Abigail Dean. That marriage produced 7 children. Two sons, Weston Leroy and Elbridge also became physicians. After serving on the Union side during the Civil War, as surgeons, they both returned to establish practices in Lindsay, Ontario. Elbridge then moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota some time after 1879. The Harriman History (Feudalism to Freedom)by Lois Ware Thurston,comments on the Harriman Name. The name Harriman was not uncommon in England, suggesting there was no one Harriman family, but several unrelated families with the same name. Some of the earliest Harriman records were found in Uldale and it was only in these records that another Harriman with the Christian name Leonard was found. Uldale is in Cumberland County (the Lake District) in Northern England near the Scottish border (and recent center of the outbreak of foot and mouth disease) There are variant spellings of Harriman, Herriman, Harryman, Herryman, as in those days people often spelt a name the way it sounded. Charles W. Bardsley, author of ?A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames?, claims the name Harryman is an occupational name meaning servant of Henry which when spoken sounds like Harry?. When the Harriman?s left Uldale it was likely to find a better way of life, rather than religious freedom. Leonard and John Harriman found themselves caught up in the Great Migration of the 1630's. and arrived with Reverend E Rogers in New England in 1638. They set out from Rawley, Yorkshire, England. Descendants of Nathaniel Harriman (Herriman) Ontario, Canada: Surname List
The Family of Norma A. Banda of Firebaugh, CA
Norma Banda Family Tree
The Bankert Family Home Page
Abigail Phelps. b. 1769, prob. CT, d. Granville, MA, 1845 m. Eli Winchell, 1790, prob. Granby, CT William Day. b.c. 1743, d. 20 Oct. 1783 m. Abigail Woodward, 14 Nov 1771, East Haven, First Congregational Church records. Book: The Bankert Ancestory

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