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    A Researcher's Guide to the Renslow Family History
    Description: Purpose of this site is to present specific information on Renslow Family History and list specific locations of historical records of the Renslow Family, both on and off the web. Site features: Individual Detail Reports; Origins of the Name; Directory of Researchers; Historical Photographs ; JumpList - Ranslow-Renslow resources on the Internet; Map Showing Renslow, Washington; Queries; E-mail Discussion Group; What's New Directory.

    Surnames: Renslow, Rensloe, Renslo, Renselo, Ranslow


    Anderton Surname Resource Centre
    Description: Purpose; Meaning & Origin of the Name; Anderton Notice Boards; ANDERTON-L Mailing List; Surname Researchers; Anderton World Archives; Database; Articles; Source Materials; What's New?; Anderton Links; General Genealogy Links; How to Help

    Surnames: Anderton


    Andrews Genealogy
    Description: Free online genealogy manuscript based on: Descendants of William Andrews of Hartford, Conn., Early Records Compiled by Mrs. Lucy A. Shaw and Mrs. Mary A. Meacham. Later Records by Frank H. Andrews. Washington, Ill.: Tazewell County Reporter, 1938.

    The Andrews family is an old family in England. The ancestors of William Andrews are not known. Samuel Andrews, in the Court of King James, Thomas and Richard Andrews, who assisted the Plymouth Colony in 1626 to 1635, Thomas Andrews, Lord Mayor of London 1650. No direct connection has been traced from William Andrews to any of the above, but it is probable that he is of some connection of Richard and Thomas Andrews, as these names descend through his family for several generations, also the name Samuel.

    The first reference to William Andrews is in a list of inhabitants of Newtown (now Cambridge, Mass.) Nov. 25, 1633. "At a meeting of the whole town, there was chosen to order the business of the whole town, for the following year, and until new be chosen, in their room- 'William Andrews'- which nine men are to have the power of the town, as those formerly chosen had, as may appear in the order made Feb. 3, 1634."

    Surnames: Andrews


    Ascolani Family Home Page
    Description: Ascolani Worldwide Megatree; US Families; Family Pages; Genisis Genealogical Helper; Guestbook (NL)

    Surnames: Ascolani


    Auger Surname Family Center
    Description: This WWW site was created to help all those searching the surname auger and various spellings such as: Augur, Aunger, Audger, Augier, Augar, Anger, Angier, Odger(s), etc. Site features: Purpose ; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Submit or View Queries; Biographies; Submit or View Obituaries; Bible Records; View Wills; Previous Queries, Surnames, Researchers; Online Database; Download the Gedcom; Archives - Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links; Submit Auger Information; How to help; Vital Record Exchange; Database Lookup

    Surnames: Aunger, Augur, Augier, Auger, Augar, Audger, Angier, Anger, Odgers, Odger


    Blanksby SRC
    Description: This site is to serve as a starting point for research into the Blanksby surname, and attempts to record every occurance of the surname and its varients worldwide. Site features: Varients; People On-Line, Authors, On-Line Genealogy, Weird & Wacky, Researchers, Origins, Census Data, Gen-Links, Research Help.

    Surnames: Blanksby


    Bower Family Homestead
    Description: If you descend from the Bower[s] / Bauer[s] surnames, or one of the many spelling variations, we probably have something inside for you. To you we say, welcome home! . . .We\ve been waiting for you to find us! Inside here, you\ll come to the individual rooms that made up the house, each one with something different to offer: Bower surname spelling variants; Surname Definitions; Surname History; family traditions; place names throughout the world; Sources of Bower data; Immigrations around the world; Vital records; Probate records; Obituaries; Census records; Military records; Biographies and personals; Queries, Mailing Lists, and Bulletin Boards; Links to other sites researching the Bower surname.

    Surnames: Byers, Byars, Bure, Buher, Buer, Brower, Brouwer, Brouer, Brauwer, Brauer, Boyer, Boyen, Bowyer, Bowun, Bowrs, Bowor, Bowon, Bown, Bowker, Bowing, Bowin, Bowier, Bowher, Bowes, Bowersy, Bowersox, Bowersmith, Bowerse, Bowers, Bowerman, Bowering, Bower, Bowars, Bowan, Bouyer, Bouwers, Bouwerr, Bouwer, Bouweer, Bourne, Boures, Boure, Boura, Bour, Bouher, Boughers, Bougher, Bouer, Bors, Borr, Bore, Borah, Bor, Boorer, Boore, Boor, Booher, Boing, Boin, Bohrer, Boher, Bohan, Boere, Boer, Boem, Boar, Bawier, Bawer, Bauren, Baure, Baur, Bauhers, Bauher, Baughers, Baugher, Bauers, Bauer, Dower, Pur, Powers, Power, Van Buuren, Vanburen


    Brannen/Brannan/Brannon Resource Center
    Description: This site is a place for the researchers of the Brannan, Brannen, and Brannon surnames to gather and share information. Site features: Purpose; Wueries; Online Researcher Database; Deeds; Obits; Origin of the surname; Websites; Biographies; Bible & Pension Records; Wills; General Genealogy Links; Lessons Learned; Photos; Surname Boards; etc.

    Surnames: Brannon, Brannen, Brannan


    Branscombe Home Page
    Description: BRANSCOMB(E) worldwide one-name study. Variants include Branscom(e), Branscum, Brownscombe, Brinscombe, Bronescombe. Large data base to share. Also interested in residents and history of Branscombe Village, Devon, England, Branscomb, California, USA and BrBranscomb

    Surnames: Branscomb, Branscombe, Branscombes, Branscombs, Branscomes, Branscum, Branscums, Brownscombes


    Bratton (et al) Worldwide Clan
    Description: This web page and associated d-bases are the result of a cooperate effort of many people who have throughout the years have contributed their free time in the pursuit of family information relating to the Bratton, Brattain, Brayton, Brattan, Brattin, Brittin, Braton, Brotton, Bretton and Bratten families Bratton et al in Cyberspace; Genealogy Help Section; Geographical Locations ; Immigration Info; of the Old World; Veteran Information; Social Security Death Listings; Who's Who List; Surname World Origins; Database; Odds and Ends; Guestboot; etc.

    Surnames: Brotton, Britton, Brittin, Brayton, Bratton, Brattin, Bratten, Brattan, Brattain, Braton


    Breadmore One-Name Study
    Description: Are you, were you or do you know a BREADMORE. All information about any BREADMORE person gratefully received, wherever, whenever in time.

    Surnames: Bridmore, Bredmore, Bredemear, Breadmore, Breadman


    Bryan SRC
    Description: This site is dedicated to the BRYAN surname and any variations of name. The purpose of this site is have a primary focus on the BRYAN surname. The site will be under construction for a period of time as I/we build it. Notice I said WE, I am open to suggestions and ideas. Initially this site will point to other sites, in time I would like to use this as a repository for a multitude of BRYAN information. Site features: Purpose; Meaning and Origin of the Names; Post & Read BRYAN Family Queries; Researchers (Email Links Resources; Download BRYAN Databases; Submitting Data or Linking your Site; How to help; Genealogy Links

    Surnames: Bryan


    Buchanan Resource Center
    Description: Purpose; Genealogy Links; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Archives; Queries; How to help; Surname Researchers; Look up Resources; Family Histories; Mailing List; etc.

    Surnames: Buchanan


    Description: Our family is certified in the select group known as American Pioneers. We are in the process of proving that all of us around today are related. Canup Web pages and emails; Canups in the Civil War; 40,000+ names genealogy database; CanupLink.

    Surnames: Cunnup, Cunnop, Canups, Canupps, Canupp, Canup, Canop, Cannups, Cannupp, Cannop, Caneup, Knupp, Knup, Kanups, Kanupp, Kanup, Kannup, Kaneiup


    Chancey Family Golden Leaves
    Description: Features: Mailing Lists; Origins; Researchers; Family Research; Poems; Photo Albums; Gedcoms; GenConnect links; Birth & Death Certificates; Obituaries; Books; Deeds; Marriage; Articles; Additional Websites. Variations include: Chancey, Chancy, Chauncey, and Chauncy.

    Surnames: Chauncy, Chauncey, Chancy, Chancey


    Chapman Geneology Center
    Description: Chapman Family Center is full of enriching and learning resources for your journey through your Chapman and extended families search. Tools, resources, and educational articles, Quizes, & Tests, fun look-ups and more.

    Surnames: Chapman


    Cissie P's Payne Genealogy Page
    Description: This site is intended to serve as a one-name search site for information on the surname Payne/Paine/Pain, etc. It includes many Payne lineages, early Payne wills, marriages, census information, military information, query pages, land records, and mortality schedules. Individuals are encouraged to submit their Payne lineages.

    Surnames: Payne, Payn, Pane, Paine, Pain


    Clan Braniff Family History
    Description: The purpose of this site is to bring together researchers of Braniff genealogy as well as focus on available genealogy records. The records from the archives are now arranged by country. Site features: Name Origins; Archives; Site Search; GEDCOM database; Mailing List; Contribute to Library; Forms & Findings Aids; How to Start; Bulletin Boards; Name Origins; Family sites; Chat; Links.

    Surnames: Branif, Braniff, Branniff, Breniff, Brounnoff, Brownaff, Brunoff, Brynoff


    Clan MacLean Genealogy Database
    Description: A site devoted to the sharing and preserving of Genealogical and Historical relating to the Clan MacLean/MacLaine and it's septs.

    Surnames: MacLean, MacLaine


    COAN Surname Resource Center
    Description: This page is for all with the surname Coan and some of the variants that are related along with some that may not be related. This site was designed to help others in their research. Whether we are related or not by surname or bloodline, we are kin in the fact that we value our heritage. Historical references to Coan; Research Links; Coan Homepages; Coan Forums; Surname Index; Submit Your Information/URL.

    Surnames: Coan


    Coffin Quest
    Description: These pages are meant to be a resource for anybody researching the Coffin families regardless of where or connected to anybody else. Site Contains: View & Submit Families; The Descendants; Coffin Email List; Coffin GenForum; Census Records; The Unknown Names; More Resource Centers; Marriage Records; History and Biographies; Death and Burial Records; Researchers and Web Pages. Variations on the name include: Coffan, Coffen, Coffens, Coffin, Coffins, Coffon, Coffyn, etc.

    Surnames: Coffyn, Coffin, Coffen, Coffan


    Coogan Research Group
    Description: The Coogan Research Group is dedicated to the exchange of ANY information about the COOGAN surname. Here you will find the most extensive collection of COOGAN surname data available on the internet - we have gathered City Directory, Census, Military, Immigration, and Vital records specifically related to COOGAN genealogy. We have also posted the work of individual COOGAN researchers from Ireland, England, Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and throughout the United States.

    Surnames: Coogan


    CRANDALL Family Association
    Description: CRANDALL Family Association

    Surnames: Crandall


    Description: Cranston and it's variants from Scotland, Ireland, U.S.A., Australia, England, Canada, etc.

    Surnames: Cranston, Cranstoun, Cranstone


    Dannelly Surname Resource Center
    Description: Purpose; Surname Database; Meaning and Origin of the Name; Lineages; Mailing Lists; Archives - Research and Records; Surname Researchers; Photos (Our family pics Home Page Links; How to Help; General Genealogy Links; Submit Your Information

    Surnames: Danieley, Danielly, Danily, Danley, Dannelley, Dannelly


    Dean/Deen Roundtable
    Description: The Dean/Deen Roundtable includes queries from different families, and "clues and tidbits" of various information. Also listed are researchers of the name. This is all free of charge, no family information is sold. We enjoy finding family and ancDean

    Surnames: Dehne, Deen, Deans, Dean


    Dedicated to the Zongker Family
    Description: Zongker Tree; History; Surnames; Photos; Family Email; Links; GuestBook; Forums. This site covers the surnames Zangger, Zongker, and Zonker

    Surnames: Zangger, Zongker, Zonker


    Dillion Family Genealogy
    Description: DILLION Family Genealogy-History A Genealogy and History Gathering Place for DILLION / DILLON and variant surnames.

    Surnames: Dolen, Dolan, Dilyon, Dilon, Dillyon, Dillion, Dillin, Dillien, Dillian, Dillen, Dillean, Dillan, Dilion


    Eiselman Home Page & Resource Center
    Description: This site is open to any variant spellings of the EISELMAN surname. This is set up as a single surname page in the hope of finding and making available information for others researching this surname. Site Features: EISELMAN Database -Index of Names; Family Links; Message Board; Researching Listing; Genealogy Reports; Census Records. Variations include: Eisele, Eiselman, Eiseman, Eisenman, and Eisenmann.

    Surnames: Eisenmann, Eisenman, Eiseman, Eiselman, Eisele


    Faughnan Genealogy Home Page
    Description: Faughnan Family Genealogies; Collected Faughnan Records from Ireland; O\Faughnan History; Other Faughnan, Faughn, Fogan, Faulkner Home Pages

    Surnames: Faughnan, Fachtna, O'Fachtnain


    Freeman Repository and Research Center
    Description: Birth Records; Marriage Records; Death Records; Military Records; Land Deeds; Wills; Census Data; Photos; Bios; Researcher Data; Mailing List; NewsGroup; Chat Room; Message Board; Training Data; Book/CD Reviews; Freeman Links; Research Links; Misc. Data; GFreeman

    Surnames: Freeman


    Genealogy Pages of the family van Dort
    Description: These pages contain the stories of the different families van Dort. The stories are based upon information from the genealogy research from the families van Dort. Surnames; Coat of Arms; References; Guestbook; Family around the world.

    Surnames: Dort, Van Dorth, Van Dort


    Gingras Genealogy
    Description: This Gingras website was started in Dec. 2000, and receives periodic updates. There are plans (dreams?) to include all Gingras family members in North America, and all known relatives. Includes research notes, bibliography, and a map indicating European Origins of Gingras family ancestors. Also includes notes on the meanings of family names and links to other Gingras sites.

    Surnames: Gangra, Gangras, Gangraw, Geangreau, Gengra, Gengras, Gengrass, Gengres, Gengron,\r\nGinchereau, Gingas, Gingera, Gingereau, Gingra, Gingrande, Gingras, Gingras-Capitien,\r\nGingras-Daly, Gingras-Falardeau, Gingrass, Gingrasso, Gingraw, Gingray, Gingreau,\r\nGingreaux, Gingreh, Gingres, Gingris, Gingro, Gingros, Gingrow, Gringras, Janggrow,\r\nJangra, Jangrah, Jangras, Jangrau, Jangraw, Jangrew, Jangro, Jangrow, Jangrus, Janjras,\r\nJeangras, Jeangraw, Jengran, Jengras, Jhangrah, Jhangras, Jhangraw, Jinchereau,\r\nJincherou, Jingas, Jingra, Jingram, Jingramm, Jingrass, Jingras, Jingraw, Jingrims,\r\nJingrow, Johngrow, Jongrow, Shangrah, Shangras, Shangraw, Shangreau, Shangreaux,\r\nShangrow, Zangrau, Zangraw, Zangreau, Zangro, Zangrow, Zhangrau, Zingreau


    Goughnour Family Center
    Description: A resource center for the Goughnour surname containing archives, databases, resources and information for any Goughnour or variant researcher.

    Surnames: Coughenour, Coughenor, Coughanour, Cokenhower, Cochenour, Cocghnower, Cocanower, Cocanour, Cocanougher, Cocannour, Cocannouer, Goughnour, Gouchnour, Gochnour, Gochnauer, Gochenour, Gochenouer, Gochenauwer, Gochenauer, Gochanauwer, Gachenower, Gaachenauwer, Kokanour


    Haan Surname Resource Center
    Description: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries; Surname Researchers; Online Database; Download the Database (Gedcom Archives - Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links; Submit your information; How to help; Send me comments; Photo Gallery One.

    Surnames: Haan


    Description: Haberman/Habermann/Haverman SRC, with online records, online database, listing of researchers, and a message board as well as the Haberman Mailing List.

    Surnames: Haverman, Habermann, Haberman


    Hanna / Hannah / Hannay Surname Research Center
    Description: Hanna / Hannah / Hannay Surname Research Center

    Surnames: Hannay, Hannah, Hanna


    Hiestand Surname Resource Center
    Description: A forum for Hiestand (and variations) researchers to meet and connect.

    Surnames: Histand, Hiestand, Hestant, Heiston, Heistand, Heastand


    Hoffman Genealogy
    Description: This manuscript details the ancestry of George Bartlett Hoffman and his wife Emma Teresa Cronk. It was written for their grand-daughter Florence Bell (Schmieg) Tumbridge. Each pedigree at the top of the individual pages ends with Florence. Since this manuscript covers only the ancestors of her grand-parents, there is no information on either the Schmieg or Tumbridge families.

    This is definitely a Dutch New York family, with most lines originating in Holland, and later ending up in "New Holland" or New York.

    Surnames: Hoffman


    Hornbeck Hunter Surname Resource Center
    Description: Hornbeck Surname Genealogy Page for all Hornbeck/Hornback/Hornbeak researchers to share their research and find their common link to Warnaar Hornbeck born c1645, probably Holland, emigrant to New York and the first of the American Hornbeck line.

    Surnames: Hornbeck, Hornbeak, Hornback, Hoornbeeck, Hernbeck, Van Hoornbeeck


    Huston/Houston Surname Resource Center
    Description: This area is dedicated to the surname Huston, Houston and any variations throughout the world. It is an area where people researching the same surname can come together to obtain or contribute their research, stories, problems, add links and ask or answer Heuston

    Surnames: Huston, Houstoun, Houston, Hewston, Heuston, McQuiston, MacUistean, MacUisdean, Uistean, Uisdean


    Jernigan Genealogy Resource Center
    Description: This site is for researchers of all spellings of the Jernigan name. Information Exchange; Inquiries; Jernigan Updates & Reunions; Genealogy Links; Notes From the Editor's Desk; Archives; Bookshelf; Photos; Researcher Homepage Index; Wars; Newsletter; etc. Variations include: Jarnagan, Jarnegan, Jannikin, Janagen, Jernagan, Jonikan, Johnikin, Jonikin, Journagan, Jernegan, Jermegan, Jonerkin, Jernican, Jurnigan, Gernigan, Jerningham, Jarningham, etc.

    Surnames: Jurnigan, Journagan, Jonikin, Jonikan, Jonerkin, Johnikin, Jerningham, Jernigan, Jernican, Jernegan, Jernagan, Jermegan, Jarningham, Jarnegan, Jarnagan, Jannikin, Janagen


    KANE Family Surname
    Description: For anyone researching the surname KANE: Celtic Origins; Gedcom files; Irish Migration; Weblinks; Message Board; Photographs; KANE web resource links and home page address; etc.

    Surnames: Kane


    Kernohan Family Genealogy
    Description: Welcome to the revamped Kernohan Family Genealogy Website! I hope to include several pages of resources for those researching the Kernohan surname (and variants). Site features: Origin of the Name; On-Line Resources; Mailing List; Kernohan Resource Pages and Links - Census, Marriage, Military, Death, and Cemetery Records; Researchers and Lines; Query Board; Descendant Listings; Other Resource Links. Variant spellings include: Karnahan, Kernaghan, Kernahan, Kernehan, and Kernohan.

    Surnames: Karnahan, Kernaghan, Kernahan, Kernehan, Kernohan


    Lane Descendants
    Description: This is for ALL Lanes throughout the World! Site features: Lane Crest; Awards; Bible Records; Biographies; Census Records; Court Records; Family Lore; Lane Genealogies; Genealogy Links; History Anecdotes; Immigrants; Lane Links; Marriage Records; Military Records; Newspaper Articles; Photos; Queries; Refernces; Serendipity; Experiences; Success Stories; Volunteers for Look Ups; Wills and Land Deeds; Lane Descendants Newsletter; Lane Descendants Chat Room

    Surnames: Lane


    Langille Family Information
    Description: Research on the Langille family name and variants. Provides multiple databases, photos, extractions, news, and research on the Langille name.

    Surnames: Langill, Langille, Longueil


    Lennon Surname Resource Center
    Description: Information regarding the surname LENNON and its known variations - Site includes: Origins; Lennon Links; Archives; Gallery; Database; Researchers; Unattached Branches; Queries; and Lennon List. Some known variants are: Lannan, Lannon, Lennan, Lennon, Linnane, and ?\Leann?in.

    Surnames: Linnane, Lennon, Lennan, Lannon, Lannan, ?\Leann?in


    Loekle Family History
    Description: We\ve done quite a bit of research on our family histories, and we would like to provide the information to you. Site features; Researcher List; Loekle web Links; Loekle Queries; birthday, marriage, and death Anniversaries; Calendars; On-Line searchable Database.

    Surnames: Loekle, Trotman


    MacLennan Resource Center
    Description: Site Features: Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries; Surname Research; Submission Form; Online Databases; Download the Database (Gedcom MacLennan Message Boards on the Internet; Genealogy Links; Cyber Roots; FreeDrive; Genealogy Software; How to help; Site search.

    Surnames: MacLennan


    Manire Web Resources
    Description: Site Features: Related Family Links; MANIRE FAMILY RESOURCES; Researchers Page; MAIL LIST; The Manire Surname Message Board

    Surnames: Manire


    Mann Genealogy Surname Nest
    Description: Mann Genealogy Surname Nest

    Surnames: Mann


    Mayrand Family Association
    Description: Mayrand Family Association

    Surnames: Merrand, Merand, Mayrand, Malhiot


    McClanahan Times Online
    Description: McClanahan Times Online

    Surnames: McLanachan, McClenahan, McClanathan, McClanahan, McClanaham, McClanachan


    Merman Resource Center
    Description: My name is Ellen Merman-English and I am hoping to build a comprehensive site to bring together information on the Mermann and Joerris families from Germany. Many thanks to those who have contributed their information.

    Surnames: Merman, Joerris


    Merriman Surname Resource Center
    Description: Items of interest for persons researching the Merriman name: discussion groups, meaning of the name, reports, pedigrees, excerpts from books, and links.

    Surnames: Merryman, Merriman


    Monteith Family Homepage
    Description: This surname has been reserved. Most information can now be found online the link above, however, Malcolm is still in the construction phase for the query page. Expected completion is by 5/10/99.

    Surnames: Montieth, Monteith, Menteith, Mantooth


    Murnanes of Tipperary Cork and Limerick
    Description: Murnane Bulletin Board; Murnane Research Library; What about that name, and how do you spell it?; Murnane Coat of Arms; Family Health Concerns; Where are we from, and where are we now; Murnane Clan Photo PageMurnane Clan Photo Page; Ireland and Tipperary Links; Other Family Connections; Murnane Guest House In Tipperary

    Surnames: Murnane


    Nance Family History Web Page
    Description: The Nance Family History Project is sponsored by the Nance Publishing Company. The project is involved in gathering research for a genealogy book on the Nance Line. Nance Project; Long Nance Line; American Journey; Coat of Arms; Nance Chronicle OnLine; Data Files

    Surnames: Nance


    National Boring Family Database
    Description: These pages are dedicated to the ancestors and descendants of the of the ENTIRE BORING Family, wherever the Origination. Site features: First Time Users Information; Surname List & Family Group Sheets - Over 16000 Individuals and over 5700 Family Group Sheets; Generation Genealogy Report; Boring Families of Indiana Co. & Cambria Co., Pennsylvania- East Tennessee - Maryland; Books on the Boring Family; Wills; Miscellaneous; Photos; Researchers List; Other Boring/Boren Home Pages; Queries & Discussion; etc. Variants include: Boaring, Boran, Boreing, Boren, Borin, Boring, Borring, Bourin, Bouring, and Bowring.

    Surnames: Bowring, Bouring, Bourin, Borring, Boring, Borin, Boren, Boreing, Boran, Boaring


    Orman Surname
    Description: Homepages With Orman Surname; Orman Records Online; Orman Researchers Page; 8870 Formula For Tombstones; Message Board ; Research Links

    Surnames: Orman


    Osgood Family History
    Description: Osgood Family History (

    Surnames: non-profit information and services to anyone interested in Osgood genealogy. Links; Guestbook; History; Biographies; Companies; Areas; Submissions; Notes & Comments; and more!


    O\Brien Family Surname Center
    Description: The primary goal of this website is to list all of our O\Brien / O\Brian cousins the world over. Collecting information pertaining to the O\Brien surname and presenting this information on the web so that it can be freely accessed by any of our cousins at any time, from any place. Purpose; Queries; Online Database; Archives - Records & Deeds; Submit your information; How to help; Genealogy Links; O\Brien / O\Brian Links; Other O\Brien Resources; Quick Search

    Surnames: Obrien, Obrian


    Pancake Pages
    Description: This Website is dedicated to the exchange of genealogical information on individuals bearing the surnames PANCAKE, PANKAKE, PANNEKUCHEN, and PFANNEKUCHEN and other variations; and, to serve as an archive for that information. Site includes: On-line Search; What's New; Table Of Contents (Records grouped by State and County Census Records; Queries; Directory Of Pancake Family Researchers; Database; etc.

    Surnames: Pfannekuchen, Pannekuchen, Pankake, Pancake


    Peterman Resource Center
    Description: The resource Center for Peterman research on the Web.

    Surnames: Peterman


    PITTMAN Genealogy in the United States
    Description: A free web site set up and managed by Pittman/Pitman researchers for the sole purpose of collecting and sharing data with other researchers.

    Surnames: PITTMAN, PITMAN


    Randle Family Genealogy
    Description: This homepage has evolved from a page devoted to the descendants of James and Roseanna Graves Randle, to a resource page for all Randle researchers. The James Randle homepage may be reached by clicking the link below. Included on the Randle resource page aRandle

    Surnames: Randle


    Sandeman Surname Resource Centre
    Description: This page is for anyone, anywhere in the world, who is interested in, or researching, the Sandeman surname or Sandeman genealogy (family trees). This Surname Resource Centre is designed to collect information regarding all things

    Surnames: Sandeman


    Schreiber's and any Variations
    Description: Provides information on Schreiber and it's variants, including database, researchers, web pages, etc.

    Surnames: Schreiber, Shriver, Schriever, Schriefer, Schreber, Szreiber, Schreibman


    Shannon Genealogy and History
    Description: Email; Guest Book; Shannon ICQ List; Message Board; Shannon History Center; Shannon Archives; King-Shannon; Genealogy Surname Links; Genealogy by State; Genealogy Lost & Found; Rings

    Surnames: Shannon, Shanahan


    Shermans of Yaxley, A Family History Society
    Description: This group is established to assist its Members in exchanging Pedigrees and other documents and sources of information of general interest on the Families of the SHERMANS. Site contains: What We\re All About; Our Mission; Newsletter; Mailing Lists; Research Page; Early Ancestors; Research Books; Research Interest Survey; Queries; Index of Newsletter Articles; etc.

    Surnames: Sherman, Shearman


    Sinclair Surname Resource Center
    Description: This site was created in hopes that it will be of service and useful to others who are searching for information on their ancestors. Site Features: Purpose; Meaning and Origins; Queries; Surname Researchers; Archives - Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links; Submit your information. Visit the personal pages section for additional Family Trees; Stories & Notes; Photos; Misc. Items.

    Surnames: Sinclair, Vanalstyne


    Snyder Genealogy Research
    Description: Snyder Genealogy Research

    Surnames: Riefschneider, Snyderman, Snyder, Snijder, Sniderman, Snider, Schneider, Schieder


    Standerfer, etc. Research Site
    Description: Standerfer, etc. Research Site

    Surnames: Standord, Standiford, Standifer, Standforth, Standerford, Standerfer, Standefer, Sanford, Sandifer, Sandefur


    Stanley Surname Resource Center
    Description: This is a place where all Stanley cousins can visit, register family lines, ask questions, share information, and enjoy learning about our Stanley ancestry. Site features: Message Board; Directory of Stanley Researchers; Mail List; Stanley genealogy links; Search categorized listings; Stanley genealogy database; Submit your information; Download Gedcom Files; STANLEY ARCHIVES: Biographies, Census, Deeds, Marriages, Births, Deaths, Wills, Bible Records.

    Surnames: Stanley


    Stansbury Family History
    Description: Our purpose is to collect all information pertaining to the Stansbury, and the bearers of the Stansbury that might in some way facilitate research of this Stansbury. You will find: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name ; RootsWeb Stansbury Resources; Surname Researchers; Family Links; Records & Documents; and Submit your information.

    Surnames: Stansbury


    Strawn & Allied Families
    Description: Featuring over 25,000 individuals in the Strawn and Allied Families databases. Currently compiling the 12 volume history of this family lineage. Website offers: Research notes, family pictures, maps, descendants charts, write-ups, family group sheets, queries by fellow researchers, military ancestors, maps, publications and much more!

    Surnames: Strachn, Straffen, Strahan, Strahm, Straugham, Straughan, Straughen, Strachan, Straughn, Strawhan, Strawhen, Strawhun, Strawn, Strohm


    Tannahill ~ Tannehill Surname Resource Center
    Description: This Resource Center is an effort towards uniting researchers who are researching the surname Tannahill or Tannehill or other known variants. Site includes: Archives; Researchers; Scotland; Queries; Submit; Ancestors!; Genealogy Links; Unattached Branches; Database; Origins; Photo Gallery; My Tannahill Line; Tannahill Links. Some known variants: Tannahill, Tannehill, and Taneyhill.

    Surnames: Tannehill, Tannahill, Taneyhill


    Terwilliger Surname Research Center
    Description: A resource center for the Terwilliger surname containing archives, databases, resources and information for any Terwilliger researcher. As far as now is known, there was but one Terwilliger family in the United States. Thus, if you bear the Terwilliger name or descend from a Terwilliger, you are related to all others similarly named or descended, all having a common ancestor. Site Features: Purpose; Meanings & Origins of the Name; Terwilliger Homestead; Personal Genealogy; Virtual Cemetery; Research; Terwilliger Family Association; Mailing Lists; Forums; Message Board; Web links; Records & Archives; etc! Variants include: Teawilliger, Terrwilliger, Terweilliger, Terwelleger, Terwilegar, Terwilge, Terwiliger, Terwillaghier, Terwillegar, Terwilleger, Terwillger, Terwilligar, Terwillige, Terwilligen, Terwilliger, Terwillinger, Tewilliager, Tterwilliger, Twilegar, Twillinger, Van Der Willigen, and Willigen.

    Surnames: Teawilliger, Terrwilliger, Terweilliger, Terwelleger, Terwilegar, Terwilge, Terwiliger, Terwillaghier, Terwillegar, Terwilleger, Terwillger, Terwilligar, Terwillige, Terwilligen, Terwilliger, Terwillinger, Tewilliager, Tterwilliger, Twilegar, Twillinger, Van Der Willigen, Willigen


    The Altman Family Center
    Description: Covering Altman, Altmann, and Aultman: Purpose; Meaning of Surname; Queries and Comments; Database of Altman Researchers; Altman Web Links

    Surnames: Aultman, Altmann, Altman


    The Brenneman Family Center
    Description: Purpose Statement; Links; Mailing List; Online Database(s Post your Brenneman Query; Submit your Information; Surname Researchers

    Surnames: Brenneman


    The B\man Family Home Page
    Description: Detailed information on the genealogy of the Beeman and Beaman families.

    Surnames: Beman, Beeman, Beamon, Beaman


    The Callanan Connection
    Description: The Callanan Connection is an on-line meeting place for researchers of the Callanan Surnames (and variations).

    Surnames: Culnane, Culnan, Cullonane, Cullinnon, Cullinen, Cullinane, Cullinan, Cullanan, Calnon, Calnen, Calnan, Callinnan, Callinan, Callenan, Callanane, Callanan, Calinan, Calanan, Quillinane


    The Castle La Zouche
    Description: The One Name Study of the name La Zouche and all its name variants, Includes the history and origins of the name, surname interest page, researchers index, research database, gallery and much more to come

    Surnames: la Zouche, Zouche, Zouch, Suche, Such, Sych, Syche, Sutch, Souche, Souch, Soache, Soach, Sooche, Sooch, Shuck, Shucks, Chuck and Chucks.


    The CLANTON Research Center
    Description: This website is for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the CLANTON surname and variations in any place and at any time. Highlights: Purpose; Meaning and Origins; CLANTON Research Team; Archives; Resources & Extracts; CLANTON Cookbook; Photo Album; Genealogy Links; Military; Memorial; Online Database; Spelling Variations; Autobiographies; Biographies; Calendar of Events; Family Crest; Download GEDCOM; CLANTON Queries; Webrings; Communication; How to help; Mailing List; Submit your CLANTON Research information; Volunteer to help; Guest Book; Message Board.

    Surnames: Clanton


    The Custance Website
    Description: This web site is dedicated to the research of the surname Custance. Site Features: French Origins; Early Ancestors; Photo Gallery; Census Returns; Confectioners; Links; James Custance Factfile.

    Surnames: Custance


    The Danis Family Web Site
    Description: Site contains pages in both English and French. Site features: Purpose; Online Tree; Danis Message Board; Surname Researchers; Online Database; Download the Database (Gedcom Archives - Records & Deeds; Homepage Links; Chat; General Genealogy Links; Submit your information; How to help; Weather Page ... Signification et origines du Name; Le Conseil De Message De Danis; Chercheurs De Nom de famille; En ligne Base de donn?es; T?l?chargez la base de donn?es (Gedcom Archives - Enregistrements Et Contrats; Liens De Homepage; Genealogy G?n?ral Links; Submit votre information; Comment aider

    Surnames: Danis


    The Dijkgraaf Surname Center
    Description: Bestemming / Purpose; De betekenis van Dijkgraaf / The meaning of Dijkgraaf; De oorsprong van Dijkgraaf stambomen / The origins of the Dijkgraaf trees; Dijkgraaf onderzoekers / Dijkgraaf Researchers; Online Dijkgraaf Databasen / Online Dijkgraaf Databases;Dijkgraaf

    Surnames: Dijkgraaf, Dijkgraaff, Dijkgraeff, Dijkgreave, Dykgraaf, Van Den Dijkgraaf


    The Eddleman Genealogy Library
    Description: The Largest International Online Collection of Authentic Edelmann - Eddleman Genealogy Data

    Surnames: Adelman, Addelman, Edelmann, Edelman, Eddlemon, Eddleman


    The Gerrans Kin
    Description: The Origin of the *Gerrans* Name; Gerrans Database; Traditions of King Gerontius; Guest Book; Queries

    Surnames: Gerrense, Gerrens, Gerrans, Gerrance, Geron, Gerans, Gerance, Garrans


    The Goodman Family
    Description: Exploring the GOODMAN Surname in all parts of America and abroad by providing numerous indexes to records for your research. The GOODMAN Clearinghouse feature allows all researchers of the GOODMAN surname to post thier lines of interest. Site features: Meaning of the Surname Goodman; Goodman Research Records; Links to Goodman Websites; Tidbits & Additives; Census Records; Passenger Lists; Birth, Death, Bible records; Wills; Books; Queries; The Goodman Family of Virginia (The Book Goodman information by state and country.

    Surnames: Goodman


    The Gunnoe Family Resource Center
    Description: The purpose of these pages is to find all of those Gunnoes who seem to be so elusive. By combining the efforts of all of us Gunnoe descendants, we better our chances of filling in all those gaps that frustrate us. Site Highlights: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries; Surname Researchers; Online Database; Dowload the Database (Gedcom Archives - Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links; Submit your information; etc. Name variations: Gano, Ganoe, Ganow, Gunno, and Gunnoe.

    Surnames: Gunnoe, Gunno, Ganow, Ganoe, Gano


    The Handspiker/Hanselpacker Surname Resource Center
    Description: Site features: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries; Surname Researchers; Online Database; Download the Database (Gedcom Archives - Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links; Submit your information; How to help

    Surnames: Henselbekker, Hanselpacker, Handspiker


    The Hitchman Surname Center
    Description: Database, Researcher List, Query Page, Meaning and Origina of the surname.

    Surnames: Hitchman


    The Horner Family
    Description: Purpose of this site; Meaning & Origins of the Name; Queries; Horner Researchers; Download the Database(Gedcom Online Database Genealogy Links; Archives-Records & Deeds.

    Surnames: Horner, Hanauer


    The Inman Compendium Home Page
    Description: Search the entire database for your ancestors.; Read, or download, documents, letters, histories, wills, maps, etc., that have been recopied for researchers use.; Lists of fellow Inman researchers.; View, or download, descendants reports.

    Surnames: Innmon, Innman, Inmon, Inman


    The Janney Family Resource Center
    Description: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; RootsWeb Janney Resources - Queries, Bible Records, Bios, Deeds, Obits, Pensions, Wills; AccessGenealogy Links for Janney - Website links, Origin Links, Researcher Interest Links; How to help; Janney Family Links; Records and Documents.

    Surnames: Janney


    The Kanitz Surname Resource Center
    Description: Family Websites; Message Board; Genealogy Resources; Biographies; Related Names; Family Group Sheets; Family Tree

    Surnames: Kanitz


    The KennedySociety Genealogy Group
    Description: Mailing List; Meaning of the Name; Kennedy Resources - Query Boards, Pictures, Web Links, Census Records.

    Surnames: Cinneidigh, Ceannaideach, Cannady, Canady, Kennedy, O'Kennedy


    The Lannert Family Society
    Description: History and Genealogy of the Lannert name and families worldwide. We encourage all visitors who may have a connection to participate and submit your family history. We want to share the heritage that has made these families great. Site Highlights: Connections; Historical Nuggets; Immigrant List; Lannert Links on the Internet; Other Lannert Family Trees in need of help; Photo Gallery; Lannert Heritages, etc. Name variations include: Lahnart, Lahnert, Lanert, Lanhart, Lannerd, Lannert, Launart, Lehnart, Lehnert, Lenhart, Lennart, and Lennert.

    Surnames: Lahnart, Lahnert, Lanert, Lanhart, Lannerd, Lannert, Launart, Lehnart, Lehnert, Lenhart, Lennart, Lennert


    The McMorran One Name Study
    Description: I am conducting world-wide research into the McMorran surname and spelling variants, including researching my own family history (I am descended from the McMorrans of Crawfordjohn, Lanarkshire) and I have extracted thousands of historical references to individuals with these surnames from church records, censuses, birth, death and marriages registers, shipping lists and newspapers. I have also prepared and received many family trees. I am in communication with many people interested in these surnames in Scotland, England, Ireland, Canada, the USA, New Zealand and Australia and I have received extensive help and additional information from them. Site features: History of the McMORRAN Surname (including variant spellings The One Name Study Project; On-line Family Trees; Links to McMORRAN (and variations) sites; Links to related genealogy sites; McMORRAN Family Genealogy Forum; Post your queries.

    Surnames: McMorran


    The Melton Center
    Description: The Melton Center

    Surnames: Milton, Melton, Meltin, Melten, Meltan, Mellton


    The MULVANEY Surname Resource Center
    Description: A resource center for the Mulvaney surname. Site features: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; View the Queries; Surname Researchers; Online Database; Download a Database (Gedcom Misc. Information; Genealogy Links; Submit your Information; How to help; Submit your Queries; ; Share pictures,files,calanders,chat and more.

    Surnames: Mulvaney


    The O'sullivan Page
    Description: I have created these pages with several intentions in mind.<br>1. To organize my collection of O'sullivan, Genealogy and Ireland Bookmarks.<br>2. To attempt to contact members of the O'sullivan Clan<br>3. To promote Irish Culture.

    Surnames: Osullivan


    The Orbans
    Description: Etymology, history and origins of my surname; the Orbans in the world.

    Surnames: Orban


    The Pohlman Surname Resource Center
    Description: Site features: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries; Surname Researchers; Online Database & Search; Download the Database (Gedcom Archives - Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links; Submit your information; Pohlman Links; How to help

    Surnames: Pohlman, Pholmann


    The Rintoul Homestead
    Description: This web site is devoted to the thousand or so people around the world who bear the somewhat rare surname

    Surnames: information and research resources regarding our name and family can be hard to find. Anyone with interesting Rintoul information of any kind (genealogy


    The Sandhaus Genealogy Page
    Description: The Sandhaus Genealogy Page

    Surnames: Sandhaus


    The Sankey One Name Study
    Description: G.R.O. Extracts - Births, Marriages & Deaths 1838-1980; Primary Sources; The Church of L.D.S. Files; Journal; Newsletters ;Published References; Miscellaneous; Researchers and Interests; Family Trees; Links; etc.

    Surnames: Sankey


    The Schoonover Master Tree
    Description: The purpose of this site to gather and share as much Schoonover history and genealogy as possible with other researchers and family members.

    Surnames: Schoonover, Schoonhoven, Van Schoonhoven


    The Shankland One-Name Group
    Description: The Shankland One-Name Group (S.O.N.G.) is a small, informal, but international group of individuals who share a common interest in the Shankland surname, and who correspond to share information we have discovered.

    Surnames: Shanklin, Shankland


    The Sloan Connection
    Description: The intent of this Website is to serve as a clearing house for all Sloan-Slone researchers and Sloan Family information including all variations of spelling. With over 20+ years of research there are about 43,000 Sloans and descendants in several different databases today. In addition to the Sloan Database, there are pages dedicated to Sloan Coat of Arms and surname origin; Tartans; Sloan Patriots, Rebels & Yankees. A Researchers & Queries page that consolidates who is researching which lines. Fun topics such as Sloan Geography plus much, much more.

    Surnames: Sloan, Slone


    The SPANN Family Home Page
    Description: This site is for sharing information regarding the SPANN surname in any place and at any time.

    Surnames: Spann


    The Stanfield Family
    Description: The Stanfield Family

    Surnames: Stansfield, Stanfill, Stanfield, Standfield


    The Strong Genealogy Page
    Description: Interested in the genealogy or history of the family name Strong and its variations Stronge, Strang, Strange, L\Estrange etc? This web site is intended to serve as an information exchange as well as a master index to the E-mail addresses and web pages of all persons researching the Strong name. Site contains: Geographical Index; Strong Genealogy Resources and Links; The Strong Genealogy Network; Mailing List; Guestbook.

    Surnames: Lestrange, Stronge, Strong, Strange, Strang


    The Van Norman Family Association
    Description: Founded in January 1996 for the compilation of Van Norman/Van Orman (and variant surnames) information. Objective of the site is to trace and link as many Van Norman and variant families as possible. Database; Queries; Publications; Membership; Web Links.

    Surnames: Vinneman, Verniman, Vennernum, Venneman, Veniman, Veneman, Van Ornum, Van Orman, Van Normon, Vannorman, Van Nimmen, Vannerman, Van Nemon, Van Namen, Van Immon, Van Emmen, Van Awman, Van Arnhem


    The Yancey Family Surname Resource Center
    Description: If you\re researching a Yancey or variant you need to stop by here, as they probably have it listed. Site Features: Genealogical Database & Collection; Bible records; Biographical Directory; Records: Cemetery - Census - Deed - Immigration - Naturalization - Passenger List - Military - Will - Probate - Vital (Birth, Death, Marriage Miscellaneous Documents; Coat of Arms; Early Yancey's; Erroneous Published Yancey Data; Family Writings/Stories; Web Links to other Web Sites; Name Variations; Origin; Photograph Database; Places & Historic Sites; Published Sources; Queries - Surnames - Researcher Profiles; Religion; Trivia; Mailing List. Variations include: Nanney, Nanny, Yance, Yancey, Yancie, Yancy, Yaney, Yanney, Yonce, and Yoncy.

    Surnames: Nanny, Nanney, Yoncy, Yonce, Yanney, Yaney, Yancy, Yancie, Yancey, Yance


    THURMAN's QUEST - On-Line Surname Repository
    Description: Newsletter; Obituary; Cemeteries; The Thurman Crest; Thurman/Thurmond Locations In The Us; Online Databases; War Listings;

    Surnames: Thoroman, Thurman


    Tilghman Genealogy
    Description: This site is based on the research of Stephen Fredrick Tillman. Our hope is to not only get the tens of thousands of names provided by Mr. Tillman online, but to keep adding to them to form the largest on-line database of Descendants of Johannes Tilghman! Site features: Database & Registers; Photos & Documents; Researchers & Contributors; Locations & Resources; Family Migrations; Military Service; References & Sources; Links; Queries; Tilghman Surname Origin and Early History; Tilghman Coat of Arms; Tilghman Royal Connection; Site Navigation.

    Surnames: Tilman, Tillman, Tilghman


    Toney Genealogy Exchange
    Description: Are you Researching the

    Surnames: know of links to Toney information or other Toney related documents? Maybe you just need some help yourself. Well...You\ve come to the right place! This site is dedicated to promoting the Exchange of


    Trevathan Family Web
    Description: Trevathan & Trevethan - A family from Cornwall. This page will offer a bit of history of the Trevathan families. Trevathan Family Genealogy & links; Trevathan Family Genealogy; Links, history and queries; Coat of Arms; Variants; History; Immigration; etc.

    Surnames: Trevethan, Trevathan, Trevat, Trefethen


    Tupman Family Data
    Description: Births; Deaths; Marriages; Census; Pedigree; SS Index Info; Surnames.

    Surnames: Tupman


    Van Aken Family
    Description: Information and Genealogy files on: Van Aken - Van Auken - Van Akin - Van Aachen - Van Nocker. Site features: Family Trees; Letters; Bulletin Board; On-line Database; Lost Cousins; Newsletter; Family Reunion information; Genealogy Research Links - Hereditary, Fraternal, & Patriotic Organizations.

    Surnames: Van Nocken, Vanauker, Vanauken, Vanakin, Vanaken, Vanaiken, Van Aachen


    van Deventer Genealogical Data Exchange
    Description: The purpose of this website is to act as a forum for posting data on the descendants of Jan Pietersz van Deventer from whom, to my knowledge, nearly all of the Van Deventers in the United States are descended as well as any other lines of Van Deventers found in North America. Site features: Group Sheets; Queries & Conundrums; Original source data transcriptions; Contributers & Researchers; Biographies; About the Name; Coat of Arms; van Deventer published references; view & print a van Deventer genealogy booklet; Links.

    Surnames: Van Deventer


    Vanluvanee Resource Center
    Description: Site features: Vanluvanee's Of Bucks County; Decendants Of Elijah Vanluvanee; Obituaries; Vanluvanee Researchers; Queries; Genealogy Links.

    Surnames: Vanluvener, Vanluvanee, Vanluvance, Vanlevanigh, Vanleuvenigh, Van Laveney


    Volland Info
    Description: Homepage for the Volland Families.

    Surnames: Volland, Wolfsland, Wolland, Vollandt, Folant, Foland


    Weedman Family Genealogy
    Description: Weedman Family Genealogy

    Surnames: Weedman


    Welcome to the Official MacDermot Clan Homepage
    Description: Welcome to the Official MacDermot Clan Homepage

    Surnames: Dermott, Dermondy, Dermid, Darmody, Kermode, Mulrooney, McDermott, McDermot, McDermont, McDermitt, McDerment, MacDormand, MacDiarmada, MacDermott, MacDermot Roe, MacDermot, MacDermattroe


    Whisnant Surname Center
    Description: The web site is provided as a central resource for people researching the Whisnant surname, and all it's variations. Site includes: Family Crest; Surname Origins; Reference Material & On-Line Research Documents; Surname Researchers; Query & Submissions; Genealogical Links; Online Database; Chat; Guestbook; etc. Variants include: Visinand, Whisenand, Whisenant, Whisenhunt, Whisennand, Whisnand, Whisnant, Whisonant, etc.

    Surnames: Visinand, Whisonant, Whisnant, Whisnand, Whisennand, Whisenhunt, Whisenant, Whisenand

    Description: This site is maintained to promote information and knowledge pertaining to the Blankenship family history and genealogy. Browse through Blankenship family Related Links, view the Family Tree, learn about the Blankenship Family History, or scroll through Personal Queries related to the Blankenship family. On the Submission Page, you can submit a web site to the links list, submit an interesting legend or story, submit a family tree entry, or submit a personal query pertaining to the Blankenship family.

    Surnames: Blenkinsopp, Blenkinsop, Blenkensop, Blankinsopp, Blankinsop, Blankinship, Blankingship, Blankenship, Blakinsop


    ~ ~
    Description: If you are a Bingeman or a Bingemann then this is the site for you. The aim of is to provide a central database of the Bingeman, Bingemann, and Bingaman Family Trees. Information is obtained from other Websites or from researchers of which keeps a record of which sites information was found. Site Features: Links to Bingeman(n) Sites; Links to other sites of interest; Bingeman(n) Email Directory; Early Bingman's; Humour; Photo Gallery; Family Trees; Forum; GuestBook; Site Directory; etc.

    Surnames: Bingemann, Bingeman, Bingaman


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