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Vanessa Becerra's Family of San Antonio, TX
Vanessa Barrera Family Tree 1
My Heritage-Ballard, Campbell, Johnson, and various families
My Heritage-Ballard, Campbell, Johnson, and various families: Surname List
Sherry & Frank Avila & Family of Chicago, Illinois
The Avila-Parocua-Mata Family come from the Mexican State of Michoacan and the small town of Tlazazalca near Zamora and moved into California, Texas, and Illinois. The crossed into the USA or back and forth in about the early 1900's. Frank's Dad was Francisco Mata Parocua, but he called himself Frank Avila. Avila is a family name, but it was not his immediate family name. The Alvarado-Bernal-Prieto Family come from the the Mexican border Juarez, Chiuhuahua and El Paso, Texas into the USA. The also crossed into the USA or back and forth in about the early 1900's. FRank's Mom, Maria Theresa Alvarado's Dad, Merced Alvarado, rode with Pancho Villa. The HOOSTE family came from BELGIUM to the USA around the early 1900's. The KREMPP family came from the border of FRANCE that has switched back and forth from France to Germany. They also came over to the USA around the early 1900's. The Radcliff & Sefton roots seem to come from Ireland and/or the British Islands. The Radcliff Families came over possibly as early as 1700's. Adam Radcliff and his wife Martha Sefton are buried in the Forbis Cemetery in Brownstown, Illinois which is near Vandalia, Illinois.
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Francisco Rodriguez_Salazar
Hambrick's of Texas
Pamela D Alvarado - InterneTree
Alvarado Family of Calexico CA
Most of this Alvarado family was born in Mexicali Baja CA
Ari's familay tree
David A Alvarado - InterneTree
Corene Alvarado of Anchorage, AK Family Tree
Corene Alvarado Family Tree
alvarado-san juan puerto rico
angel alvarado Family Tree
Just For My Mother
Henry Hubbard and his wife America Hubbard produced their family in London,Ky. Rasa Alison Reed (R.A.)married to Silvania Hubbard Reed, both are buried in the Salisaw Cemetary. Angelica Alvaradochilders - InterneTree
Rev. John Ward Anderson - Hampshire Co. Va. & Mingo IA
InterneTree: Descendants of John Anderson Rev. John Ward Anderson - Hampshire Co. Va. & Mingo IA: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Felix Aguirre
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Allyssa Marie Alvarado
La Familia Ortiz-Alonso
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Cresencia Ortega Alvarado Report: Report
The Dale and DiAnna Allen Family Home Page
Alvarado Allen from N. Bridgton,Maine that goes back to Thomas Allen who deserted from the English Army during the Revolutionary War, staying in America.
La Familia ALARCON de Chihuahau Mexico
parents of Luz Alarcon born in Villa Aldama, Chihuahua, Mexico and Angel Juarez both born around 1850. Luz Alarcon begets Julian Alarcon, who married Carmen (Alvarado) Alarcon. Carmen Alvarado was born July 16 1910and Julian Alarcon June 1903. They married and had seven children. Guliiermo, Rodrigo, Alicia, Carmelo, Ernesto, Raymundo, and Amador Alarcon.\r\n\r\nOutline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Alarcon luz
La Familia de Troche y Sanchez
Eight generations of my Troche family that lived in Puerto Rico, with ancestors from Spain. Prominent feature of the Ponce de Leon lines. Spain, Argentina, Guatemala, Cuba and Florida. My line came from Spain > Puerto Rico > New York > Hawaii > Florida > California. A lot more data that hasn't been placed yet so come and visit. Search bar to help!
La Familia Troche
Starting from 1780 to the present, this Troche family, of Spanish/Puerto Rican origin, came from Valladolid Spain was based in Yauco PR for at least 8 generations. Several families left and ventured to California and Hawaii. A connection to the Ponce De Leon House is being researched. Web Site also includes a menu with several genealogical viewing options and picures. Updated monthly -

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