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Origin of Alto

Origin of Alto

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Origin of Alto

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Origin of Alto, Meaning of Alto

Origin: name is derived from two words -ceorl or churl (meaning free man in a saxon society that ran slaves)and tun (meaning farm)-so de charlton literally meant from the farm of free men. family legend says the charltons came as a mercenary army in their own right with william the conqueror and served as border lords on the english/welsh and english/scottish borders
Surnames: Cerleton, Carlton, Chalton, Charlton
Submitted by: bill charlton
Origin of Alto, Meaning of Alto

Origin: The surname DAYTON is perhaps a weak form of DALTON or more probably a variation of DEIGHTON. The form DALTON is derived from the word 'dale', probably referring to the farm or habitation of the earliest English forbears of the American family of DAYTON. The name DEIGHTON is derived from the Danish and originally meant the dike enclosure of the farm by the dike. Variations of this latter form are DAITON, DATON, DAIGHTON, DAYGHTON, and DIGHTON. In early American records, DRAYTON was sometimes used interchangeably with DAYTON. It is recorded that a family, variously noted as DEIGHTON, DYGHTON, and DEYSON, as early as the thirteenth century resided in the vicinity of the hamlet of Deighton, in the parish of Deighton, in the east riding of Yorkshire. This hamlet is about four and a half miles south east from the present city of York. The early DEIGHTONs appear to have been for generations tenants of a farm on the Manor of Deighton. The Abbott of St. Mary's of York is named as the lord of the manor. The family at that time was of the yeomanry, but the family annals reveal a steady rise in both social and economic position.
Surnames: Daighton, Daiton, Dalton, Daton, Dayghton, Dayton, Dedeighton, Deighton, Dighton
Submitted by: Don Dayton
Origin of Alto, Meaning of Alto

Origin: Information sought on Mary Walton b 1801 at Issacoed, Flintshire.
Surnames: Walton
Submitted by: Walter_Jakeman
Origin of Alto, Meaning of Alto

Origin: Old British/Saxon name,deriving part from indigenous Britons/part from Saxon around times of English/Saxon invasions 'wealh/foreign' tun'/town' -Welshman's village'Saxons saw Britons as similar to Welsh-Cymri (Celtic Speakers) but of higher status left by the Romans
West riding of Yorkshire and Wessex, 7th Century Northumbria
Surnames: Walton
Submitted by: Elizabeth

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