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    Albaugh Researched Information Home Page
    Description: The Albaugh SRC focuses on online records, including census, wills, deeds, deaths, obituaries, as well as having information on various Albaugh families and other published data. Name variants include: Ahlbach, Albaugh, Allabaugh, and Allebaugh.

    Surnames: Allebaugh, Allabaugh, Albaugh, Ahlbach


    ALDRIDGE / ARLEDGE Family Homepage
    Description: This site provides all of the latest information about the ALDRIDGE / ARLEDGE family and history gathered by a small team of researchers. It also offers lots of useful genealogy research links. Brief History; Researchers; Trees and Gedcoms; Queries; Sources; Personal Homepages; Coats of Arms; Archives (Photos and Documents Search Sites; Links; Genealogy Resources; Books, CD's, Guides, Magazines and Maps; Libraries; Military History; Resources; Heraldry.

    Surnames: Arledge, Allred, Aldridge, Aldrich, Aldred


    Bruce Fairhall's Homepage
    Description: Fairhalls Migrate to Australia; Brede - East Sussex (Fairhall Origins Other Fairhall Migrations and Researchers; Fairhall Links with Fame

    Surnames: Fayrehale, Fairhall, Fairehall, Fairall


    CRANDALL Family Association
    Description: CRANDALL Family Association

    Surnames: Crandall


    Estacaille Genealogy
    Description: Estacaille genealogy from around the world: France, Algeria, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, USA, Canada

    Surnames: Istacaille, Estacaille, Estecaille, Estacalle, Estaquaille


    Gallagher Surname Resource Centre
    Description: This SRC is built around a database which allows entry, into flexible content fields. The database has been designed to allow for as many usage variations as possible so it may seem a little strange at first. Hopefully it will become useful rather than stranger as you begin to use it.

    Surnames: Gallagher


    Hall Surname Resource Center
    Description: The Meeting Place for HALLs Worldwide

    Surnames: Hall


    Hassall Family Surname Resource Center
    Description: The objective of this page is to provide a common meeting place for all those who are researching information on the HASSALL surname. Though we are a small family, there are quite a few HASSALL's in the United States. Please visit often and share your HASSALL family information. Site Highlights: Reasearcher Index; Related HASSALL Links; HASSALL Family Questions; Photos; Database; Guest Book.

    Surnames: Hassall


    Hollenbeck and Hallenbeck Genealogy
    Description: Hollenbeck and Hallenbeck Genealogy

    Surnames: Hollenbeck, Hallenbeck


    Kalloch Family Database
    Description: Descendants of Finley Kelloch (Killough) who settled in what is now Warren, Maine in 1735. Kalloch and Killough family history and genealogy.

    Surnames: Kalloch, Killough


    Kimball Genealogy Online
    Description: Kimball Genealogy Online

    Surnames: Kimbriel, Kimbrell, Kimble, Kimbell, Kimball, Kemble


    Description: Malloch or Mallock family information

    Surnames: Malloch, Mallock


    Mendenhall Family Association
    Description: This is a forum for sharing genealogy information among the membership of the Mendenhall Family Association (MFA). GEDCOM data repository; Mendenhall-List mailing-list; Sources Database; Newsletter; Mendenhall Family Documents; Reunion Information; Elliott Album; Mendenhall Genealogy Sites.

    Surnames: Mendenhall


    PASCHALL ? Surname Resource Center
    Description: To bring individuals in contact with others searching the Paschall surname. To link all pages researching or containing the Paschall surname. To gather all info pertaining to the surname Paschall. To provide an array of Genealogy resources.

    Surnames: Paschall, Paschal, Pascal


    Ramsdale Family Register
    Description: This web site is exclusively dedicated to genealogical research of the

    Surnames: Ramsdill, Ramsdell, Ramsdall, Ramsdale, Ramsdal, Ramsdaille


    Rappleye Roots
    Description: There is widespread confusion about the lineage of some Rapalje descendants. There are various and sometimes contradictory versions of the Rapalje lineage in Europe, but no doubt about the progenitor of the name in America. Site features: Links to Huguenot Sites; Links to other Rapalje (and variant spelling) sites; Miscellaneous civil and church records; Post a query; Search the Rappleye database.

    Surnames: Rappleye, Rappelyea, Rappelye, Raplee, Rapelje, Rapaller, Rapalje


    Ridsdale SRC
    Description: This is the place for all things RIDSDALE. Site features: Variant Spellings; Origins; Ridsdale Data, Web Links, and Gedcom's; Famous RIDSDALEs; Emigration & Immigration; RIDSDALE resources; Census information; Researcher Index; Debt of Honour Register from the CWGC.

    Surnames: Rydsdale, Rudsdill, Rudsdil, Rudsdel, Rudsdale, Rudsdaile, Rodsdale, Ritsdale, Rigsdale, Rigedale, Rigdall, Ridsdill, Ridsdell, Ridsdel, Ridsdall, Ridsdale, Ridsdal, Ridsdaile, Ridsdail, Ridgedale, Ridgedaile, Ridgdale, Ridesdale, Riddsdale, Riddisdale, Riddesdall, Riddesdaile, Redsdayll, Redsdayle


    Shellenberger Researcher's Homepage
    Description: This page provides information about Shellenbergers, Schallenbergers prior to 1900. There is information about the origin of the surname, links to other sites, online records, and queries (more coming soon).

    Surnames: Schallenberger, Schellenberg, Schellenberge, Schollenbarger, Schulenberg, Schulenburg, Schullenberg, Shallenbarger, Shelenberger, Shellabarger, Shellenbarger, Shellenberger, Shollenbarger, Shollenberger, Shulenberger, Solenberger, Sollenberger


    Surname Resource Center for the Sherrill-Sherrell Families
    Description: I am creating this community so all of us researching Sherrill, Sherrell and spelling variants can pool our information, documents, photos, etc. By doing this, maybe we can add something that someone else can use and in return maybe we will find something we need pertaining to our line. Site features: Purpose; Meanings and Origin of the Name; On-Line Database; Researchers List; Home Page Links; Genealogy Links; Records - Bible, Biographies, Deeds, Obituaries, Pension, Photos, Wills; Message Board; Queries; Books; Netiquette; Feedback.

    Surnames: Sarle, Scheriell, Scherrell, Schrill, Schrrell, Serel, Serrell, Sharil, Sharrle, Shearil, Shearl, Shearoll, Sheral, Sherald, Sheralds, Sherel, Sheriall, Sheriel, Sheriell, Sherill, Sherills, Sherl, Sherold, Sherolds, Sherral, Sherrald, Sherrall, Sherreel, Sherrele, Sherrell, Sherrelle, Sherriell, Sherrielle, Sherril, Sherrile, Sherrill, Sherrille, Sherrol, Sherrold, Sherryl, Sherwill, Sheryl, Shirel, Shirl, Shirrel, Shirrell, Shirrels, Shirril, Shirrill, Shirrwell, Shlirell, Shrall, Shreile, Shurl, Shurrell, Shuryl


    The All Kendall Genealogy Page
    Description: The All Kendall Genealogy Page

    Surnames: Kindle, Kindl, Kindell, Kindel, Kindall, Kendle, Kendell, Kendall


    The Balliet Surname Resource Center
    Description: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries; Surname Researchers; Online Database; Download the Database (Gedcom Archives - Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links.

    Surnames: Balliet


    The Cadwallader Surname
    Description: A place for people interested in the Cadwallader Surname to freely access, submit and inquire about information: offer assistance; and communicate with others through e-mail, database, family stories, webpages, archives and photos. Queries, Surname Researcher, Genealogy Links, Archives (Records), Online Database, Meaning and Origin, Family Stories, Family Photos, Famous Cadwalladers.

    Surnames: Cadwallader, Cadwalader


    The Callanan Connection
    Description: The Callanan Connection is an on-line meeting place for researchers of the Callanan Surnames (and variations).

    Surnames: Culnane, Culnan, Cullonane, Cullinnon, Cullinen, Cullinane, Cullinan, Cullanan, Calnon, Calnen, Calnan, Callinnan, Callinan, Callenan, Callanane, Callanan, Calinan, Calanan, Quillinane


    The Caswell Homepage
    Description: Mailing List, Query Page, Message Boards, Research Groups, links and more abound at the site. Searching all around the world!

    Surnames: Coswell, Caswill, Caswell, Caswall, Casswell, Cassill, Karswell


    The Ethell Surname Family Center
    Description: Site Features: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries from and for Surname Researchers; Online Family Tree; Download the Tree (GEDCOM Archives - Records & Deeds; Genealogy Links; Submit your information; How to help this center. Variations include: Athol, Eithell, Ethall, Ethel, Ethell, Ethill, Ethol, and Ithell.

    Surnames: Athol, Ethol, Ethill, Ethell, Ethel, Ethall, Eithell, Ithell


    The Hallisey Family Center
    Description: Have you been searching for years on your Hallisey Ancestery? This is for ALL Hallisey's throughout the World. Purpose; Queries; Obituaries; Marriage Records; Hallisey Immigrants; Photos; Other Hallisey Links; Submit Your Information; Meaning and Origins; Hallisey Researchers; Wills; Census Records; Hallisey Genealogies; Hallisey's in Cemeteries; Other Documents; Genealogy Related Links; HALLISEY Mailing List!

    Surnames: Hallisey


    The Hinshaw Family Association
    Description: The Hinshaw Family Association

    Surnames: Hinshaw, Henshaw, Henshall


    The Pownall / Pownell Surname Resource Center
    Description: Queries, Calendar, Marriage Records, Birth Index, Surname Boards, Genealogy Related Links.

    Surnames: Pownell, Pownall


    The Trumble-Trumbull Family
    Description: The Trumble-Trumbull Family

    Surnames: Trumbull, Trumbul, Trumble, Trumbell, Trumball


    Timlin genealogy
    Description: Please consider this a

    Surnames: if not all


    Valleau Family Association
    Description: Valleau Family Association was founded in 1994, and present on the World Wide Web since 1996, they are dedicated to the discovery and preservation of the rich and varied history and genealogy of this family, celebrating the achievements of the past and chaValleau

    Surnames: Valleau


    Valli (Italian) SRC - Surname Resource Center
    Description: Surname resource center containing online database; meaning and origins of the name; archives - research, records & deeds; queries; surname researchers; home page links; how to help; and general genealogy links.

    Surnames: Valli


    Wallis Surname Resource Center
    Description: This Page was created for Wallis Researchers to come together and find those elusive ancestors we are always talking about finding. Site features: Origin and Meaning of Name; Wallis Web Sites; Post Queries; Read Queries; Records; Genealogical Links; Goals; GEDCOMS; Researchers.

    Surnames: Wallis


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