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UK, Scottish and Irish mainly
St.Leger-May Family Home Page
Enlish Welsh and Irish Genealogy
The Joe Beakley Family Home Page
I am descended from the Beakleys in Tennessee from about 1825. My ancestors moved to Texas in about 1870.
Beam Family History Page
Beam Family History Page: Surname List
The Joe Beakley Family Home Page
My Great grandfather,Wright William Beakley, helped put the statue on top of the Capitol building in Austin, Texas. He may have been a contractor or foreman at the time. I have a photo of a large group of men beside the statue prior to its being raised to the top of the Capitol in 1888. My Great grandfather Samuel Anderson Long fought in the war against Mexico for Texas' independance and came to Texas from Tennessee. My Great grandfather, Tony Allen Estes was born about 1850 in Clayton County Georgia. The Leavitts came to Texas from Maine in the middle 1800s
Batey Family Tree
InterneTree: James M Batey Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Samuel Reuben Ard Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Ashley Micheala Batey Batey Family Tree: Surname List
Darrell Joe Battles and Karla LeAnne McKerley
Book: Apples and Oranges Darrell Joe Battles and Karla LeAnne McKerley: Surname List
The Steve Bast Family Home Page
Steve Bast surname list
Bandt Caves
InterneTree: Gayle Lynn Bandt Report: Marriage Report Bandt Caves: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Robert Bales Norfolk
Balko Family Ancestors
Diane Balko surname list
Ford (Faure) - Hohman (Hohmann) Family Tree
Ford (Faure) - Hohman (Hohmann) Family Tree: Surname List
The Bain Family Of East Tenn
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of William Bain The Bain Family Of East Tenn.: Surname List
The Bailey Family
My great grandfather was Ranel or Randall Bailey. He was born about 1848 and died about 1944. InterneTree: Clintine E Bailey The Bailey Family: Surname List
Michael Babe Family Home Page
Babe - Ireland Wisconsin Iowa Coakley - Maine Massachusetts Iowa Setchell - England Iowa & Oklahoma Voss - Unk origin Iowa Peterson - Denmark Iowa Perry - Massachusetts Iowa Bassett - Iowa Callen - Ireland Wisconsin Burns - Wisconsin Iowa Olley - Wisconsin Goebel - Wisconsin InterneTree: Michael T Babe
Donald Slaughter Family Tree
Adams,Cole and others in Georgia
InterneTree: Linda D Austin
Jerry Dwight Austin
Jerry Austin Family Tree
Genealogy of the Aunspaw Family
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Adam Anspach Genealogy Report: Descendants of Benjamin F. Unspaw Genealogy of the Aunspaw Family: Surname List
Gary B Arnold Home Page
Harry Arnold immigrated to Canada in 1906 from Essex in Britain; the Albert Bleakley Family immigrated from Enniskillen, Northern Ireland about 1910. JONSSON - Originally from YNDE, Brekinge, Sweden DUGUAY - Long-time family connections in New Brunswick, Canada COMEAU - Long-time family connections in New Brunswick, Canada
Kevin Andrews of Durham, North Carolina
Kevin Andrews - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Billie Jeane Anderson
The ALFORD Family Page
InterneTree: Larry L Alford\r\n
Reuben Magor of Moonta
Bernadette B Affleck's surname list
Searching For The Adams Family of Northwest Arkansas
My great grandfather was Charlie Earl Adams born July 8, 1913 and his fathers name was Chalres Elswroth Adams whose wife was Hortense Oakly. All of these people lived in Rogers Arkansas.
Larry Achtemichuk
Surname List\r\n\r\nIndex of Individuals\r\n\r\nInterneTree\r\n
Abbott/Rowlee/Fuller Family line
Abbott/Rowlee/Fuller Family line
Wakelee Avenue
Descendants of Henry Wakelee (or Wakeley), one of the founders of Hartford Connecticut. As of 7/28/99 this page contains a link to files containing Wakelee information from the 'History and Genealogy of Families of Old Fairfield,' compiled by Donald Lines Jacobis in the early 1930's. The goal is to provide information about any Wakelee (Wakeley, Wakely, Wakley, Waklee, Wakeler, Walkley, or other spelling variation) descendant of Henry Wakelee.
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.
Bonnie's Branches
On her Surname pages you will find each individual with thier birth and death dates listed where known
Long Island Genealogy
Visit Long Island Genealogy for in-depth Long Island Genealogy information. Recently chosen the largest Regional Surname resource on the Web.
Shipman/Futch Families
Shipman Family Newsletters and Futch Family History.
Ancestors of Alan Thomas Stokes
Charles H. Oakley of Ohio (b. 1888) is last known Oakley in study.
Coakley Family History
An attempt by the Webmaster to start a Coakley family history movement that will eventually culminate in a family reunion, a detailed family history, and a web ring just for the Coakley family
John's Place
The actual genealogical part of my web site displays a few photographs of great and great-great grandparents. A narrative identifies the geopolitical regions my ancestors lived at before coming to America. Gives some links to genealogical resources pertainAmundsen, Archer, Cassidy, Iversen, Oakley, Olson, Swaim
Darrel La Mar and Barbara Jean Wakley Home Page
Then to Downey and Beyond page
Covington And Wilson Home Page
Descendants of Edward Covington from Pittsylvania Co, VA ( his children living in Rutherford Co. TN)and Joseph Wilson of Fentress Co. TN. (his children living in Overton, Fentress and Cumberland Co.,TN)
Welcome to the Lyles Home Page
Our families lived in Alabama, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Please visit our homepage to view our descendant outlines
Housley+Taylor Home Page
This web site is dedicated to the family histories of the TAYLOR family living in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire from at least 1780 onwards, and to the HOUSLEY family living in the Monyash area of Derbyshire from at least 1725 onwards. Also here is informatioGreenwood, Hall, Housley, Humphrey, Oakley, Taylor, Wright

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