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Monk Family of West Virginia
This is my attempt at putting my information on the web in order to hopefully connect with new family.
Yesterday'...and Today
Here, There and Everywhere' around the Virginia counties of Floyd and Montgomery, I am researching (among others) the names JENNINGS, EPPERLY, WICKHAM, PAYNE, WIMMER, SOWERS, POFF, TRAIL, LAWRENCE, AKERS, and LESTER. \r\n\r\n'The Long and Winding Road' that leads to Kanawha and Fayette County West Virginia is where I am researching the names HUDNALL, BARR, SCHOOLCRAFT, REED, McCUNE and others. JENNINGS, EPPERLY, SOWERS, POFF and TRAIL also came to this area of West Virginia as did numerous other Floyd/Montgomery County Virginia families
Sandy's Family History
Book: Sandy's Family InterneTree: Descendants of David (DC) Akers Report: Report Sandy's Family History: Surname List
The Batchelor Home Page
Sharon Marie Batchelor surname list
The Walter R. Batterton family of Ardmore,ok
InterneTree: Walter R Batterton Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Henry Batterton Sr. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Walter Lee Young Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Harold Cobb Nalley The Walter R. Batterton family of Ardmore,ok: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Robert J Bates surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
Mary Joyce Bates surname list
The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois
William B Barnes surname list The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois: Surname List
Michael E Baker - InterneTree
Ancestors of Debra J. Baker
Genealogy: Baker, Green, Bloomer, Laughery and more in OHIO
Brook Lynne Baker surname list
Linda's Family Tree
Linda June Baird surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: William Earl Abbett
The Stephen Barrett Austin Family Home Page
Stephen Barrett Austin surname list
Athon and Hammer Family
Athon 1650-Present MD VA NC IN IL KSAkers 1700-Present PA KSDibert 1800-Present PA OH KSGainey 1756-1899 NC KY IN ILGiles 1700-1800 SC KYHammer 1000-Present NORWAY KSLanning 1600-Present WALES NJ IL KSLarson 1000-Present NORWAY KSMeredith 1800-1900 NC INPettijohn 1800-1930 OH KSSlusser 1600-1900 GERMANY MD OH KSStarbuck 1600-Present ENGLAND MS NC IN KSTournade 1815-Present FRANCE LA FL PR KSWood 1800-1900 OH NE FL KS
The Thomas Hoyte Arnette Family Homepage
surnames from the Tennessee area
Marvin Luther Arnold of Odessa, Texas
InterneTree: Descendant Fan Tree of Anthony Gholson Sr. Ancestor Tree of James Arnold Sr. Descendant Tree of James Sr. Arnold Descendant Fan Tree of Anthony Gholson Sr. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of James Sr. Arnold Genealogy Report: Ancestors of James Sr. Arnold Marvin Luther Arnold of Odessa, Texas : Surname List
The Arkebauer/Morrow Family Genealogy Home Page
Arkebauer/Morrow Family Tree
The Johnson-Anderson Family Garden
the Downs, Whitakers of Marshall, Texas. This extension of my family dates back to the mid 1800s in Bethany, Louisiana and Marshall, Texas. My maternal gggrandfather was Albert Downs, he was married to Missouri Isabella, AKA Bellzonia. From their union there were 11 children: Albert, Jr, 1871; Molly, 1874; Emma, 1875; Ida,1878; Simuel, 1880; Thomas, 1882 (my ggranfather);Grover Cleveland,1885; William, 1888; James,1892; Obelia,1893; and Chester, 1895. Moses Johnson of Daytona Beach, Florida. family was said to have moved to Daytona Beach, Florida from Camilla, Georgia. Grandfather Ben Johnson was born cir. 1880s. Andersons/Manning of Jacksonville, Florida. Marable-Williams of Palatka, Fl and Valdosta, Ga.
The Andreasen Home Page
BEELER/BEEHLER/BUHLER, Michael - b Baden, GER c 1790. To US on Ship Bayard 5 September 1828, settled in Wayne/Pike Co., PA. with wife Christina DASTE,DAISTE,DAISSE. Carl BUHLER age 46 also emigrated with this family. GREINER, John N(icholas?) - b GER 1796 m Christina FAATZ or Elizabeth? To US 1802 in Phil., PA with parents, then to Wayne Co., PA 1816 to start a glass factory with FAATZ/FAAS/FAHS family. HARTMAN, Casimir - b 1841 Bavaria, GER. To US 1850/1851 (perhaps with bro. Jacob) m Sarah Ann TRANSUE in Scranton, PA 1865. Was a Teamster in Scranton, PA. HOLE, Chas. b c 1700 NY/NJ?? d 1749 NJ m Sarah SMITH possibly dau. of Henry. Ch. married into WILLCOCKS, BRYANT, CLARK? and MARSH families. KELLEY, Benjamin - b 1772 NY m? 1- ? (d c 1818) early 1800's possibly in Seneca, NY area; had son Benj. and possibly another, and dau., E. Mahala who m into the BUCKINGHAM's of CT; 2- Mary HOEL (dau. of Daniel HOLE/HOEL of NJ; sister to many HOEL brothers in Wayne Co., PA) probably Wayne Co., PA by 1822. Benj. and son owned tanneries in Wayne Co., PA. Son Robert married into the KILLAM (sp.) family of Wayne Co., PA. LAFRANCE, Peter - b 1728 FR.; to Marblehead, Essex Co., MA (family name orig. HYENVEUX/HIANVEUX) 1751 (perhaps from Diane Andreasen
The Akers Family: From Kentucky To California
William Henry Akers family of Estill County, Kentucky, migrated over a period of years to become some of the first settlers in the Central California Valley during the mid-1800's. Henry Akers' ancestors originated in England, moved to Holland, and then Virginia. Ruth D Andrewsvreeland - InterneTree
Don & Donna Summers Home Page
We welcome all those that would like to share genealogy with us.
Marilyn Maxfield King Family
Welcome all readers. User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of Tedric; Descendants of Richard De Wydeville; Descendants of Wesley Henry King; Brothertown Indians and the Fowler Family; Descendants of Furbert de Wescote
The Janice Swain Family Web Page
Searching for links to family tree. Does you family have a branch on my tree?
Please email me if you can connect Webster Co.MO, Georgia, Tennessee, Sweden
my Grandparents, William Allan & Annie Christie, both of whom were born and raised in SCOTLAND. My Grandfather was born on March 28, 1881 in Drumoak, Aberdeenshire while his future wife, my grandmother, was born just two years earlier in the small sea side town of Stonehaven, Kincardineshire on October 28, 1878.\r\n\r\nInterneTree: Jim P Allan\r\n
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Nannie Blanche Abbott
The Albers Family
My father was born in Zwartemeer , NL .\r\nI have found living family members in Holland & Germany . \r\nMy branch of the Albers family was mainly Catholic . \r\n\r\nJennifer Albers Family Tree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Hunter H Akers
Toni Vitale Akers Begins Research (Vitale/Hollis/Beth/Akers)
Hollis of Alabama/South Carolina\r\nBeth of Illinois/Germany\r\nVitale of Newark/Grottamindara, Italy\r\n\r\nMy husbands lines will include:\r\nAkers of Georgia/Alabama\r\nMcGee of Florida/Kentucky\r\nBevis of Florida
Show Me' the AKERS of Missouri
Joseph Everett AKERS appears in Ray County, Missouri about 1825. He is a farmer and commission man(salesman)for hemp and other products sold on the Missouri River by farmers. Joseph was born about 1795 and raised in Kentucky. He dies when his son James R. AKERS is 8 years old. James R. becomes the man of the house until his mid-twenties when his sisters have married and his mother remarried. Then, following the gold rush of 1848...he heads to California...only to return to Missouri a few years later. He settles down, marries and has children...then comes the Civil War. James R. serves in the Enrolled Missouri Militia at age 35...is captured, paroled, and returns to farming.\r\nOne of his sons, George R. AKERS becomes a telegrapher and works for the railroad(principally the Santa Fe), mostly in Missouri, all his life.\r\nGeorge's only child is Gerald Edwin AKERS who is born on the 4th of July, 1891.
My Genealogy Home Page
Sterling Akers surname list\r\n
James and Stephanie (Akers) Howerton of OK
Stephanie Dianne (Akers) surname list
Bob & Joyce \Beal\ Akes Home Page
User Home Page Report: Report
Akers Family Tree Project
Micheal G Akers jr - InterneTree\r\n
The Michael Akers of Valrico, Fl.
Akers and Faith families started in Southern Indiana and trace back thru Kentucky, Virginia and Pennsylvania. \r\n\r\nInterneTree: Michael Akers Florida\r\n
Martinia Cheree Akers Family Tree and Research
Martinia C Akers - InterneTree
The Bobby Akers Home Page
William Akers is the first Akers that I know about in America. He was a Quaker and lived in Hunterdon County, NJ-died there in 1715. A son, Simon went to PA, others to VA, then IN, IL, Benton County, TN and Henry County, TN.\r\n
Larry Akers
Akers and Pierce are now in Southern Illinois.\r\nBrown and Spitznagle are now in Indianapolis.\r\n

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