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Vans Family Archive
Genealogical database and archive of photos, letters and other papers of historical interest.
The Bailey Family of Hampshire UK
InterneTree: Angela Adkin The Bailey Family of Hampshire UK: Surname List
Descendants of Nathaniel Harriman (Herriman) Ontario, Canada
Nathaniel Harriman was either born in Hadley, MA or Norwich, CT in 1758. He married Bethania Snow in Hardwick, MA in 1781 and they had 9 children. We believe him to be the son of Nathaniel Harriman b. Oct 9, 1723,the brother of Jonathan b. 1753, the grandson of Matthew Harriman born August 16, 1652 and the great grandson of Leonard Harriman. Nathaniel received a land grant of 200 acres near the town of Cobourg, Hamilton Township, Northumberland County, Ontario (then called Hamilton in Upper Canada) on September 1, 1797. He may have been referred to as a Simcoe Loyalist. We have recently added information on his brother, Jonathan who moved from Vermont to Sandy Creek, NY. Diadamia was the youngest daughter of Nathaniel and Bethania. She was reported to be stolen from the lake shore near Cobourg, Ontario by Mississauga Indians on June 7, 1797 just 4 weeks after the family arrived from Rupert, Vermont. A poem written by Bethania entitled The Lost Child was meant to tell her parents, Jesse and Mary Snow,(nee Eaton)in Hardwick, MA, about the loss of Diadamia. Nathaniel, his second son, is the direct line ascendant to the author. He was a well respected person and served in the Provincial Dragoons during the war of 1812 -1815. His younger brother, Luther, was also in the Canadian Militia during that war. Luther then became a physician and was married twice; the first to Sarah White (5 children) (Sarah may have died as a result of childbirth complications) and the second to Abigail Dean. That marriage produced 7 children. Two sons, Weston Leroy and Elbridge also became physicians. After serving on the Union side during the Civil War, as surgeons, they both returned to establish practices in Lindsay, Ontario. Elbridge then moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota some time after 1879. The Harriman History (Feudalism to Freedom)by Lois Ware Thurston,comments on the Harriman Name. The name Harriman was not uncommon in England, suggesting there was no one Harriman family, but several unrelated families with the same name. Some of the earliest Harriman records were found in Uldale and it was only in these records that another Harriman with the Christian name Leonard was found. Uldale is in Cumberland County (the Lake District) in Northern England near the Scottish border (and recent center of the outbreak of foot and mouth disease) There are variant spellings of Harriman, Herriman, Harryman, Herryman, as in those days people often spelt a name the way it sounded. Charles W. Bardsley, author of ?A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames?, claims the name Harryman is an occupational name meaning servant of Henry which when spoken sounds like Harry?. When the Harriman?s left Uldale it was likely to find a better way of life, rather than religious freedom. Leonard and John Harriman found themselves caught up in the Great Migration of the 1630's. and arrived with Reverend E Rogers in New England in 1638. They set out from Rawley, Yorkshire, England. Descendants of Nathaniel Harriman (Herriman) Ontario, Canada: Surname List
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InterneTree: Elizabeth Acton
The John J. Agnew Family Home Page
John J. Agnew, Donegal, Ireland m. Margaret Graham, ScotlandHad a son John George Agnew who married Annie CrawfordJohn G. Agnew came to the U.S. (Philadelphia, St. Michael's Parish) when he was 12 years old in April 1838. They had 9 children. The children were Margaret, John J., Edward, William F. James F., Annie, Susan, Hannah and Mary (Mame).
Eleanor Lankford Ayers Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Eleanor L Ayers GA Eleanor Lankford Ayers Genealogy Home Page: Surname List
Ronald T Anderson II Family Tree
Ronald T Anderson II Family Tree: Surname List
The Dennis Clark Allen Family in Rockwall, Texas
Dennis grew up in Salina, Kansas, son of Raymond Warren Allen, also born and raised in Salina Kansas. His father was Clark Edwin Allen of Salina. (a railroad man) Clark's father was Elisha Warren Allen, a Kansas pioneer. \r\n\r\nInterneTree: Dennis C Allen\r\n
The Albrinck Family Home Page
ALBRINCK (Hannover, Germany -> Cincinnati, OH ARENS/ARNS (Ankum, Germany -> Kentucky TOEBBE (Cincinnati, OH HEILE (Cincinnati, OHNAEGELE (Germany -> New York -> Cincinnati, OH McKEOWN (Ireland -> Cincinnati, OH LAMB (Ireland -> Cincinnati, OH KOHNE (Germany -> Cincinnati, OHEICHHOLD (Germany -> Cincinnati, OH WITSKEN (Germany -> Cincinnati, OH WEBER (Germany -> Cincinnati, OH BROCKMEYER (Cincinnati, OHKELLER (Ireland -> Cincinnati, OH AGNEW (Cincinnati, OH FARLEY (Ireland -> Cincinnati, OH MARINGER (Cincinnati, OH). \r\n
Francis H. Agnew Page
gf, Francis H. Agnew was born in Oregon, Wisconsin in 1885, died in Portland, Oregon in 1964. He was married to Myrtle Mae Farley. \r\n
The Agnews of Alabama
Shelby Agnew - InterneTree\r\n
Descendents of William Agnew & Isabella Cail
William Agnew was born about 1786 in Galloway, Scotland. He arrived at Brown's Yard on the Richibucto River, Kent County, New Brunswick in 1819 as a Pilot (the person who navigates ocean going vessels through river channels). From his land grant petition we have learned that he served in the Royal Navy for three years. Family tradition has him marrying Isabella Cail aboard ship as she was emigrating from Westmoreland, England to New Brunswick. They died sometime between 1861-1871.
Robert Allen Agnew from Sayre, PA
Michael Agnew July 18 1803 - Oct. 22, 1880 and his wife Elizabeth Kyser Dec 05, 1807 - May 27, 1892. Apparently they came to Pa from NY or NJ.
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Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Agnew
The Hillier Tree-and the branches of it
InterneTree: Melissa Sue Agnew Ontario\r\n\r\nReport: Kinship of William Hellier\r\n\r\nOutline Descendant Tree: Descendants of William Hellier\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of William Hellier\r\n
MJ Agnew Family - Past & Present
Agnew in Northern Ireland & Scotland\r\nComstock in New England\r\nCunningham in Virginia & California\r\nKessler in Pennsylvania, Onio, & Indiana
The Agnew / Boucher Family History
Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Agnew\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Jean Boucher\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Juergen (George) Ortgiesen\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Martin Joseph Gorman\r\n
Agnew Family Tree, Scotland to Canada
Kirsty E Agnew - InterneTree\r\n
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Keith Angus Agnew\r\n
Agnew, MacNeill, Keith, MacLellan
Keith Angus Agnew surname list\r\n
The William Agnew Family Research Home Page
William Agnew was born in Ireland somewhere around 1734 and died in Hamilton County, Ohio in 1805. He was married while in Ireland to a women with the last name of (Allin?)Allen around 1751. They had at least one sibling named Samuel Agnew date of birth unknown. They are suspected to have lived somewhere in northern Ireland.\r\nAfter William made residence in the U.S., he married Margaret Brant about 1785. Her father was Samuel Brant. Her children where:\r\n\r\nBrant Agnew December 31, 1786\r\nJoseph B. Agnew December 21, 1787\r\nDavid Agnew February 16, 1792\r\nPhebe Agnew February 12, 1797\r\nDaniel Agnew January 28, 1799\r\nNancy Agnew March 19, 1801\r\nWilliam Allen Agnew January 29, 1805\r\n
Flora Yerkes Family Home Page
George W. Hoffman who died in California about 1900 and who emigrated by wagon train in 1852from St. Louis. Looking for European parentage of George Holmes who was born in Nazig, England about 1594. Also seeking Canadian connection of Jean Batiste St Louis who was on same wagon train.\r\nAlso want to find info on George Agnew and Annie Kerr Agnew who were married in South Dakota.\r\n
James Agnew, watch and clock maker, Saint John City, NB, CA
James Agnew and his wife Eliza (Reid) lived in Saint John City from about 1830 to 1850. Their two eldest children, William Barrington Agnew and Letitia French Agnew were born in Ireland. I believe the family originally came from Antrim, Ireland.\r\n\r\nJames had a brother Moore French Agnew from Nove Scotia who on his marriage certificate states he was from Antrim, Ireland.\r\n\r\nDouglas B Agnew - InterneTree\r\n
The Don Agnew Family Home Page(Texas Edition)
My great-grandfather was Joseph Frank Agnew born in Rock Hill, South Carolina in 1854. Joseph Frank Agnew married Agnes Theodosia Darby and they moved to Texas around the turn of the century. Horace Franklin Crowell, my grandfather, was born in Salisbury, North Carolina in 1880. He married Nellie Bunny Uncel in Fate, Texas.\r\n\r\nInterneTree: Descendant Tree of Joseph Darby\r\n\r\nDescendant Tree of Joseph Darby (PDF Format)\r\n\r\n
The Don Agnew's of Tyler, Texas
Agnew's from Chester, S.C., the Darby's of S.C., Crowell's of N.C. the Selbys of Tennessee and the Uncels of Kentucky, Illinois and Texas. I have been working on these families of my family tree for several years.
Agnew,Westmoreland,Kirkland, Sweeney, & Driggers Families
Elijah Agnew was born in Pickens Co., SC early 1800's, he married Susannah Nix & had a son George McDuffie, and at least two daughters;Rosebell & Susie. George had sons Leonard & Perry & more children, names unknown. Leonard and siblings were born in Franklin, Hart Co. areas in GA. Toccoa, Canon, Hartwell, Royston, & Lavonia, GA. Leonard married Sally Grace Westmoreland, daughter of Seaborn Lenoir & Eliza (Elizabeth?)Jordan. Seaborn and Eliza had several children: Burgess Bowers, Mattie, & lots more. Westmoreland's married into the Bowers,Cheek, & Rucker families around the GA areas above. George Lyman Sweeney, born in WI, parents born in OH. Had brothers named Homer, Charles, & maybe twin sisters Myra & Tyra. He's found in the 1920 Lee Co. FL census as single from WI & parents from OH., AGE 56. He married that year Amy Kirkland, daughter of James Kirkland and Mary Ann Driggers.\r\nJames Kirkland,Jacob N. Driggers & Nancy Jernigan Tatum parents of Mary(Polly)Ann Driggers who married James Kirkland from GA. James & Mary Ann\r\nmarried in Hillsborough Co. FL in 1858 & had Mary Magdalene, Amy, Fredrick, William, Wilson, Robert, Alice, Ivy, Tim, & Gettis Kirkland. \r\n\r\n\r\n
The Snider / Redmond Family Home Page
SNIDER, most recently from Carthage, New York. Earliest ancestor I know of came from Germany in 1648.\r\nREDMOND, recently from the Kingston, Ontario area.\r\nMURPHY, BURKE, and BARRY, from the Kingston, Ontario area.\r\nAGNEW, recently from Owen Sound, Ontario\r\nRICHARDS, also recently from Owen Sound, Ontario\r\nPRITTIE, I belive from New York State (Watertown/Carthage)\r\nBRIGGS, possibly New York State.\r\n
Albert Agnew Family of California
ancestors of Albert Agnew. Grandfather, Samuel Henry Agnew b.1854, Ballymena, County Antrim,Ireland. He came to America as a young man.
The Descendants of Isaac White
Descendants of Isaac White
The PAYNEs of Dromore, Co. Down, Ireland & Dundee, Scotland, with Allied Families
The Paynes of Dromore, County Down, Ireland and Dundee Scotland
Our Family Tree ... Also researching the following surnames: Blackmore, Campbell, Comerford, Cosgrove, Costigan, Crossgrove, Kehoe/Keogh, Leslie, MacKinnon,McKinnon, MacKintosh/McIntosh, MacPherson/McPherson, Main/Mains, McCulloch, McKellar, Mitchell, and Agnew, Ashby, Beaton, Bethune, Clark, Dunk, Dunn, Fisher

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