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Who did Rebecca Adamson call ?Dad??
c1780 1840 Qkr >Lost Creel TN? >Frfld OH >Jksn IN >Webster MO
The Findings of My Barber Genealogy
InterneTree: Ancestor Fan Tree of Edwin Mae Barber, Sr. The Findings of My Barber Genealogy: Surname List
Bastians -Tuttles - Tolles - Petersons
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Virginia Lee Bastian All-in-One Tree of Johan Georg Stenfelt (PDF Format) All-in-One Tree of Virginia Lee Bastian (PDF Format) Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Virginia Lee Bastian (View PDF) Almond Butler, Alvin, Albin, A. B., and Colonel Metcalf. He lived at Fort Dodge, KS in the late 1800s and the early 1900's He died 1933 in Dodge City, KS. Bastians -Tuttles - Tolles - Petersons: Surname List
The Lisa K. Bassill Family Home Page
William M. Beardsley, born in Malone, Franklin County, New York c. 1857. His father's name may have been Oliver. descendants of the Buck family of Fentress and Overton and Hancock counties of Kentucky. User Home Page Report: Report User Home Page Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of William Beardsley User Home Page Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Jonathan Buck
The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois
William B Barnes surname list The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois: Surname List
Baker, Albaugh, Householder, Clutz
InterneTree: Dusty L Adamson Genealogy Report: Descendants of Maurice/Morris Albaugh
The Douglas A. Baker Sr. Family of West Memphis, AR
Douglas A Baker Sr surname list
The John Edgar Crowells of Kansas
InterneTree: Angela S Baker KS Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of John Edgar Crowell John Edgar Crowell (Parents John and Nancy Brown of Ozawkie,Kansas) born in Olpe Kansas probably about 1880. Had at least 5 sisters; Maude, Frankie, and Doll. He married Mabel Talkington and had three boys and 1 girl. Later they divorced and the children were seperated. One of them my Grandfather Roy Crowell went to live with his aunt Maude Crowell Kling. The John Edgar Crowells of Kansas: Surname List
The Baine Family Page
Thomas W Baine v - InterneTree Report: Ancestors of Thomas William Baine, V Our BAINE ancestors came from Devon, England, then through to Kildare, Ireland, before settling near Cairo, Illinois, and our branch finally making their way down to Jacksonville, Florida. The WILSON family came from Statesboro, Georgia, where they had been since after the American Revolution. Our TURNER family came originally from North Carolina, but moved to Kansas City, Kansas, before making their way to Georgia. The DOWNING ancestors were of mixed Cherokee Indian and English descent. They were from Southern Georgia, and married into the Henderson clan of Pearson, Georgia. 1. Colonel Richard Lee, the Emigrant (1610-1664)- Patriarch of the Lees of Virginia. 2. Rev. John Robinson, M.A., the famed Apostle of Leyden (1575-1624) - Pastor of the Pilgrims in Holland, and spiritual leader of them when they came to Plymouth. 3. Colonel Nicholas Greenberry (1627-1697)-Royal Governor of Maryland in the 1690's. Early settler of Maryland. 4. King Henry VII (1456-1509)- King of England from 1485-1509; founder of the Tudor Dynasty. Ended the Wars of the Roses. 5. King William I the Conqueror (1027-1087)- Norman noble who conquerored England from his cousin, King Harold. Founded the modern English monarchy as we now know it. 1. General Robert E. Lee (1807-1870)-Cousin; Commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during the American Civil War. 2. James Knox Polk (1795-1849)- Cousin; Eleventh President of the United States, Governor of Tennessee, and Speaker of the House of Representatives. 3. Millard Fillmore (1800-1874)- Cousin; Thirteenth President of the United States. 4. Salmon Portland Chase (1808-1873)- Cousin; Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of the Treasury, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, United States Senator, Governor of Ohio, and lawyer. 5. Lewis Cass (1782-1866)- Cousin; United States Senator; Governor of Michigan.
The Bagby's of Randolph,CO.MO.
descendants of the 1793 John Bagby & Mildred Ward from VA/Ky to MO. The line starts in Jamestown Va. in about 1628 with #1John & his son 2James, 3John, 4John, 5George, 6Robert, 7Robert, 8William. THEN 1793 #9John & his 1813 brother William.10-Owen Henry Bagby. My line continues with 11Walter Horsley Bagby 12 Maurice Rhoades Bagby. (New is the Walter Rhoades & Kube FTM Report) #8 Wm is the 1810 Bourbon CO Census Bagbey/Bagby & Mary Fearn. Mary (Fern)Bagbey is the sister who is listed in the 1799 John Fearn 111(3rd's) Will.They have 8 children Then #8Wm Bagby marries another Mary Fearn in 1824.& has 3 more. #9 the 1793 John Bagby & Mildred Ward & family came to Howard/Randolph,CO. MO. in 1827/28. 1813 William Bagby, brother of John. Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Bagby Genealogy Report: Descendants of Walter G. Rhoades Genealogy Report: Descendants of Wiliam Bagbey Genealogy Report: Descendants of John M. Milnes Genealogy Report: Descendants of Owen Henry Bagby The Bagby's of Randolph,CO.MO.: Surname List
The Baers of Cleveland OH & South Africa
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Abraham Schultz The Baers of Cleveland OH & South Africa: Surname List
Erik Ankrom's Genealogy Site
Erik Ankrom's Genealogy Site: Surname List
The Allan / Brady Family Home Page
User Home Page Report: Report\r\n\r\nThe Allans are mainly from Scotland and England.The Bradys are predominantly from the Southern States with branches back into England, Ireland, France and Holland.
The Families of Hugh Alexander Allan - Windsor On, Canada
Dr. James Silliman Allen (1795-1870) the patriarch of the family in Canada.\r\nHe was married to Elizabeth Martha Adamson (1810-1877). They had 13 children and most were settled on land he bequeathed to them in or near Marlbank, Ontario, Canada (Hastings County).\r\nThe 'Old Doc' was born or raised in Co. Antrim, N. Ireland and graduated from Edinborough University in Scotland before emmigrating to Canada.\r\nMy mother was a Johnston from Napanee, Ontario. My mother's mother was Amy Augusta Walker (1877-1922)who was the second wife of Wm. Benjamin Johnston.Amy's first husband was named Belcher. her only daughter was Beatrice and she married Claude Emmons from Scarborough, Ontario.\r\n\r\n
My Genealogy Home Page
Chris G Allen surname list
Thomas Alva Adams- IN / William Muir Adamson-PA . Families
Thomas Alva Adams - Born 1/13/1894 - New Albany, IN. He was the son of John Alva Adams and Lydia Leuella Baker. He married on January 2, 1926 to Mildred Alice Merrill - Born November 8, 1908 - Indianapolis, IN. William Muir Adamson - Born 2/17/1876 - Scotland: son of Wiliam Muir Adamson of Scotland and Isabella McCallum also of Scotland. He came to the USA around 1886 and located in Brownsville, PA. He was married to \r\nLydia Bell Hertzog - Born 1/3/1888 - Brownsville, PA.\r\n
Adamson-Kahre-Kixmiller Ancestors
Adamson immigrated from England to Indiana and Kansas in the 1850's. The Kahre's and Kixmiller's immigrated from Germany between 1840 and 1860.\r\n\r\nTrina M Adamson - InterneTree\r\n\r\nUser Home Page Report: Report
The Adamson Family (nee McNab) of Liverpool, England
Christopher & Margaret (Peggy), (nee CALDERWOOD), from Bootle, near Liverpool England. My husband Randele was born an ADAMSON, in Eureka, California. Before his 1st birthday he was adopted and spent the next 42 years as RANDALL RUSSELL MEYER living in different states throughout the USA.\r\nRand has four children from two previous marriages, all given the name MEYER, he also has six siblings from his adopted family. In 1997 Rand found his birth mother (SHELBY JEAN ADAMSON) .In 1998 Rand went back to his birth name 'RANDELE JOHN ADAMSON'.\r\n
Ross P Adamson's Ancestors from Kirriermuir, Angus, Scotland
John Adamson born about 1719 in Kirriermuir, Angus, Scotland. His wife born about 1723 is only known as Mrs John Adamson who had another spouse named Joshua Peck! John and Mrs John Adamson's children - all born in Ballinshoe, Kirriermuir, Angus, Scotland - are listed as: David 2 June 1745,John 5 July 1747, Janet 12 Nov 1749, Thomas 23 Feb 1752, Patrick or Peter 14 May 1754, Margaret 16 May 1756, John 7 Sep 1760. I could not find his wife's name through any marriage listing. John's decendents Patrick 1754, James 1783, David 1828 were all born in Scotland. David was the first to imigrate ending up in American Fork, Utah where he died 30 April 1900.Then came David C 1857, David Alphonso 1882, Paul David 1912, then me Ross Paul 1942.
Decendants of James Knight Adamson
Surname list of Robert V Adamson
The Richard Adamson Family Home Page
Charles Leslie Adamson born about 1860 and married to Emma F. Ingram. Emma later married J.D. Mc Reynolds. The family is connected with El Dorado, Arkansas.\r\nWalter McNaught, my maternal grandfather came from Woodlake, California and was born ca. 1892. He married Katherine Hammer in 1916 and then left town.\r\n
The Phyllis Forger Adamson Family Home Page
Adamson, from Scotland to Winipeg, Canada; also Willox & DuncanRound, from England to Omaha, Nebraska; also Cuming.Forger, from Alcaise-Lorrayne when it was part of Germany, the family settled in western PA and Eastern OH. Crim, from AL, FL & possibly SC
The Adamson's from East Wemyss, Fife, Scotland
Records for three generations of a coal mining family from East Wemyss and Coaltown of Wemyss. \r\n
The Adamson Family Home Page
GGGG Grandfather James Adamson married to Agnes (Anne) Hodge in Fife of Beath, Fife, Scotland on October 12, 1778. Adamson - Glasgow (SC), Cowdenbeath(SC), Canada & Australia.\r\nHugh Wilson - Auchtermuchty, Fife, Scotland 1870's.\r\nJohn Fuller - Loughton, England Circa 1810.\r\nAlbert Charles Jones - Newcastle, Australia 1850's.\r\nJohn Henry Young - Lawrence, New Zealand 1870's.\r\nThomas John Wright - Cornwall, Wales 14 December,1844.\r\n
Berube/Adamson Family Home Page
Lorette Adamson - InterneTree\r\n\r\nDescendant Tree: Descendants of Guillaume Berube
the adamson/hodgetts/lesslie/glover family history page
we are just beginning to research our ancestors originally from England & Scotland (hodgetts- midlands adamsons/glovers northern England Lesslie mid to southeast scotland then to australia in the 19 th century possible merchant navel connection . \r\n
The Adamson Of Southern Indiana
Jamie M Adamson - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: James C Adamson\r\n
Hugh Carswell Adamson--Family Research Page
InterneTree: Hugh Carswell Adamson\r\n\r\nReport: Kinship of Hugh Carswell Adamson\r\n\r\nCurrently researching the following main family lines (also, see report section below)\r\nADAMSON Scotland (Lanarkshire)\r\nCARSWELL Scotland (Lanarkshire)\r\nKERR Scotland (Lanarkshire)\r\nSTARK Scotland (Lanarkshire)\r\nHEMUS England (Birmingham area)\r\nAlso information on \r\nBeytagh, Schladenhauffen, \r\nMunroop (Mauritius) and Tremblay (Quebec
The Adamsons of Banbridge & The Bessettes of Holyoke
I am currently researching my family in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, Glasgow, Scotland and Granby, Canada. I am in need of any information prior to 1923 regarding the Adamson, Orr, Robinson, Porter, Bessette, Lafleur, or Gow branches of my family. \r\n
Adamson Family
InterneTree: George F Adamson\r\n
The Ora Adamson Family Home Page
I am the fourth generation of John Adamson,he married Alice Alexander.Children of John and alice are Edith Adamson, and Paul Adamson.We believe they are from the Portland Indiana Area, Paul Adamson and Zina Emery then had Margaret Adamson and Ora Adamson.
The Adamson Family of DeBary, FL
Adamsons and Gentrys traced to 17th Century Scotland and England. At the end of each tree, note that John Baldwin Adamson and his father, Basil Adamson were both born in Largo, Fife County, Scotland. Nicholas Gentry and his father were both born in Essex, Sussex County, England. Don\t miss the related web links. Of particular interest is the one on John Baldwin Adamson and his connection to William Penn in the early 1700s. \r\n
The Acuff and Cunningham Home Page
I am researching the Acuffs and Cunninghams. Other surnames that I\m interested in are FRYE(FREY), BARGER, SHIELDS, OLIVER, KIRKWOOD, and ADAMSON.\r\nThe Acuffs are my husband's clan and lived in Arkansas and Tennesse before that.\r\nThey lived in Hamilton County, Tennessee 1829+ until approximately 1860. I am working with the ACUFF-L surname subcription group. We are hoping to discover the Acuffs country of origin!\r\n\r\nThe Cunninghams lived in Southern Indiana 1828 to the present. They moved to Harrison County, Indiana from Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Family legend has it that the first American Cunningham in our family was a ship's carpenter. I know that Cunningham is a Scots-Irish name but would like to prove that mine is.\r\n\r\n
A Genealogy Page
James Cammack of Newberry, SC; Amos Cammack; Amos Cammack Jr.; Quakers of SE Iowa.
Family Name Research
I am doing genealogical research on the following families.
Craig Family
John Craig (1773) came to America from Ballyroney, County Down, Ireland, settled in Philadelphia, PA for a time working with his brother Henry - Sctoch-Irish having descended from the Scotch who earlier migrated from Scotland to Northern Ireland.
Adamson Ancestry
Site has researchers lineages, cemetery photographs and numersous other information an aids to the Adamson Researcher
Huscher Doonan Web Page
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