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June Henrie
Description: Michael Henrie b.1683 Scotland Sp. Jean b. abt 1694 son William b. 1716 New Jersey sp. Hannah Cook b. abt 1719 Philadelphia,Penn. Son Michaael b. 1742 New Jersey sp. Elizabeth b. abt 1750 Son Daniel b. New Jersey sp Sarah Mondal (Mundell) son William b. 1799 Green co. Pa.

Surnames: Henrie-Shaw Hamblin-Adair. Day-Bowman - Donnelly-Kahana

Linda Corbin Ford
Description: I am looking for Elizabeth Eliza Adair the first name maybe just Eliza she had a sister named Mary Jane Adair these sisteres were from TN I believe and they were on the Trail Of Tears.
They married David and Jesse Yandell who were
I guess you would call them escorts for the Army
Eliza married David and Mary married Jesse.
Story go that the boys married Cherokee women and their father thought they had disgraced the family name for marring Indians.
I don't know who the girls father was and I am trying to find anyone that has info on these 2 girls.

Surnames: Yandell, Adair, Brothers, Smith, Leatherwood, McGraw, Corbin, Tucker, Wilkins, Vinesett, Austin, Logan

terence (terry) davis
Description: Researching the four main branches of my family and attached names including Kellow (Kello, Killow, Kellough) of MD, NC, and TN; Davis of SC, MS, and TN; Capps of NC and TN; Dowland (Dowlen, Dowling, Dolen, Dolan, Doland, and so on!) of VA, NC, and TN

Surnames: Kellow (Killow, Kello, Kellough) with Vaughn, Jones, Arrington, Tucker, Essary, Childress, Newton, Hyde, and Ross

Davis with Brooks, Dyer, Hubble, Hubbell, Howell, Garrett, Foster, Freeman, Crumb, Croom, Boatright, Boatwright

Capps with Bates, Nelson, Fly, Rogers, McNeeley, Stafford, Ray, Bledsoe

Dowland (Doland, Dowlen, Dowling, Dolan, Dolen) with Knott, Akin, Aslin, Rutledge, Shearin, Williamson, Medeiros, Clark, Mitts, Kuykendall, Adair, Smith, Myers, Barnhardt

Robert (bob) Adair
Description: Reseaching Adair's who came to Canada(Ontario) from the American Colonies following the Revolution. My ggggggrand father was David Adair, who came to Canada in 1788 with a wife and three children. His son John followed soon after, in 1795. Would love to know about their lives and whereabouts before they came here.


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