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Origin of Acha

Origin of Acha

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Origin of Acha

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Origin of Acha, Meaning of Acha

Origin: Donnachaidh is one of the oldest Scottish clans, arriving in Scotland from Irish Picts anywhere from 40-90 AD. My particular surname, Donachy, I have been told is a 'hideout' name members of the clan took after Culloden in 1746. Being a Highland Clan, we were not on the winning side that day. Go to for a good overview history. The clan is listed under the great hall. It's also known as Clan Robertson. I'm sure what I'm telling you, you already know about. If any info on the name Donachy could be shared, I'd greatly appreciate it. There's not too many of us :)
Surnames: Donachy, Donnachaidh
Submitted by: Chris-Anna L. Donachy
Origin of Acha, Meaning of Acha

Origin: Gaelic for 'son of the horse-lord.' Alan MacEachern was chief of the clan in 1499, the name is commemorated in the place name Kilkerran in Kintyre, the heart of the clan-lands (Collins Pocket Reference: 'Scottish Surnames') Migration to US in several waves including to NY in 1738-40, Cape Fear area of North Carolina in late 16th & 17th centuries. A small band settled in Rocky River area of NC (Cabarrus Co, which was in Mecklenberg, NC until 1790), apparently from the PA area. The name is sometimes spelled McCachren or McCachern as well as McEachern... in NC. Some of the early Cabarrus McE's migrated on to GA, MISS. TEX, TN.
Surnames: MacEachern, McEacharn, McEachern
Submitted by: Hoyt McCachren
Origin of Acha, Meaning of Acha

Origin: Our original CHAMBERS ancestor was Simon Peter LaShambres or LaChambres. He was French living in Great Britian during the outbreak of the Revolution. He escaped to Savanah, GA with a price on his head and set up shopkeeping there. The spelling was anglicized CHAMBERS. The CHAMBERS family moved to Irwinton, GA in Wilkerson Co. after the Rev. War and lived there for many generations. My great grandmother was Laura Chambers m. Samuel A. Hatfield prior to the Civil War. Susie M. Thomas
Surnames: Chambers, Lachambres, Lashambres
Submitted by: Susie M. Thomas
Origin of Acha, Meaning of Acha

Origin: Charles,1 of 9 children of Steve and Annie (Karlrich) Machak came from (Carloit?)Yugoslavia @1910-11 thru Ellis Island. Looking for family history, tracing my roots.
Surnames: Machak
Submitted by: Theresa Seech
Origin of Acha, Meaning of Acha

Origin: The surname derives from old irish O'Meachair - meaning is hospital. Known to our family is the turn of phrase Meagher of the Sword. I originate from the Meagher Wedgers - origin is still unknown. Maher is the Englaish version of the name as it is easier to pronounce. The actual pronouncation is Ma' hair or Ma'her and not Mock'er or Meager. In Ireland Meagher originated in Counties Waterford, Tipperary(as in our family).
Their is alot to be found on this great Irish name.
Surnames: Meagher, Maher, OMeachair
Submitted by: Geraldine Meagher
Origin of Acha, Meaning of Acha

Origin: Lachapelle Means the CHAPLE
Surnames: Lachapelle
Submitted by: Robyn

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