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Abney Research Site and Document Exchange
Linking Abneys in America, sharing information, documents, photos, gedcoms and queries.
The Arnold Family Question
An ongoing genealogical project researching the ARNOLD families in Colonial Virginia and close connection they had with the Pamunkey Davenports and other families for a period of over 200 years.
Our Place in Time
This is a collection of Family Group Sheets of our Ancestor's Descendents.
My Family Home Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of John Thornton John Thornton was born about 1824 in Virginia. He married Naomi Dunn who was born about 1827 in Ohio. They had at least eight children. They lived in Ohio, Indiana, Nebraska, Arkansas and Kansas.
The Dan T. Bates Family Home Page.
WILLIAM HENRY BATES b.1823 in New York, d.1898 Missouri, married Mary Jameson. DAVID BATES b.1792 N.J. or Ohio, d. 1865 Illinois? HATHANIEL HAYES b.1629 d. 1706, Illinois JOHN T. GILLEN b.1804 New York d. Illinois
My Genealogy Home Page
Thomas Bass surname list
Kevin Baldwin of Bourbonnais, IL
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Amos Baldwin
The Baker's and Shaw's of Tucson, AZ
BAKER (from MI to AZ) Thomas Edwin Baker, Sr. (b.12/27/1936 MI-8/1/1997 AZ)was Sec. Treasure of GCIU, father: Howard Sparling Baker (b.NY-12/1969) mother: Ruth Sturlay (b.MI) LENZINI (NY to MI to AZ)Joan Marie Lenzini (b. 5/30/1936 MI-9/4/1976 AZ) had 5 childred. As a child was adopted by step-father(Anthony Michael Lenzini(d. 3/1993), no known name for biological father, mother: Rita Geraldine O'Brien (d.10/1987) I AM REALLY LOST ON THIS FAMILY!! SHAW (MO to CO,AZ) I have to George Arthur Shaw, Sr.(b.4/5/1825;Eng-6/1845;Eng) JORDAN (WA), I have info up to Leroy M. Jordan (b. 1780 VA) g-g-g-g-g granddaughter Fern Dorothy Jordan; b. 12/12/1913 CO-12/22/1999 AZ) WOOD (MO to KY,AZ,Canada-Henry Wise WOOD.) James Wood, Sr. (b.10/15/1777 VA-4/09/1866 MO) married Susannah Burnett-1799 (b. 12/21/1872 PATTISON (from FL to TX(1838)-AZ)Down through James Tarrant (town Pattison, TX is named after)father; Jacob Pattison (b.1770;SC-2/1846;TX) married Kate Biddle 1799 (b.1778-1850 TX) MILLER From Red Creek,NY to Apache,AZ and Rodeo,NM KAISER (from MI and AZ)David Charles WARD (from NY-AZ, FL)Stanley WARD, Baptist minister in the 1970 or 80,s. The Baker's and Shaw's of Tucson, AZ: Surname List
The Daniel Rance Baker Jr -- Alabama Family Tree
The Daniel Rance Baker Jr -- Alabama Family Tree: Surname List
Eleanor Lankford Ayers Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Eleanor L Ayers GA Eleanor Lankford Ayers Genealogy Home Page: Surname List
The Family of Atchley, Brittain, Allen, and Others
InterneTree: Anna Atchley The Family of Atchley, Brittain, Allen, and Others: Surname List
Arnold Family Tree
InterneTree: William R Arnold Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Arnold
Sally Armstrong
Sally M Armstrong surname list
The Pierce Brown, Jr. Family of Saluda, SC
Updated Pierce Brown, Junior Family Tree
My Genealogy Home Page
Randy L Alverson surname list
Ferguson/Branham and Lamb/McCoy Families Home Page
Ferguson/Branham and Lamb/McCoy Families Home Page: Surname List
Descendants of Champion Allen Home Page
Champion Allen was born in Cleveland County, NC in 1833. He married Elizabeth Sarah Camp.They had eleven children. His parents were David and Elizabeth Allen. \r\n\r\nDonald Allen - InterneTree\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of David Allen
My Genealogy Home Page
Connie R Allen surname list\r\n
James ,son of Charles E. and Lillian P. (Dabney) King, Adams
I am currently researching the family histories of:\r\nCharles Edward Adams (son of Willis Carl Sr. & Mabel Christman)\r\nfrom the New Albany, Indiana area,and Lillian Pearl Dabney,\r\nformer wife of Louis Gerald King, and now widow of Norman William Moore. \r\nNorman is the son of Ruford Moore and Ethel Sarah Grooms.\r\nLillian is the daughter of Joe Dabney and Luella Brown from the southern Ohio and Huntington, West Virginia areas.\r\nJoe Dabney is the son of John Dabney and Arnetta Jordan.\r\nLuella Brown is the daughter of Hiram Brown & Mary Eveline Blain.\r\nHiram Brown is the son of Gideon Brown and Mariah Watson.\r\nMary Eveline Blain, is the daughter of Zerah Tinker Judd Blain and Amanda Daigh(Day).\r\n\r\nLillian Moore resides in Minford,Ohio. \r\n\r\nInterneTree: James N Adams\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Willis Carl Adams\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Gideon Brown\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of William Henry Blain\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Walter Wilbur King\r\n\r\n
Tonya M Abneyoleary - InterneTree\r\n
Steven Glen Abney Family Tree
Steven Glen Abney - InterneTree\r\n
Stephen W. Abney Family Tree/ Florida, Kentucky, Oklahoma.
stephen abney Family Tree 1
Robertson/Roberson of Bledsoe Co. Tn.
the luvert and nancy bonner family tree
Paula Abney - InterneTree\r\n
The Paul Abney Family Tree Page
I\m looking for information on my grandfather John Joseph Abney. \r\nMy father Wilmer Henry Abney, SSN#: 438-24-1515 was born in Hammond, La on August 26, 1920 and died September 26, 1990 in Apopka Fla. His parents were John Joseph Abney and Pauline Stein. He had a brother John Joseph Jr, who was born about 1922 and died about 1964. \r\nThey were raised by their Uncle 'Victor Stein' as Pauline died when they were young and John Sr, left them. Pauline Stien was the Daughter of Ralph Stein and Amelia Geiger, both from Germany. Her family had 7 children; Dora, Laura, Mae, Violet, Ralph, Victor and Pauline.\r\nAll I know of John Joseph Abney is that he was from Mobile, Alabama, he was born around 1895 and had a younger sister named Birdie who lived in New Orleans.\r\n
The Abney Family Home Page
Researching the Countryman family from the Palatine area of Germanywho came to America between 1710 and 1720 and landed in New YorkHarbor. All my information came from the 'Countryman Family History'compiled by Ardell Countryman of Iowa in 1986.Also interested in these names: Abney, Kendall, Cruz, Rice, Campbell, and Winslow.\r\n
BENJAMIN D. ABNEY in Marshall County , Alabama by J.R. A.
The BENJAMIN D. ABNEY's come to Alabama from Jackson Co.,Georgia in the late 1850's. It was Benjamin D., Sarah G. Abney along with George W. and settled at Martling, Alabama,which is in Marshall County. There they started a family of George, Mary,James,William and David.Then Sarah Died in the early 1860's and Ben married again on September 16,1862 in Marshall Co.,Alabama.He married Mary Prisket or (Prescott)it's not clear right now.Then they had John, Mollie,Parthena,Mandy, D. ,and Albert Abney. D. Abney married Annie Critcher and had a son named JAMES HOLLIWAY ABNEY and he married MARY LILLIAN SIMMONS. Then they had JAMES EDWARD, BYRON CLAY, and JOHNNY RAY ABNEY. Johnny married PATRICIA ANN HODGES and they have PAMELA ANN, GINGER, JOHNNY RAY ABNEY II. Now Ginger Married RANDY AMOS FLETCHER and have KEVIN BRODY,and JACOB MORGAN FLETCHER. \r\n
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Johnny R Abney
My G-\r\nGranddad Came from about 1857.His wife was Sarah and they had a son named George W. Abney. This is what was listed on the 1860 cences.The other children was listed as born in Alabama,They\r\nwere Mary Ann,was 3,James A.was 2 and William Henry was 1. In the 1870 cences Ben had a new wife listed along with David was 8,\r\nJohn was 4,Mollie was 3 and Parthena was 2.David was the last child of Sarah before she died in abt.1861 or 62.Ben married Mary Prisket on Sept. 16, 1862 at his house.In the 1880 cences\r\nthere was Mandy E.she was 9,D.Abney was7 and Albert was1mo.George\r\nW.and Olivia J.Hill married Jan.4,1877,Mary Ann and John W. Moore married April 7,1876,James A. married Lucinda Martin Jan. 20,1890 at W.D.Martins home.William H.married Martha Elizabeth Hodgens,David married Mariah King Dec.12,1885,Parthena married Lemuel Roden June 15,1885,Mandy Evaline married John R. Rooks Oct. 14, 1899 at Bens house.D.Abney married Annie Critcher Dec. 4,1904 at Annies home.Albert died in 1901. John died sometime after the 1870 and before the1880 cences.Benjamin,Sarah,Mary,John,D.and Albert is buried at Martling Community Cemetery,in Marshall Co.,Alabama.My granddaddy was D. Abney,my father was James Holliway Abney and I am Johnny RJohnny R Abney
Johnny R. Abney of Albertville, Alabama
My great granddad come to Alabama in abt 1857 from Georgia. He was Benjamin D. Abney and his wife was Sarah Greene with a son named George W. Abney who was 4 on the 1860 cences,listed as born in Jackson Co.,Mary Ann was 3 and born in Alabama,as was James A.at2 and William Henry was1.Benjamins 1st wife died in about 1861.He married Mary(Molley)Prisket on Sept.16,1862 at Bens house.In the 1870 cences David was 8,John was 4,Mollie was 3 and Parthena 2,in 1880 Mandy E.9, D.was 7,Albert (Luke) 1mo. (D.was my Granddad)then James Holliway Abney my father. \r\n\r\n
The Abney Family Home Page
I am researching several names. Currently ABNEY, BARRON, SPARKS, FULLER, CHEEK, and ODOM. These are all concentrated in the Southern area of the country from Virginia to Texas. So far, I\ve helped two cousins in different parts of the South find the names of their grandfathers. I\ll be more than glad to help anyone with questions. I\ve been searching for a long time for the name of my ggg grandmother. She was the mother of Samuel H. CHEEK, and the wife of William Jesse CHEEK. Samuel was born in 1830, I think in the Hart County area of Georgia. I have only that she was called Sally, but this may have been a nickname.
Abney Family
James Abney Family Tree
Abney Family Tree
Gina L Abney - InterneTree\r\n
The Tucker, Truelove, Estes, & Woodward Families of Alabama
I am researching the descendants of George Tucker, Sr., the Revolutionary War soldier buried in Old Hopewell Cemetery in Fayette County, Alabama. Related surnames in my direct line include Leverett, Beaird, Truelove, Estes, and Woodward. My Tucker family were residents of Sumter and Marengo counties from about 1830 through about 1940.\r\n\r\nI am especially interested in finding information on Solomon Woodward born abt 1825 in SC who married Eliza Hubbard born 1832-1835 in SC. I believe they may have been the parents of Alice Fayetta Woodward who was my great-grandmother. Alice married Taylor Lomax Estes of Marengo county. Census data indicates that Taylor's parents were John R. and Ellen Estes of Virgina. My grandmother, Rosa Estes Tucker, used to say that four Estes brothers migrated to Virginia after one of them ran into trouble with the law in England. I also hope to find additional information on this family line.\r\n\r\nMy maternal line descends from the Adams and Friday families of Chilton and Dallas counties in Alabama. Richard Berry Adams, a veteran of the 28th Alabama Infantry, CSA originally came from Tennessee, where he was born about 1828. He settled in the Summerfield community of Dallas County and fathered a large family Anita Tucker Abney
Sons/Powell/Cole/Rader Families of Central Kentucky
SONS, my paternal paternal line. Presently my focus is in Estill, Powell, Montgomery, Bath, and Menifee Counties of Kentucky. My 3rd great grandfather was JOHN EMANUEL SONS from Spain. Please contact me if you have a SONS ancestor. I am currently compiling a chronological data sheet on all SONS documented info. Maybe we have something to share or compare!!!
Hatchell-Hatsell/5-Generation Family Group Sheets
Hatchell-Hatsell of Colonial Virginia
5 Generations of Descendants of William Hatchell
of York, Warwick & Elizabeth City Counties, Virginia (shown in family group sheet format)
Martin Genealogy
After leaving Ireland the Martins came to Delaware and later to Kentucky. They then moved to Wayne & Union County, Indiana. By 1834 they were in and around Hamilton County, near Fortville IN & Marion Co. IN.
This family history web site is dedicated to the HOLLINGSWORTH, PAULS and extended families. The Hollingsworth and Pauls families are linked by the marriage of Edward L. Pauls and Susan L. Hollingsworth.
Descendants of Jacob Bollinger
Jacob Bollinger was born in 1784 in North Carolina to Peter Bollinger, son of Heinrich Mathais Bollinger. Jacob and his wife Sarah Moreland moved from Tennessee to Randolph County, Illinois, in 1828, and then moved to Missouri, where Jacob died between 1850 and 1860 in Hickory County.

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