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Ancestors of John A. Baird and Michelle L. (Orndoff) Baird
Ancestors of John A. Baird and Michelle L. (Orndoff) Baird: Surname List
The Baileys Family Home Page
Report: Kinship of John B Bailey The Baileys Family Home Page: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Mary E Evelyn Anderson surname list
The Oaks Family Home Page
marriage of John Oaks and Experience Wolcott in 1732 at Salem, Massachusetts. John Oaks died in 1767 at North Sunderland, Massachusetts where he was a mill owner. Upon his death, he willed the mill to his son Jonathan. The Oaks Family Home Page: Surname List
Descendants of Johann Walz
InterneTree: Pam N Adkins OH\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Johann George Walz\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Jordan Wheeler\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Charles Conlon\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of John Wheeler\r\n
The Richard F. Abbeys of Ontario NY
My wife is jenniferjo. We have Three kids jason katilyn and paul. My father is Paul w. abbey jr. I have two brothers Todd Russell, he has one son Steven paul. My other brother is Craig Wesley. My Grandfather is Paul W Abbey sr. He was born in the town of Sparta Ny, This is near canandagua NY. My father grew up in the city of Rochester and the town of Honeyoe. My brothers and I were born in Rochester NY. We grew up in the town of brighton. \r\n
To honor my parents,the Abbey's of calif, montana &N.C.
InterneTree: David R Abbey
I am researching my ancestry. My family is from Eastern Europe orginally - migrating to North America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Family names in my searching are the following:\r\nAbramowitz; Gutman; Freedman (Friedman Bloom; Foreman; Levinter; Ramstein; Minnenberg; Dworkin.\r\n\r\nVirtually all of my relatives are of Jewish ancestry/descent.\r\n\r\nMost of the people related to these ancestors now live in North America.\r\n\r\n
The Abbe/Abbey Family
Currently, we are still searching for information on John Abbe, born about 1587, in West Halton, Lincolnshire County, England. As far as we know, John Abbe never came to America.\r\n\r\n
The David Hollister Abbey Home Page
InterneTree: Charles D Abbey
The Carson Abbey Family Home Page
I am searching for information on the Abbey and Waddell families. A lot of my relatives and ancestors are from the Midwest, including North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota. I would like to trace my family back to the earliest uses of the names Abbey and Waddell in Europe. I\m not sure which side of the family they are from, but we are descended from Christopher Martin and his wife. They arrived in Massechusetts in 1620 on the Mayflower. They came from Bayeux, Normandy or Pembroke Wales originally. My fathers father and mother were Marion M. and Flora Marie Abbey(Waddell). They both lived and passed away in North Dakota. My fathers grandfather and grandmother were David Purdy Abbey and Emma Abbey. We don\t know where or when David passed away, but Emma died in Mott,ND in 1955. She was born in 1864.\r\n
The Abbey Family Heritage (Expanding Thirteen Generations)
Currently, we are searching for information on John Abbe, born about 1587, in West Halton, Lincolnshire County, England. As far as we know, John Abbe never came to America.\r\n\r\n
The Abbey Family Tree
UK Based
A Gilchrist Tree for Derbyshire & Yorkshire then the World
Parts of my family tree placed on the Web to aid research and make contact with descendents of these lines.
Abbey, Bailey to Maude family genealogy site
These are my findings so far on my Abbey line view not only the database of names but photos and facts about the people in the database and research requests plus other links.

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